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Rise to the Moment of Truth Sunday, July 21, 2024
Moms for Liberty Alabama News
'We're turning kids into narcissists' — Alabama Moms for Liberty leaders discuss the ongoing battle for children's minds

Two Alabama MoL chapter leaders, Emily Jones and Rebecca Watson, joined “1819 News: The Podcast” to discuss the war of children’s minds and how they and other parents are fighting back.

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jennifer collins Alabama News
Self-proclaimed University of Alabama adjunct professor lashes out over attempted Trump assassination — 'He had it coming'

A supposed professor at the University of Alabama made a Facebook post insinuating that the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump was staged while also suggesting he “had it coming.”

Juandalynn G Ivan Alabama News
‘Trump is the Antichrist’: State Rep. Givan compares Trump to Charles Manson, David Koresh in TikTok rant

State Rep. Juandalynn Givan (D-Birmingham) appears to be in panic mode following the Republican National Convention (RNC). Givan offered reviews each night of the RNC and comments ranged from telling Democrats to get it together to calling Trump the antichrist.

Shark Gerald Schombs unsplash com Alabama News
Shark expert says there really are more sharks, and here's why

Dr. Sean Powers, the senior marine scientist at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab and University of South Alabama Marine Sciences researcher, spoke on “Midday Mobile” with Sean Sullivan and confirmed there are more sharks around.

steve marshall Alabama News
AG Marshall files brief supporting Florida law banning transgender surgeries, puberty blockers for minors

On Friday, Attorney General Steve Marshall filed a multi-state brief with the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in support of Florida after a federal judge blocked the state law banning transgender surgeries and puberty blockers for minors.

Alabama Supreme Court Alabama News
Alabama Supreme Court sides with UA Board in UAB Hospital debt case in 5-4 decision

The Alabama Supreme Court affirmed on Friday the dismissal of a lawsuit initially dismissed in Jefferson County over the size of a lien placed on Lanell Puckett for the medical care she received in UAB Hospital for injuries suffered in a car accident. 

Fbi computers Alabama News
FBI office in Alabama impacted by Microsoft-CrowdStrike outage

The FBI office in Mobile was impacted Friday morning by a massive Microsoft outage.

Alabama Shrimping Alabama News
'Save Our Shrimpers' highlighting how foreign imports impact Alabama's shrimp industry

“The Shrimp Lady” is hosting the SOS – Save Our Shrimpers event to raise awareness of the economic damages caused by foreign imports

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Alabama political news biscuits Alabama News
Sean of the South: Biscuit man

Long ago, a friend wrote a short biography for one of my magazine articles. In the bio, my friend referred to me as a “biscuit connoisseur,” and the title stuck.

Alabama political news amber rose Alabama News
Jennifer Oliver O'Connell: GOP religious votes need to get over themselves

Mainline Christians and traditional GOP voters complained that the convention fell away from Christian values and orthodoxy, particularly after the first night when RNC co-chairs, Michael Whatley and Lara Trump, chose to platform people who reflected a different type of voter.

Masks Alabama News
Dr. Daniel Sutter: The COVID aftermath

Poor policy decisions yielded excessive deaths and economic costs during COVID. We are beginning to understand why. Americans who value individualism and freedom face an enormous challenge in preventing similar future debacles. 

Alabama political news JFK Alabama News
Allen Keller: Mr. President, release the JFK Files

The current president has a chance of preserving things by doing something that should have been done long ago: proving the Justice Department has nothing to hide.

Steven reed Alabama News
State Rep. Allen Treadaway: The Alabama Legislature has prioritized public safety, it’s time for some cities to do the same

Mayor Steven Reed wants you to believe that there just isn’t anything he can do. According to him, the violence Alabama’s capital city is experiencing stems from the legislature’s passage of constitutional carry two years ago. 

Trump Tuberville Alabama News
U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville: Alabama will answer President Trump's call

As we did in 2016 and 2020, Alabama pledges its unwavering support for Trump. Together we will renew our economy, secure our sovereignty and project strength in the eyes of the world.

Birmingham Southern College Alabama News
Conner Hayes: Birmingham-Southern College's bidding war

Unless Birmingham-Southern College (BSC) has suitors bidding in the shadows, Miles College is the only one left standing in the race to acquire BSC’s West Birmingham campus.

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Auburn Quarterback Payton Thorne 1 20231021 FB vs Ole Miss JH 157 Alabama News
Auburn QB Payton Thorne looks to thrive in revamped offense

Auburn's quarterback had an up-and-down season during his first year on the Plains. Thorne looks to take advantage of an overhauled offense in 2024.

Hugh Freeze Alabama News
Hugh Freeze speaks on roster, recruiting at SEC Media Days

Auburn head coach Hugh Freeze took the podium at SEC Media Days in Dallas to discuss the state of Auburn's program, recruiting, home-field advantage and more.

Bryant Denny night Alabama News
University of Alabama to honor Nick Saban by naming the field after him

Nick Saban has received many honors during his tenure as Alabama's head football coach, but none as big as the one he is set to receive this fall.

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Doug Jones on MSNBC, 7/19/2024 Alabama News
Doug Jones noncommittal on Biden's future as Dem nominee: 'I trust Joe Biden's judgment'

Friday on MSNBC, former U.S. Sen. Doug Jones (D-Mountain Brook) did not say what he thought embattled President Joe Biden should do regarding his role as the Democratic Party's standard-bearer.

Caroleene Dobson Alabama News
NRCC chair U.S. Rep. Hudson says GOP could hold onto AL-2 — 'Caroleene Dobson’s really impressive'

Alabama's newly drawn, majority-black second congressional district was supposed to be an easy layup for Democrats when it was initially created, but that race has been heating up lately.

katie britt Alabama News
Britt: There's a 'renewed focus' from Trump following assassination attempt

Wednesday on Newsmax TV's "Wake Up America," U.S. Sen. Katie Britt (R-Montgomery) said she could see a "renewed focus" in former President Donald Trump's eyes after his attempted assassination over the weekend.