Rise to the Moment of Truth Sunday, April 2, 2023


Ashley Carter: Men of courage, where are you?

Our state and nation need strong men to lead us out of the darkness. It is going to take men of courage, toughness, and strong resilience to come forward and lead.

Isaiah Washington
KCarl Smith: Isaiah Washington, in search of a political identity

Because of the left’s successful negative propaganda, the word "conservative" is now a synonym for "racist" or an “Uncle Tom,” and when you tell someone that you are a conservative, you basically admit that you fall in one of those categories.

Easter Eggs
Randy Tatano: The Easter April Fools’ Day gag

The key to a great April Fools’ Day story is believability; it must look as if it’s actually true before the punch line. 

Whitewater rafting
Justin Bogie: Lawmakers question whitewater park, other supplemental funding

If most of the surplus is not getting returned to citizens, it should at least be used for legitimate educational purposes, not for pet economic development projects.

Woke lawyers
Matt Clark: Justice Mitchell’s smackdown of woke lawyering

You don’t get to show up in court and argue that you win because you’re a member of one race and the other parties are members of the other.

Justin Bogie talks Medicaid expansion on FM Talk 1065

Listen to 1819 News Fiscal and Budget Reporter Justin Bogie on "Midday Mobile" with Sean Sullivan as they discuss Medicaid expansion and how the federal government will cover most of the increase for the first two years and then the financial burden will fall on the state.

Grocery Store 2
Alabama Grocers Association's Ellie Taylor: Alabamians deserve the removal of the sales tax on groceries

Grocers daily witness hardworking Alabamians unable to purchase the food they need.

Stantis: The AEA is spoiling Alabama's educational freedom

Amid a push for school choice, the Alabama Education Association continues to throw money at members of the Alabama Legislature.

Nasvhille shooting
Lauren DeMoss Benson: Stop blaming entire groups for the actions of one

When a white man shoots up a church, leftists use that incident to prove white men are inherently evil and prone to violence. Those on the right correctly argue that we cannot make that claim based on one evil man. It’s just not good reasoning or logic.

Sean of the South: Welcome to Buc-ee’s

Buc-ee’s convenience store sits outside Athens, Alabama, like a giant squatting beaver.

Justin Bogie Headshot
Justin Bogie talks the governor's proposed budget on News Talk 93.1 'News & Views'

Listen to 1819 News Fiscal and Budget Reporter Justin Bogie on "News & Views" with Joey Clark as they discuss the lack of bold ideas in the governor's proposed budget.

Justin Bogie: Can Alabama really afford Medicaid expansion?

Those on both sides of the Medicaid expansion debate want Alabamians to have access to high quality and affordable healthcare. Where they differ is whether the government or the free market is best suited to provide it.

Grocery Store
Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth: We must act on this perfect opportunity to repeal the grocery tax

The best news is that we can end the sales tax on groceries without having to shift the burden or raise taxes elsewhere. Anyone who claims otherwise is simply not shooting straight with you. 

Mr Smith
Joey Clark: Mr. Smith goes to Goat Hill

Politics, at bottom, is the art and science of administering force and fraud in a publicly legitimate way. That’s the secret recipe to all political sausage-making in Alabama and beyond.

Phil Williams: A pandemic of identity

We need to put an end to this pandemic of identity, and the cure is found by lovingly affirming our children, telling them they are not a mistake, and that they are fine the way they were born.

Dr. David Mitchell and Dr. Daniel Sutter: Grant Alabama’s nurse practitioners independence!

Giving nurse practitioners full practice authority will greatly contribute to the availability of primary health care and benefit rural areas without costing the taxpayers a penny.

Palmetto bug
Randy Tatano: The Deep South’s welcome wagon of bugs

As Sergeant Al said in the movie “Die Hard,” we’re gonna need a boatload of screen doors.

Allen Mendenhall: Don’t change the purpose of corporations
Womens Studies
Amie Beth Shaver: Teach your children how to survive a Women’s Studies class

The most important thing is to equip our students and teach them how to think, so that when they’re in a Women’s Studies class, they’re not blindsided or too afraid to speak up.

Kay Ivey
Justin Bogie: Gov. Ivey’s tax rebates at odds with other legislative efforts for permanent reforms

If the goal is to “drive people here,” as Ainsworth said, permanent tax relief is a much more effective method to attract new people and businesses to Alabama than a one-time rebate check that will not have lasting impacts.

Donald Trump
Matt Clark: The clown-show prosecution of Donald Trump

The bottom line is that this isn’t a serious prosecution. It’s a clown show. This is about politics and not fighting crime, and it shows how incredibly petty the left is willing to get.

Justin Bogie Headshot
Justin Bogie talks the possible federal government takeover of Alabama prisons on FM Talk 1065

Listen to 1819 News Fiscal and Budget Reporter Justin Bogie on "Midday Mobile" with Sean Sullivan as they discuss the possible federal government takeover of Alabama prisons and release of unrehabilitated felons if new Alabama prisons aren't built by 2025.

Craig Monger
Craig Monger talks the 'welcome' freshman lawmakers received from the House leadership on FM Talk 1065

Listen to 1819 News Reporter Craig Monger on "The Jeff Poor Show" as they discuss the browbeating freshman lawmakers received at their orientation.

Allen Keller: Grasping for history

The history of mankind is checkered with horrendous sins and shortcomings and crimes that any decent society ought to want to obliterate. But there is a danger of losing ourselves completely in a cannibalistic process.

1819 Jeff Poor Brian Moats
Jeff Poor talks the Alabama legislative session on ‘Morning News with JT’ on NewsRadio 105.5 WERC

Listen to 1819 News Executive Editor Jeff Poor on iHeart Radio with JT as they discuss the heavy-handedness of Republican leadership in the freshman legislator orientation.

Sean of the South: Barbecue in Montgomery

This food stirs up a lot of memories. Because that’s what good barbecue does. It makes you remember.

Justin Bogie talks over-budget and behind-schedule prison construction on News Talk 93.1 'News & Views'

Listen to 1819 News Fiscal and Budget Reporter Justin Bogie on "News & Views" with Joey Clark as they discuss over-budget and behind-schedule prison construction, government red tape and a prime example of government red tape, occupational licensing.

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