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Join the crew of Alabama Unfiltered Radio every day from 9 a.m. to noon on News Talk 93.1 WACV in Montgomery, FM 92.5 WYDE in Birmingham, or listen later on the Alabama Unfiltered Radio Podcast.

Host Scott Beason and co-hosts Amie Beth Shaver and Allison Sinclair bring their unique life experiences and political backgrounds into a show that is guaranteed to keep you entertained and informed!

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Scott Beason, Host

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Scott Beason is the host of Alabama Unfiltered Radio and a former member of the Alabama State Legislature, serving in the House from 1998-2006 and the Senate from 2006-2014. Beason lives with his wife, Lori, in Gardendale.

Amie Beth Shaver, Co-host

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Amie Beth Shaver, co-host of Alabama Unfiltered Radio, is a speaker, columnist for 1819 News, and media commentator. A former Miss Alabama, Amie Beth is a past Alabama GOP executive committee member and run-off candidate for House District 43. She’s a married mother of 4.

Allison Sinclair, Co-host

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Allison Sinclair is a co-host of Alabama Unfiltered Radio. She is also the founder of LOCAL Alabama, a grassroots organization partnering with area school boards, city councils, elected officials, state legislators and other community organizations to promote opportunities and solutions to restore freedom, liberty, and constitutional values in our local communities. Sinclair lives in the Birmingham area with her husband and children.


Voiced by Andrea Tice, 1819 News provides six daily two-minute radio news offerings free of charge to local radio stations on weekdays. Email for more information about how you can add 1819 Radio News to your programming.

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Andrea Tice, host of 1819 Radio News and the Daily Detail podcast.

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