The Daily Detail for 11.22.21

1819 News |

  • AG Steve Marshall files amicus brief to stop transgender treatment of minors
  • Mobile Mayor Stimpson calls on courts to return to pre Covid activity
  • Man accused of attempted murder of police officer nabbed by US Marshals
  • Fires in Talledega County shut down Cheaha State Park
  • AL Fire Marshall warns about bad turkey cooking habits that could start a fire.


  •  At least 20 people injured or dead after person drives vehicle into parade crowd
  • Jesse Jackson leads a protest in Chicago where crowds promote Communism
  • Another high profile trial begins this week connected to Jeffrey Epstein and his pedophile island
  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis talks about state legislative session taking on Biden vaccine mandate
  • A metallurgist in Washington State has been undermining steel used in US Navy Ships and Subs