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Trump Alabama News
KCarl Smith: The threat of political weaponization

The role of a prosecuting attorney is essential in protecting the inherent freedoms and rights granted to all Americans.

RFK Alabama News
KCarl Smith: Voices uniting for election integrity

According to Kennedy, Biden stands out as the first American president to "weaponize" the agencies of the U.S. federal government against his political adversaries.

January 6 Alabama News
KCarl Smith: Reassessing the January 6 insurrection

There have been consistent accusations against former President Donald Trump for allegedly spearheading an insurrection against the U.S. government. After thorough examination, my perspective on this issue has evolved.

Constitution Alabama News
KCarl Smith: The divine endowment of freedom in the United States

While our founding documents play a vital role in shaping our society, they are not the ultimate source of our freedom. Instead, it is God who granted us these inherent rights and responsibilities. 

Alabama political news struggle Alabama News
KCarl Smith: The perpetual struggle for liberty

Conservatives must employ a persuasive message of liberty that is so robust that the left can’t question it, can’t attack it, and can’t defeat it.

Alabama political news border wall Alabama News
KCarl Smith: Upholding the Constitution on the border issue amid Marxist challenges

The actions of our current president and his administration have raised concerns about potential betrayal to our country. Some assert that President Biden is influenced by prominent Marxist figures, including the president of Communist China and billionaire George Soros. 

ballots Alabama News
KCarl Smith: Urgent call to action on restoring election integrity

What we're dealing with in this country is not a game; it's a battle for the future of our God-given freedom and the United States of America.

New Year Alabama News
KCarl Smith: Resolving to fail in 2024

Yes, you read that correctly – my New Year's resolution is to fail as much as I possibly can.

immigration, border Alabama News
KCarl Smith: U.S. immigration – a reflection on freedom

Frederick Douglass stood as the most profound advocate for “legal” immigration. For instance, in an 1867 Boston speech titled "Composite Nation," Douglass welcomed Chinese immigrants as contributors to the nation's wealth and resources... as long as they came legally.

Shackles Alabama News
KCarl Smith: A shackle on freedom

The urgency of the situation demands swift corrective action to prevent the shackles of debt from transforming us, our children, and our grandchildren into unwitting slaves of a financial burden.

January 6 Alabama News
KCarl Smith: January 6 videos finally revealed

The release of videos from Jan. 6, 2021, has shed light on a series of concerning events that transpired on that fateful day.

Border Migrants Alabama News
KCarl Smith: Ongoing conflicts at home and abroad

The ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and Israel are troubling to say the least. But what’s even more troubling is the role the current presidential administration has played in these conflicts.

Jordan Alabama News
KCarl Smith: The ongoing congressional struggle

The gradual erosion of core freedoms such as speech, religion, and self-defense continue, perpetuated by the very government entrusted with upholding these rights.

U S House Alabama News
KCarl Smith: An historic congressional change

The U.S. House of Representatives recently witnessed a significant development with its first ever vote to oust a Speaker of the House. 

U S House Alabama News
KCarl Smith: Time for Congress to address key issues

It is paramount that the 435 representatives in "The People's House" dedicate themselves to addressing the many challenges facing the nation.

Marxism Alabama News
KCarl Smith: Defeating Marxism through principles of the past

Defeating Marxism requires more than just political opposition; it requires a deep comprehension of the fundamental principles underlying our conservative convictions and the skill to express these values in an engaging manner.

Global Warming Alabama News
KCarl Smith: Debunking the climate change and energy crisis myths

Global warming, climate change and the energy crisis are a bundled deception. They stand as one of the most alarming fabrications since the Salem witch trials.

Voting Machines Alabama News
KCarl Smith: Beware of ‘voting’ computers making selections for us

The voting that took place in Ohio on Tuesday, Aug. 8th, stands as a warning for Alabama.

Climate Change Alabama News
KCarl Smith: Climate change hoax

To claim that scientists have proven beyond reasonable doubt that U.S. pollution is the cause of harmful manmade global warming or climate change is beyond absurd and is certainly not scientific.

January 6 Alabama News
KCarl Smith: A national disgrace

The events of the Jan. 6, 2021 protest and the dealings with protestors in the aftermath continue to be a disgrace to our nation.

Prayer 3 Alabama News
KCarl Smith: It's time to pray to God and act

“I prayed for freedom for 20 years but received no answer until I prayed with my legs.”

FBI Alabama News
KCarl Smith: Weaponization of the federal government

The powers of agencies such as the FBI, CIA, TSA and others need to be carefully reviewed by Congress to ensure they're not being weaponized against U.S. citizens.

Money 3 Alabama News
KCarl Smith: How does the U.S. government get the money to meet our financial obligations?

Our government spends much more than it has or will collect, and to pay our bills, we must find somewhere to get the needed extra money. 

Supreme Court Interior Alabama News
KCarl Smith: The U.S. Supreme Court should continue to correct its mistakes

The court system has legitimate authority to apply the law correctly; to rule only within the limits of the Constitution which created it. 

American founders Alabama News
KCarl Smith: The American experiment

Our country of freedom is NOT a mere experiment. Our founders fought for freedom, establishing the United States to secure that freedom because they wanted to live free and share that freedom with their children and grandchildren.

Abortion Alabama News
KCarl Smith: Progressive elites seem to think they are God

The left seems to put great effort into spitting in the face of God.

Isaiah Washington Alabama News
KCarl Smith: Isaiah Washington, in search of a political identity

Because of the left’s successful negative propaganda, the word "conservative" is now a synonym for "racist" or an “Uncle Tom,” and when you tell someone that you are a conservative, you basically admit that you fall in one of those categories.

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