The voting that took place in Ohio on Tuesday, August 8 stands as a warning for Alabama. While our laws may exceed Ohio's in certain regards, we do share a couple of vulnerabilities, particularly relating to our voting system and our electronic ballot-counting machines. This is a concern we must actively tackle and take measures to prevent.   

Following the overturn of Roe v. Wade by the U.S. Supreme Court, matters concerning the legality of abortion reverted to state governments. This shift prompted numerous Ohio residents to become more informed about their state constitution, albeit possibly later than ideal. 

Amendments in the Ohio Constitution can be enacted through a statewide vote. Once a proposed amendment is included on the ballot, it can attain constitutional amendment status by securing approval from a majority of voters, which requires at least 50 percent plus one vote. In this special election, conservative voters in Ohio sought to elevate the approval threshold to 60%. However, following the dissemination of numerous false claims through radio and television advertisements, their endeavor was defeated, with 57% voting against and 43% voting in favor. 

Supporters of Marxist, globalist, and liberal ideologies have expressed their desire to establish an abortion "right" within the Ohio Constitution and those of other states. Their objectives may extend to safeguarding minors' access to transformative "transgender" surgeries without parental consent, implementing stricter gun control measures, imposing taxes, and enacting additional laws through state constitutional amendments. Achieving these goals remains comparatively feasible in Ohio at present. 

But did the Ohio voters who sought to increase the difficulty of amending their constitution face defeat due to extensive advertising campaigns worth millions of dollars against them? Or was it the collective decision of the populace, the influence of computerized electronic "voting" machines potentially influencing their choices or other instances of electoral irregularities? 

The answer remains uncertain. Some voting computers possess the capability to be linked via the internet to various locations such as Washington, D.C., the Chinese Communist Party in Beijing, or other global destinations, allowing votes to potentially be altered without leaving a trail. Extensive evidence about this was presented in the documentary film "Absolute Proof," indicating potential manipulation. This was reiterated through a different approach in the movie "2000 Mules."

While this Ohio special election might not hold your interest, it's important to note that electronic "voting" machines are also employed in Alabama elections. Do you value your vote in our upcoming election, and are you concerned about its potential impact on our next national election?

It's often said that while the people participate in voting, they aren't the ones who determine the outcomes of an election. Instead, it's those responsible for tallying the votes who ultimately shape the outcomes.

Mike Lindell of "My Pillow" company has invested millions of his own funds to advocate for a return to paper ballots, locally counted, on a single election day in every state. He is organizing a free, nationwide event on August 16 and 17 with this goal in mind. For more information, you can visit or to watch the event. I encourage you to familiarize yourself with his plan and then make your own assessment and decisions.

Utilized correctly, locally hand-counted and preserved paper ballots can potentially provide more accurate results at a comparable or even lower cost within a similar timeframe as computer systems. Republican officials in Ohio assert that their election regulations eliminate fraud. However, I argue that any state persisting in the use of computerized electronic voting machines must have election officials influenced by financial incentives from voting machine companies or those with control over them.

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