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Alabama Political News Kay Ivey Alabama News
Ivey shoves all-in on gambling bills: ‘I won’t sign just any bill’

Gov. Kay Ivey expressed support for comprehensive gambling legislation passed by the House two weeks ago and said she “wouldn’t sign just any bill” into law on Tuesday.

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floyd nation Alabama News
‘Pink Floyd’ tribute in Mobile March 2, Oxford March 3: ‘Floyd Nation’

On Saturday, Pink Floyd tribute band "Floyd Nation" performs the Saenger Theater in downtown Mobile. They perform again on Sunday at the Oxford Performing Arts Center.

Clarkfamily Alabama News
Four-year-old boy killed by bulldog in Hartselle

A four-year-old boy has died after being attacked by a Pitbull Monday.  The dog has been put down.

tuberville v reid Alabama News
Tuberville on MSNBC's Joy Reid's attack comparing having more kids to slavery: 'Off that wall,' 'uneducated'

In a bizarre rant posted to TikTok, MSNBC’s Joy Ried attacked U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s (R-Auburn) views on the issue, comparing his “we need more kids” comment slavery and illegal immigration.

Hardwick Alabama News
Court records show Montgomery County Circuit Judge's son allegedly stabbed, shot father in the face

The son of Montgomery County Circuit Judge Johnny Hardwick stabbed the judge in the face and neck before shooting him in the face, court records state.

AHSAA Alabama News
Bill requiring one-time state audit of AHSAA advances in Senate

Legislation subjecting the Alabama High School Athletic Association to a one-time state audit passed the Senate Education Policy Committee on Wednesday.

Bird Alabama News
‘For the Birds’ fundraiser March 2 at Birmingham’s Regions Field: Alabama Wildlife Center

"For the Birds" is a “spectacular event dedicated to supporting our rehabilitation clinic and education programs.” 

Scott Anderson Morgan County DA Alabama News
Morgan County DA Scott Anderson taking a new approach to truancy, bad conduct in schools

Morgan County District Attorney Scott Anderson has implemented a program called the Helping Families Initiative to curb the truancy and bad behavior that is ongoing in his county and city schools in Morgan County.

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Trump mugshot Alabama News
Joey Clark: Is Trump really a unique threat to democracy?

Playing on people's insecurities and fears of "the other" is not exclusive to America First. These are not flaws of a know-nothing populist reactionary movement but features of democracy itself.  

Alabama political news GOTV Alabama News
Bryan Dawson: November gambling vote is a GOP-sponsored get-out-the-vote campaign for Democrats

If Alabama’s Republican leaders and members of the Alabama Senate don’t want to encourage vote turnout for their opponents, then they must take a stand and kill the gambling bill before it has any chance to create irreparable damages for their party nationwide.

Alabama political news lemmings Alabama News
Phil Williams: Like lemmings to the pronoun sea

Someone somewhere threw some pronoun lemmings off a proverbial cliff and the left-wing world bought the lie and went with it!

Alabama political news Solomon Alabama News
Christine Carr: Solomon, the baby and IVF clinics

As a medical professional, my heart breaks for IVF parents, and I am angry about the medical manipulation currently on display in our state.

Albert patterson Alabama News
Bart Harmon: Alabama history proves that legalized gambling and corrupt government go hand in hand

Every time Alabama’s government dips its toe in the murky waters of legalized gambling, we see a flood of destructive corrupting influence follow.

Alabama political news angry Alabama News
Ashley Carter: The most powerful weapon

In a world where our words can be used as weapons or tools for healing, it is so important to realize the true impact our words have on those around us.

ake martin Alabama News
Sean of the South: Lake Martin

Lake Martin is flat. Mirror flat. It is a perfect evening. The sun is low. The crickets are singing in full stereo. And I’m visiting with old ghosts.

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20240225 0 B1 A5098 Alabama News
Auburn baseball goes 2-1 in Jax Baseball Classic

The Auburn Tigers traveled down to Jacksonville, Florida to participate in the Jax Baseball Class and picked up two wins.

Fit Alabama News
No. 24 Auburn softball goes 3-1 in Plainsman Invite

The Auburn Tigers hosted the Plainsman Invite at Jane B. Moore Field this weekend at went 3-1.

Alabama basketball Alabama News
Auburn jumps over Alabama in AP top 25 college basketball poll; Both teams in top 15

A week after getting surpassed by Alabama in the Associated Press top 25 college basketball poll, Auburn is once again ahead of its in-state rival.

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Crypto Alabama News
State Rep. Shaw tackles crypto in the House — 'We want to set up a framework for how blockchain can exist in our state'

A new bill filed in the Alabama Legislature will start a conversation on the use and extent of the growing markets surrounding cryptocurrency and other blockchain technologies.

ALGOP, alabama republican party Alabama News
Eight choices for president on Alabama’s GOP ballot March 5

Voters in Alabama will see eight choices for President – seven candidate names plus “Uncommitted” on the March 5 Republican ballot.

Litakerrobin Alabama News
Robin Litaker presumptive AL-7 GOP nomination after opponent withdraws

Robin Litaker, a retired schoolteacher and former State Teacher of the Year, will be the Republican nominee for Alabama's seventh congressional district.