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Ray Melick: Saban never says anything without knowing what he wants to happen

When the most successful football coach in college history accused Texas A&M and Jackson State of (legally) buying players, he did so with a purpose.

USFL Executive Vice President Daryl Johnston
USFL at the halfway point: more players, hotter temperatures, better play and the NFL takes notice

Daryl “Moose” Johnston knew the vision was catching on when his phone started ringing.

FM Talk 1065
Ray Melick talks the Senate race and Saban's athlete recruiting comments on FM Talk 1065

Listen to 1819 News Editor-in-Chief Ray Melick on Midday Mobile with Sean Sullivan as they discuss the Republican Senate Primary race and Alabama football coach Nick Saban's bombshell comments on athlete recruiting.

US District Court Middle District of Alabama AP Photo by Dave Martin
Attorneys in lawsuit challenging Alabama’s transgender medical treatment ban face questions about judge-shopping

Attorneys representing plaintiffs challenging Alabama’s ban on medical treatments for transgender minors have been ordered to appear before a panel of three federal judges to answer questions about possible judge-shopping.

Associated Press
Callaway back home doing what he loves: family and football

Neil Callaway has always loved coaching. But he also loves his family, especially now that he is a grandfather.

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Mike Durant denounces Lincoln Project, addresses claims made against him by rivals

In a video obtained by 1819 News, Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Mike Durant denounced the Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump PAC led by...

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Ray Melick: The Roe decision, and a mom who is 'happily raising' a son she wanted to abort

In an Associated Press story this week with the title “Abortion restrictions are racist,” a woman who moved to Mississippi from Chicago...

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Ray Melick: Musk plunges into the battle over free speech; good for him - and us

Democracy dies in darkness. That’s the motto, adopted in 2017, of the Washington Post, arguably the most influential media outlet in...

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Amazon promotion offers Tatano book for free through Friday

“Meet Murphy, an Angel Cat. An actual Guardian Angel in the form of a cat.” “No, seriously.” So begins the Amazon.com description of...

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Ray Melick: For Ivey to be the voice of the people, she needs to show up to be heard

Six candidates were on stage Tuesday night in Huntsville; six candidates wanted to convince you that they should be the next governor...

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Readers React: On Maxine Waters, CRT and COVID vaccines

Our readers react to recent stories or current events:  Darel Edward Veal of Hazel Green read our story, “U.S. Rep. Waters decries...

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USFL can go on as planned; court rules Fox can use names and logos of old league

The good news for the United States Football League? The games can go on as planned, with all the names, logos and nostalgia of the...

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Ray Melick: Becoming Employee of the Week, or even Rookie of the Year

If you watched the NCAA Tournament – and Monday night's game between Kansas and North Carolina was the most-viewed NCAA Men’s Championship...

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Ray Melick: The good news is, legislature votes to cut income tax; bad news is, it's not Alabama

The largest tax cut in state history was passed by the legislature this week, a bill that would cut the state personal income tax over...

File 3840bf0f 2e94 4a8f 8034 b5cc9f505724
Kansas lived up to No. 1 seed, winning NCAA title over UNC

In the end – the very end – the NCAA Tournament turned out just like predicted. The best team won. Kansas, the last No. 1 seed left...

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Palmer introduces bill to continue funding of Hoover's NCFI

Congressman Gary Palmer (AL-06) has introduced H.R. 7174, the NCFI Reauthorization Act, along with Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin (D-MI)....

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Ray Melick: Mo Brooks, woke? Seriously?

I would have choked on my Cheerios, if I had been eating any, or sprayed my Diet Coke, if I had been drinking one. Fortunately for...

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When it mattered most, Auburn showed up the least

When it comes to the NCAA Tournament this year, in the SEC it just means … Arkansas. For a league that got six bids – second-most of...

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Auburn still dancing; music stops for JSU, Alabama and UAB

On the second day of the NCAA Tournament, everything went pretty much as predicted. No. 2 seed Auburn beat No. 15 Jacksonville State,...

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Ray Melick: Fill out your NCAA bracket in blue

Start with Blue. That’s your safest bet when filling out your NCAA Tournament bracket this year – and you know you will. Millions of...

File 75b63985 40c0 4ac4 8679 d5300c1e660a
Auburn gets No. 2 seed; Tide, Blazers and Gamecocks all make NCAA Tournament

It feels like old times. For the first time since 1987, Auburn, Alabama and UAB will all be going to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament....

File 2becae44 fae4 45a8 91e9 c320fb91e2cd
KCarl Smith: Become an avid reader and have the courage to act

This is part 2 of a 3-part series on the successful strategy of Frederick Douglass, our country’s greatest American Dream Story. These...

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Ray Melick: Who was Ridley to believe - the NFL rules, or the NFL example?

It was a terrible bet. Atlanta Falcons receiver put down $1,500 on a three-game parlay last November. It cost him $11.1 million. That’s...

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Alabama Republican Caucus passes resolution urging Feds to increase US energy, defense

The Alabama State House Republican Caucus passed a resolution “urging the federal government to increase American strength through...

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Ray Melick: We missed Opening Day - or at least, some of us did

We missed Opening Day. At least, some of us did. Major League Baseball’s Opening Day was “postponed,’’ according to MLB, due to a work-stoppage,...

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Ray Melick: If only legislators fought as hard for their constituents as does the AEA

It is hard to fault the Alabama Education Association (AEA) when it comes to representing its constituents. If only, when it came to...

File 6df1447e fccb 45b2 92db 81e14e38e8a0
Ray Melick: And just like that, football season is over

And just like that, football season is over. Of course, there is no “just like that” like the Super Bowl, that truly American spectacle...

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