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Wes Allen Alabama News
Secretary of State Allen: All counties now using Geographical Information System for elections; Says should help resolve issues experienced last election cycle

Every county in Alabama now receives election services from a Geographical Information System as of Tuesday, according to Secretary of State Wes Allen.

Voting Machines Alabama News
KCarl Smith: Beware of ‘voting’ computers making selections for us

The voting that took place in Ohio on Tuesday, Aug. 8th, stands as a warning for Alabama.

Donald Trump 2 Alabama News
Phil Williams: This council ain't so grand

Donald Trump was just indicted for a third time in the current election season. I’ve seen third world power struggles first hand and nothing beats this mess.

Absentee ballot application Alabama News
State Rep. Kiel 'optimistic' ballot harvesting bill will pass in 2024 — 'We want everybody who's legally able to vote to vote'

Kiel said the legislation would help crack down on ballot harvesting and shore up the most vulnerable aspect of Alabama’s elections.

Iveybillsigning Alabama News
Ivey signs poll worker compensation bill increase into law

Gov. Kay Ivey has signed into law legislation that provides a pay increase for poll workers in Alabama.

Mobile looks at annexation to grow population, revenue while preserving black majority

The analysis of four annexation plans for the city of Mobile is complete and the results show the city would accomplish four goals that leadership wants to accomplish if any of the plans are approved. However, some black community members who have lived in the city for decades, say, "no way" and they want a different kind of change.

Jefferson County GOP elects chairman Chris Brown; Plans include recruitment, building enthusiasm

The Jefferson County GOP chose its new leader this week. Chris Brown was elected chairman at the executive committee meeting. Brown will serve for the next two years and he has already laid out goals for his term.

Voting, vote, election Alabama News
Alabama officially certifies results of November midterms

The Alabama State Canvassing Board has officially certified the results of the November 8 election, which included several constitutional amendments now in effect.

Wes Allen Secretary of State Candidate with Jeff Poor candidate Facebook Alabama News
Secretary of State-elect Wes Allen notifies voter maintenance program ERIC of Alabama’s withdrawal

A week after being elected as Alabama’s next Secretary of State, Wes Allen sent a certified letter to the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) stating that Alabama would cease participation with the non-profit upon his inauguration on January 16, 2023.

Election voting vote campaign voting machines by Elliott Stallion Alabama News
Voter registration for general election ends Monday

Monday, October 24, 2022 is the last day to register for the general election in Alabama.

Electronic voting Alabama News
Black box voting: Confessions of an elections hacker (Part 1)

Clay Parikh spent nine years in an election testing lab seeking to hack everything in his path.

voters Alabama News
Merrill predicts voter turnout as high as 50%, feeling good about Republicans in November

Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill said he predicts voter turnout will be between 45% to 50% of registered voters for the general election in November, which would total around 1.64 million to 1.84 million people voting in the state.

Election voting vote campaign voting machines by Elliott Stallion Alabama News
Houston County considers participating in state’s ‘one-time post-election audit’

The Houston County Commission will decide Tuesday whether to agree to participate in a limited voting audit after the general election in November. 

Photo from Uhual Facebook page Alabama News
Who is moving to Alabama and where are they coming from?

Rising costs of living, restrictive policies and flexibility accompanying the rise of at-home work are all factors leading people to immigrate between states now more than ever. 

Gregg Phillips True the Vote Youtube com Alabama News
Alabama mentioned on national stage as example of what can be done when elections go wrong

During a presentation by True the Vote in Arizona, Gregg Phillips, who is from Alabama, referred to a 1994 case in Alabama.

FM Talk 1065 Alabama News
Ray Melick talks his recent interview with Mike Durant on FM Talk 1065

Listen to 1819 News Editor-in-Chief Ray Melick on Midday Mobile with Sean Sullivan as they discuss Ray's recent interview with Mike Durant, the influence of Super PACs and the Alabama Secretary of State's assertion that MyPillow's Mike Lindell has no credibility.

Secretary of State candidates Alabama News
VIDEO: Secretary of State candidates meet in forum, talk election integrity

All four Republican candidates for Secretary of State met Monday night at the O’Neal Public Library in Mountain Brook to talk to the Eagle Forum about their qualifications and the integrity of Alabama elections.