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Steve Marshall Alabama News
Marshall, 21 state AGs call on U.S. Senate to pass SAVE Act

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall and the attorneys general of 21 other states urged the U.S. Senate to join the U.S. House and immediately support the Safeguard American Voter and Eligibility Act on Tuesday.

Dale Strong Alabama News
U.S. Rep. Strong to participate in oversight hearing to investigate circumstances in attempted Trump assassination

U.S. Rep. Dale Strong (R-Monrovia) is joining his colleagues on the House Homeland Security Committee in seeking answers from the FBI, DHS and U.S. Secret Service in an oversight hearing regarding any alleged security failures after the failed assassination attempt of former President Donald Trump on Saturday.

Library Books Alabama News
Statewide rules regulating placement of sexually explicit library books officially enshrined in administrative code

The new Alabama Public Library Service (APLS) rule changes that came from Gov. Kay Ivey in response to citizens’ concerns over sexually explicit and obscene children’s books are officially part of Alabama’s administrative code as of Monday.

Drag Queen Oyster City Alabama News
Hoax? Mobile Police say no threats reported despite claims 'severe threats' led to drag queen story time event cancellations

A drag queen story time event was canceled last week due to "severe threats," according to organizers. However, no one felt threatened enough to call the police, according to the Mobile Police Department.

Mobile City Council Alabama News
Mobile hires consulting firm for opioid settlement funds

The Mobile City Council approved a $154,000 contract with The Helios Alliance for consulting services concerning opioid settlement funds.

Alabama political news damocles Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: A constitutional two-edged sword, or the sword of Damocles over President Trump?

We all must recognize that every constitutional decision has ramifications for generations to come, for those in power from the left or the right, affecting issues we may not have dreamed of at the time. 

Auburn Pitcher Tanner Bauman 25 20240220 BSB vs UAB GB 013 Alabama News
Auburn baseball has three players selected in 2024 MLB Draft

The 2024 MLB Draft has been completed and three Tigers will be joining big league organizations.

Jim Zeigler Alabama News
Jim Zeigler leaves 1819 News to push voter registration and turnout in AL-2

Jim Zeigler, former Alabama State Auditor, recently resigned from 1819 News to promote conservative voter registration in Alabama’s newly-drawn Second Congressional District.

Keanete Shipp Alabama News
Montgomery man on bond for trafficking drugs into prison re-arrested for attempted murder, assault

Keanete Shipp, 21, of Montgomery, who is out on bond for trafficking drugs and other contraband into the Elmore County Correctional Facility in April, was recently re-arrested in Montgomery for several felonies, including attempted murder.

Jared Hudson Alabama News
Fmr Navy SEAL Jared Hudson warns of zealous people putting out 'a lot of stuff' without real knowledge of attempted Trump assassination

Former Navy SEAL and found of Covenant Rescue Group Jared Hudson told "Rightside Radio" host Phil Williams he got a firsthand account of what happened leading up to the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump over the weekend.

gary palmer Alabama News
Gary Palmer says he is concerned about a 'deliberate or at least a negligent attitude' toward Trump's protection

As more and more comes to light about an attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump while campaigning in Butler, Pa. on Saturday, U.S. Rep. Gary Palmer (R-Hoover) says there are questions that Congress is going to ask when the time comes.

Shomari Figures, Caroleene Dobson Alabama News
Shomari Figures falls short of GOP opponent in AL-2 fundraising race for second quarter

Shomari Figures, the Democrat nominee for Alabama’s second congressional district, raised $475,879.12 for his campaign in the second quarter of 2024, according to an FEC report filed on Monday.

trump Alabama News
Justice Will Sellers: Civil discourse and political reality in the age of Trump Derangement Syndrome

I experienced some hostilities when I was a Republican presidential elector in 2016. It was my fourth time to be an elector from Alabama, so it was unusual when, a few weeks before the electoral college convened, my mailbox began filling up with cards and letters imploring me to change my vote.

Graphic Novel Alabama News
Gulf Shores grandmother calls police after finding sex book in ‘Kids’ section at Books-A-Million

A trip to Books-A-Million ended in a call to police for a grandmother and her grandson in Gulf Shores. Wendy Pickering, who has been at the forefront of the battle for age-appropriate content for kids in public libraries, said a book in the kid’s section at the bookstore was illegal.

katie britt Alabama News
Britt addresses Alabama RNC delegation, says she's 'so excited' about Trump VP pick J.D. Vance

U.S. Sen. Katie Britt (R-Montgomery) on Tuesday addressed the Alabama Republican Party delegation on hand for this week's Republican National Convention.

Mike Rogers Alabama News
'Most military-friendly state in the country': U.S. Rep. Rogers applauds Alabama law exempting troops from paying state income tax while deployed

U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Saks) recently applauded the state of Alabama for its newly signed legislation that exempts troops from paying state income tax while deployed or mobilized

Redistricting Alabama News
Federal three-judge panel blocks discovery of legislative communications sought by NAACP in Alabama redistricting lawsuit

A federal three-judge panel blocked the NAACP from subpoenaing documents and communications between Chris Brown, owner of a political consulting firm called Red State Strategies, and members of the State House and Senate in an ongoing redistricting lawsuit on Friday.

Wes Allen Alabama News
Secretary of State Allen on attempted Trump assassination: 'I’m so glad the good Lord had his hand over that situation'

On Monday, Secretary of State Wes Allen gave his initial reaction to the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump on Saturday, praising the memory of the Pennsylvania firefighter who lost his life in the crossfire.

jerry seinfeld Alabama News
Jerry Seinfeld returns to Alabama November 1 at Mobile’s Saenger Theater

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld returns to Alabama November 1 with a show at Mobile's Saenger Theater.

Allen Treadaway Alabama News
'Somebody better start pushing the panic button,' State Rep. Treadaway says of Birmingham violence

Former Birmingham Police assistant chief State Rep. Allen Treadaway (R-Morris) weighed in on current issues facing the Birmingham Police Department following a deadly weekend.

Alabama Political News April Weaver 7 Alabama News
State Sen. Weaver cleared to attend Republican National Convention in Milwaukee days after being injured by vehicle

State Sen. April Weaver (R-Brierfield) will attend the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Milwaukee later this week after being struck by a vehicle and injured on Friday.

JD Vance and Donald Trump Alabama News
Alabama native Steve Allen foresaw J.D. Vance role two years ago

Read this 2022 forecast about J.D. Vance's future role as foretold by Alabama native Steve Allen. Prescient.

Former President Donald Trump Alabama News
Joey Clark: Fight! Fight! Fight! Fear not!

Pumping his fist in the air three times, he shouted, “Fight! Fight! Fight!” with each thrust, as the crowd began to roar in recognition of what they were witnessing. Suddenly, the fear welling up within me began to transform into pride.

katie britt Alabama News
Britt delivers speech at RNC calling for 'change' in the White House — 'Donald Trump is the change we need'

U.S. Sen. Katie Britt (R-Montgomery) spoke at the Republican National Convention on Monday, pushing for a change from President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

J.D. Vance. Alabama News
Alabama's state and federal lawmakers show support for U.S. Sen. J.D. Vance as Trump's VP pick

Alabama lawmakers are applauding the Monday announcement by GOP Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump to select Ohio Senator J.D. Vance as his Vice Presidential nominee two days after surviving an attempted assassination. 

Saban on SEC Nation Set Alabama News
Saban picks Georgia versus Texas in SEC Championship Game but says Longhorns 'not going to run the SEC'

Nick Saban is on the opposite end of SEC Media Days this week.

steve marshall Alabama News
AG Marshall on dismissed Trump classified documents case: ‘The Constitution wins again’

The dismissal of a criminal classified documents case against former President Donald Trump on Monday is a sign of a “failure of yet another attempt at lawfare/election interference,” according to Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall.

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