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Casey Wardynski headshot
Casey Wardynski: Education must focus on children's needs

Education must focus on children's needs, and parents must have the discretion to place their children in the educational environment that best prepares their children for life and work

1819 Joey Clark Brian Moats
Joey Clark: Enjoy the sunshine, even if tomorrow looks like rain

Am I the only one in Alabama who can’t wait for this election cycle to end?

Julia Boothe
Dr. Julia Boothe: New telehealth law includes important patient protections

Alabama physicians will have to brush up on their “webside manner” now that a new law is on the books to improve the delivery of telehealth to patients across the state.

Phil williams
Phil Williams: The first rule of Fight Club

By now you’ve likely heard about the inexplicable mix of joy and anger coming by way of the Supreme Court of the United States.

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Readers react: Concerns of compromise by legislature, and Sean of the South

Our readers react to recent stories or current events, including a recent column by CEO Bryan Dawson.

Sean of the South NEW
Sean of the South: The Hugger

I was in Texas a few years ago, giving a speech in the elementary school auditorium. She was sitting in the front row. She laughed at all my jokes. She laughed first. She laughed loudest.

Richard simmons NEWEST
Richard Simmons: Is God watching?

Have you ever given much thought to how certain people can commit unspeakably evil deeds? Most of us assume they are mentally deranged and sick, and in some instances they are.

Caylah coffeen new
Caylah Coffeen: You can talk, but can you have a conversation?

With Elon Musk’s recent takeover of Twitter, and the violent pro-abortion protests following the leaked draft of SCOTUS’s opinion on Roe, discussions of free speech have flared hotly yet again.

Justin Bogie Headshot
Justin Bogie: State parks Amendment is more of legislature's fiscal malfeasance

In less than two weeks, Alabama voters will head to the polls to cast their votes in the 2022 Republican and Democratic primary elections.

Kcarl smith new
KCarl Smith: Respect for life

Justice Samuel Alito’s leaked draft opinion indicates the Supreme Court may soon reverse Roe v. Wade, which guarantees a woman’s right to an abortion. Of course, the draft has received both praise and condemnation.

Newstalk 93 1
Ray Melick talks crime and other stories on News Talk 93.1 News & Views

Listen to 1819 News Editor-in-Chief Ray Melick on News & Views with Joey Clark as they discuss crime, new polls on the US Senate and Alabama Governor races and catfish, all stories today on 1819 News.

Bryan Dawson 1
Bryan Dawson: Let the countdown to compromise begin

In the face of much hope with the potential of Roe v. Wade being overturned, I have been cautioning everyone not to get too optimistic.

Aime Beth Shaver 3
Amie Beth Shaver: Is free speech only for the Left?

On Monday night, a protest was held at Justice Samuel Alito's house in Alexandria, Virginia. Activists chanted: "Abort the court!"

FM Talk 1065
Ray Melick talks the upcoming Republican primary races on FM Talk 1065

Listen to 1819 News Editor-in-Chief Ray Melick on The Jeff Poor Show as they discuss the various Republican primary races.

1819 Stephanie Holden Smith
Stephanie Holden Smith: Medical Fascism
1819 Joey Clark Brian Moats
Joey Clark: Political bigotry

Bigot — a person who is intolerant of people with different opinions or innate characteristics than their own.

Phil williams
Phil Williams: Huntsville and Birmingham, a tale of two cities

I have no patience for leadership that passes the buck. Recently on Rightside Radio, I took issue with the leadership of Birmingham’s liberal Mayor Randall Woodfin.

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Lew Burdette: It shouldn't take millions of dollars to win in Alabama

Listen, my friend. Listen as if your world depended on it. Because it's that time of the year again, when the haves are going to sell...

Buck Clemons Official Portrait Cropped
Buck Clemons: Watch out for upcoming legislative shenanigans
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Readers React: Wonderful story on mom texting deceased son
File 7c8055f6 b71e 4e4d 9b09 2d6af07925f1
Richard Simmons: The presence of a moral law

(Part 3 of a three-part series on God’s signposts; see Part 1 here; Part 2 here) The third signpost that we should consider is the...

Sean of the south
Sean of the South: Dear Naomi Judd

Dear Naomi Judd, I heard you died yesterday. You were 76 years young and lovely. Your family said you died from “mental illness.” No...

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Caylah Coffeen: When information threatens national security

Americans are quite wary or straight-up angry about the creation of the Disinformation Governance Board under the Department of Homeland...

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Krissie Allen: Overturning Roe allows Alabama to decide for itself

The recent leak of the United States Supreme Court draft opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization has stirred strong...

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Ray Melick: The Roe decision, and a mom who is 'happily raising' a son she wanted to abort

In an Associated Press story this week with the title “Abortion restrictions are racist,” a woman who moved to Mississippi from Chicago...

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Matt Clark: Praying that the justices won't flinch on Roe

Monday night, a person with access to the Supreme Court’s internal documents leaked a copy of the Supreme Court’s draft opinion in...

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Amie Beth Shaver: We know what life is. Let's preserve it.

My granddaughter has her mother's eyes. And her daddy's nose. When she yawns, her tiny mouth forms a perfect circle. The handiwork...

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