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George Wallace assassination attempt AP Photo by J A Bowman
50th Anniversary of Wallace assassination attempt offers opportunity for reflection
Photo by Raphael Lovaski on Unsplash
Randy Tatano: My 80s makeover

My mom was a fanatic when it came to how I dressed. I’d be heading off to play baseball, and she’d stop me. “Your t-shirt is all wrinkled!”

GPAC Inside from Gogue Performing Arts Center
Vince Gill, Clint Black, Jay Leno and more coming to Gogue Performing Arts Center at Auburn University

The Jay and Susie Gogue Performing Arts Center (GPAC) at Auburn University ended its second season Friday and announced its list of performances for its 2022-2023 season.

Aliceville POW camp
Aliceville WWII Prisoner of War camp reenactment is this weekend

The Aliceville POW Camp was one of the largest in the USA, housing 6,150 POWs and 1200 American Army personnel at its peak.

The Burnells from Mark Kelly

Lead singer Mark Kelly of the Burnells spoke to 1819 News about his band's history, influences and the new album they just recorded in Muscle Shoals, "Turn to Now."

Michelle Mc Clung Superintendent Escambia County Schools Randy Tatano
Escambia County Schools Honors the Best at Red Carpet Event

A red carpet with no Kardashians. And no Will Smith. Just the local heroes of education. Women in gowns and men in tuxedos walked an actual red carpet.

Associated Press
Callaway back home doing what he loves: family and football

Neil Callaway has always loved coaching. But he also loves his family, especially now that he is a grandfather.

Exceptional Anglers
Gone Fishin’, Not Just Wishin' teaches students with special needs to fish

The Exceptional Anglers event, Gone Fishin’, Not Just Wishin’, is teaching basic fishing skills to students with special needs from Alabaster, Pelham City, Shelby County and Jefferson County school systems.

Law Day 2
Escambia County high school seniors see justice system in action

Seniors from Escambia County’s three high schools got an up-close and personal look at the legal system as they attended the annual “Law Day” at the County Courthouse.

File 286d86ba a5b3 4534 9b17 2c67671ca6c8
Craighead Elementary students receive 75 new beds

It was Christmas in spring for the students of Craighead Elementary School in Mobile, as 75 third-graders found out they were each...

File 02b98040 8c5e 4226 a4cc a6fc6e4d95e1
Years after loss of husband, Alabama woman continues 'mission' for God, touching generations

“All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.”...

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Ugandan children's choir to perform at historic Lyric Theatre in Birmingham

An Uganda-based children's choir is poised to perform at Birmingham's historic Lyric Theatre and the upcoming World Games.    The journey...

File f3768395 faa9 4cc1 9323 dca05e96ae6a
Randy Tatano: The family savings plan

Those who lived through the Great Depression have a different way of looking at things when it comes to the economy. First, they never,...

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27th Creek Bank Festival to be held on May 14 at Leeds Memorial Park

The 27th Creek Bank Festival will be held on Saturday, May 14, at Leeds Memorial Park on Highway 119.   The festival is hosted each...

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Alabama mom texts deceased son, receives miraculous response

For five and a half years, one east Alabama mother has occasionally texted her son's number. She never hears back. She knows she won't...

File a930da5b 466e 405d ab1a 69dbfc90daa7
Pandemic impact: Mental health crisis facing youth of America hits home

As the United States slowly recovers from the worst of the COVID pandemic, a new illness has emerged. As jolting as the pandemic and...

File f7881908 8ec7 4b2e a5b0 9a7ebcb70932
Cullman to host 83rd Strawberry Festival Saturday

The city of Cullman will be hosting its 83rd Strawberry Festival Saturday at the Festhalle Farmers Market.   Fresh strawberries, an...

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National Day of Prayer: History and Purpose

Although the National Day of Prayer has been established as an official American tradition since 1952, the history runs far deeper....

File d5840a1f d58f 466e b3b6 e4dfb56a2359
Alabama artist featured in World Games 2022 theme song is 'proud' to be a part of history

The World Games 2022 announced its new official theme song, “Hope of Alabama.”   The song will feature a handful of artists such as...

File dba92b31 e668 46f0 ac82 606ae7d1d8fa
New Student Advisory Council shares ideas for Escambia County Schools

A dozen high school students were just sent to the superintendent’s office in Escambia County. But it wasn’t due to a disciplinary...

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1819 News CEO Shares His Personal Story of Redemption & Restoration
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Sean of the South: Public places

Birmingham. A public park. It was sunny. I was walking my bloodhound, Thelma Lou, trying to get her to do her business. I wore a blue...

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A true American Patriot: Alabama's own, Roy Brook

Roy Brook stands in 100-degree weather, bone-chilling sleet, and piercing rain. The 73-year-old knows most every interstate and side...

File 5b106959 b215 46f2 8718 c1c8896c6d38
Randy Tatano: How not to get on a game show

I guess my fascination with being a contestant on a game show started when I was a kid. A family friend won a shiny new car on the...

File f8f17f3f e3b4 4411 95a3 217261303383
Amazon promotion offers Tatano book for free through Friday

“Meet Murphy, an Angel Cat. An actual Guardian Angel in the form of a cat.” “No, seriously.” So begins the Amazon.com description of...

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Alabama Baptist pastor moving into full-time Ukrainian relief work

From The Alabama Baptist Often church members feel hurt when a pastor leaves, but when Jeff Copeland, senior pastor of First Baptist...

File ddbd6e0b 41cb 4bb3 af41 540550ef9aab
After losing leg in armed robbery shooting, Alabama man is 'ready to run'

April is National Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month, and one Alabama amputee is ready to take a leap of faith. Michael...

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