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Phil Williams: A pandemic of identity

We need to put an end to this pandemic of identity, and the cure is found by lovingly affirming our children, telling them they are not a mistake, and that they are fine the way they were born.

Phil Williams: One billion dollars — like scoot through a goose

A billion extra dollars laying around should always be a serious and well-informed debate. But last week that billion dollars blew out the backside of Alabama’s statehouse like scoot through a goose.

DeSantis Reagan
Phil Williams: The courage of your convictions

People will respond to a leader who says, with the courage of his convictions, “I see a better way! Follow me!”

common sense
Phil Williams: Common sense politics

Governance is not rocket science and need not take an Ivy League doctorate in public administration. Governance can be good ol’ common sense, which unfortunately is all too uncommon.

Phil Williams: A failure to plan is a plan to fail

The war in Ukraine is one of the defining stories of this decade. But the American people deserve a plan. Stop telling us that we need to write more checks and clearly tell us what we will achieve!

Phil Williams: Something remarkable is happening

Type the words “Asbury Revival” into any search engine and you will find videos, news reports, book listings, articles, personal stories, and photographs from the last week. But you will also get plenty of search results from February 1970.

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Phil Williams: Everything to lose

Millions of kids were not “born wrong.” The idea that transgender kids are a mistake, forever trapped in the wrong body, only made whole by medical correction, immediately makes the child a victim for the rest of his life.

David B
Phil Williams: Fightin' words

Tell young red-blooded Americans you will make them warriors, in the spirit of those before them who stormed the beaches, rained from the skies, and defended that which we hold dear, and they will beat a path to the recruiters.

School Kids
Phil Williams: For our kids

Conservatives want our children to be educated. Liberal progressives just want our children.

Phil Williams: It seemed like a good idea at the time

History is replete with ridiculously bad decisions that cost someone, or some company, countless opportunities and boundless riches. The COVID vaccine is shaping up to be one of them.

Phil Williams: The dehumanization of turning Mawmaw into fertilizer

What we do with living, breathing, soul-filled humans—or their remains once they’ve passed—should never be based solely on questions of cultural convenience, finances, logistics or selfish emotion.

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy
Phil Williams: Debating the debate in Congress

It would be far more concerning if there had been no debate in Congress this past week. What we saw was healthy. It was truly democracy in action.

DEI blocks
Phil Williams: Where merit goes to die

DEI is where merit goes to die, where failure becomes an acceptable norm, and success becomes a crime. We must return to being a merit-based society.

Money, capitol, capital, donations
Phil Williams: Spend it like you've got it

We’ve all had times when we had to rob Peter to pay Paul. By that, I mean that I’m sure that most folks have had those days when paying one bill meant not paying another.

Bronze law scales on table. Symbol of justice. Twitter
Phil Williams: Twitter tips the scales

Twitter tipped the info scales and just like a pair of cheating fishermen the crowd has now seen them for what they are.

Eastland disaster
Phil Williams: Putting Alabama's top-heavy government back on an even keel

Ronald Reagan once said that “a government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have.”

War memorial Washington
Phil Williams: Always remember to never forget

We preserve who we are as a people by putting all of our past sacrifices, victories, and achievements into perspective.

US Capitol
Phil Williams: It's all in the details

Some folks say, “the devil’s in the details." Not me. I believe that God is in the details. Details are what make the big picture come together. Details are what make bad get better and good become great. That sounds like a Godlier approach in my view. 

Phil Williams: 'Sweetie and the Sergeant Major'

Have you ever witnessed one of those moments when someone gets pushed a little too far? Or maybe you have experienced that straw-breaking-the-camel's back scenario yourself.

mine field
Phil Williams: Chasing trash into a minefield

Let’s not forget that in some places in this world, there are folks who will chase a box of ladies' shoes out into a minefield. There are those who will be glad to have our trash. 

Side view portrait of smiling senior man voting in booth on election day and looking at camera, copy space
Phil Williams: Voters are heroes

There is much at stake, but there are heroes still among us — ordinary folks who vote, and indeed every vote counts.

Cemetery with Gravestones on a Autumn Day
Phil Williams: We must never, ever forget

If we don’t take the steps necessary to ensure that our nation's greatness and the sacrifices of our founders are accurately remembered, then we will one day be like the burning forgotten cemetery lost in the middle of the woods, and “nobody knew it was there."

graduation cap on money
Phil Williams: No such thing as a free lunch

Legally, ethically, mentally and morally, the Biden student loan bailout is a bad idea fraught with negative second and third-order effects. It cannot go forward, and all necessary action should be taken to stop it.

Alabama flag money
Phil Williams: Show me the money!

Is it possible that the elected leadership in Montgomery believes that we don’t have enough revenue? Not at all. The numbers don’t lie, and Alabama has more cash on hand than we’ve ever had.

Statue of Liberty, flag
Phil Williams: The American Dream still lives

Has America changed? Are we the same US of A that these two gentlemen grew up in and so capably served?

Phil williams
Phil Williams: Saint Maurice proved 'doin' right ain't hard'

The Order of Saint Maurice medallion is an award given to honor those who are inducted into the Order for their roles contributing to or serving in the U.S. Army Infantry. 

API Phil Williams
Phil Williams: America deserves the best of the best

You may have heard of Sir Ernest Shackleton, the famous explorer who launched a mission to explore Antarctica over a century ago. I have read that the outcome of his Antarctic mission was deemed both a great failure and one of the greatest human achievements ever. Legend has it that when Shackleton was looking for men, he didn't want any galavanters or dandies, so he ran a very blunt ad that said precisely what was needed.

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