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Randy Tatano: Please, don’t open a restaurant

The next time someone compliments your cooking and you hear, “You should open a restaurant…” Be afraid. Be very afraid.

free speech silenced
Randy Tatano: The return of free speech?

So when Elon Musk bought Twitter, I decided to rejoin the platform. While I had no idea what he would do to the company, there was a clear indicator that things would change for the better.

Ws neal high school
W.S. Neal football: From worst to (almost) first

If you’re a fan of a high school football team that went 0-10, one would assume the next year would be a rebuilding season.

John F. Kennedy
Randy Tatano: November 22, 1963

There are certain days in our lives so significant that we can recall every little detail years later. Images, words and emotions that are burned into our brains. We remember exactly where we were, what we were doing and what we felt when an important event took place.

Voting, vote, election
Randy Tatano: Bring back mechanical voting machines

The solution to voting issues is an easy one: let’s go back to mechanical voting machines.

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Randy Tatano: Skynet is here — No Terminators needed

If I was granted one wish, I’d want a time machine to go back before technology sucked all the fun and quality out of life.

news, live, camera
Randy Tatano: The TV live shot from hell

Back in the day, people thought I had a glamour job as a television reporter, and on occasion, it felt that way.

AL Capitol Ashley Carter
Randy Tatano: Hey, Alabama legislators — English, please

The convoluted language that is supposed to “inform” voters has gone too far.

Subiaco Academy
Randy Tatano: Why all-boys schools are a bad idea

Recently my high school had a big reunion. You know, one of those zero-numbered deals.

Escambia County teachers
Escambia County teachers get active shooter training

It’s a teacher’s worst nightmare, and one they don’t like thinking about. But they have to be prepared just in case.

Student drop off and pickup sign stock photo
Randy Tatano: How school pickup once became a network story

These days I know I should not be on the road at 8 a.m. or 3 p.m. Because that’s when parents turn into chauffeurs to drop off or pick up their little darlings and turn the local streets into the departure lane at a major airport.

John Blackwell 01631
Escambia County teacher wins $100K award

Turns out there really is a sharpest tool in the shed. And it’s an Escambia County Alabama teacher.

Jim Cantore screenshot
Randy Tatano: Hurricane coverage needs a change

So, why do we cover hurricanes the way we do? Because many years ago some television executive decided we needed to be “dramatic.”

Randy Tatano: Student at a lousy football college

I attended the University of Connecticut, located in the middle-of-nowhere town of Storrs. Which we all referred to as “Snores” since it was a boring place with nothing to do.

AP Collage
Randy Tatano: Politicians off-camera

As someone who has met and interviewed dozens of politicians in my career, I’m often asked what these people are really like. It’s not too often you get a peek behind the curtain, as many are always in campaign mode.

World Trade Center
Randy Tatano: How 9/11 answered a lifelong question

We all remember what we were doing on specific days of historical significance. The day JFK was assassinated. The day the space shuttle Challenger exploded. And September 11, 2001.

Randy Tatano: My near-death experience

I did not see Elvis. I did not find out who killed JFK. Nor did I learn the whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa. It wasn’t one of those near-death experiences

I Stock 1257031651
Randy Tatano: An Auburn fan’s greatest revenge

First, before you make any assumptions about where this story is going, please note that I did not attend Auburn or Alabama and don’t watch college football. (I know, sacrilege.) I’m an NFL guy. That said, pretty much everyone I know is a fan of one school or the other.

Trussville Police Department Badge by Erica Thomas
Randy Tatano: How to personally fund the police

I’ve been around cops since I was a kid. Right off the bat, we learned police officers were the good guys and that if you did something really bad, you might end up in a horrible place called jail.

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Randy Tatano: Jay Leno's garage

Back in the day, before late night shows turned into political lectures devoid of humor, comedy was something people would look forward to before turning in. No matter how bad your workday was, you could count on Johnny Carson to make you laugh.

Dennis Crowe
'People have to be involved': New conservative grassroots organization focuses on information

Dedicated to educating the public on everything from political candidates to disaster survival, South Alabama Liberty has been growing exponentially since it started with eight friends in an Enterprise restaurant about a year and a half ago.

Escambia County Schools new CFO using technology to save tax dollars

Escambia County Schools hires new CFO to bring system up-to-date.

Randy Tatano: Old school shaving

When a beautiful woman tells you to, “Take it off, take it all off” I was sold in sixty seconds Of course, no gorgeous woman appeared in the bathroom while I lathered my face with Noxzema. Teenage boys are so gullible when it comes to a pretty face. (So are adult men, but that’s a story for another day.)

Farmers Market 4
First-ever “Sweet Grown Alabama Day” spotlights local farmers

You don’t get musicians and inflatable rides for kids at the grocery store, but they’re included this Saturday at some farmers markets for Sweet Grown Alabama Day. The inaugural event will introduce consumers to the benefits of buying locally grown produce, which helps to support Alabama’s farmers.

20220719 121311
Mobile County Schools stepping up with new awareness campaign in midst of violence crisis

It’s a new awareness campaign targeted at schools, where violence among young people can be a problem.

Dad w kids
Randy Tatano: The Hollywood divorce

Everyone has a father. Not everyone has a Dad. We often hear about the fact that many children don’t have a father figure in their lives. Divorce is more common than it was when I was a kid and my parents split up. Back then, coming from a single parent household was not the norm, especially in a Catholic neighborhood. And things were different when it came to the kids.

Randy Tatano: Becoming a male shopaholic

You’ve probably heard women say, “It’s not just the bargain, it’s the hunt.” Well, for me, it’s both. It’s the quest to find a deal that sounds too good to be true but actually exists.

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