Tuberville speaks on adoption during National Adoption Month

Brandon Moseley |

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By Brandon Moseley

U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-Alabama) delivered a speech on the Senate floor about the importance of policies that support American families and freedom, contrasting pro-family policies, including adoption, with what he claimed were anti-family policies being pushed by the Democrats. For National Adoption Month, Tuberville emphasized the value of adoption, and shared success stories from Alabama.  Tuberville said, “The idea that children have a safe and stable home with a family who loves them should be something we should all agree on.’

“Our great country was founded on the idea that freedom leads to prosperity – the American Dream. I’ve always said this country owes you one thing – and that’s an opportunity,” Tuberville said. “This country gives you the opportunity to live the life you dream of because, with hard work, anything is possible.”

Tuberville said strong families are the foundation of strong communities, and that politics shouldn't be injected into parenting. 

“With these proposals in their reckless tax and spend spree, the Democrats are picking winners and losers,” said Tuberville. “And the losers are the American family. Anti-family policies like these grow the size of the government while chipping away at American freedom. We should focus on pro-family policies that put families first – policies that make achieving the American Dream a reality, not something to feel shameful about.” 

Over 400,000 children a year don’t have a safe place to call home, Tuberville added.

“Success stories can be found across my state of Alabama,” Tuberville said. “In fact, in 2019, Alabama had 731 adoptions – the highest number in Alabama’s history.”

“While we celebrate the heartwarming stories of families being made whole, we cannot forget about the children waiting for their forever home – those are the stories of kids who deserve these families and families who deserve kids,” Tuberville said. “As a Christian, I believe life begins at conception. But too often when discussing ‘pro-life’ issues, we often refer to that ‘life’ as the child’s time in the womb. We should, however, be focusing on the life of the child after they’re born.”

“Adoption is the gift that keeps on giving by providing children the opportunity to rise above difficult circumstances,” Tuberville said. “We need to work together toward policies that make this gift more attainable for all who can provide a stable home. After all, family is the heartbeat of the American Dream.

Tuberville is serving in his first term as the United States Senator from Alabama and is a member of the Senate Armed Services, Agriculture, Veterans’ Affairs, and HELP Committees.