Rise to the Moment of Truth Wednesday, December 6, 2023

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Nanny Alabama News
Phil Williams: Alabama ... a nanny state?

Government is not infallible. Problems often arise since government is steered by people who are fallible.

Tips Alabama News
Phil Williams: Something for nothing

Free-market economies only work when the consumer is actually free to choose what was actually freely developed and marketed. Otherwise, the market will self-correct as consumers get EV guilt tipping fatigue. 

Singing Alabama News
Phil Williams: Casinos and tone-deaf politics

Politicians need to sing to their audience, not to themselves. They need to sing (and govern) in a manner that does not look, sound, or feel like they are so tone deaf that they are missing what really matters to the people who elected them.

Palestinian Protest Alabama News
Phil Williams: Fallacious, salacious and downright contumacious

Amazingly, arguments are being bandied about by pro-Palestinian supporters that Israel is to blame for the attacks on its people, that Israel is an “apartheid state,” that Israel is an occupier of Palestine, and most egregious, that Israel is conducting genocide.

Schoolhouse Rock Alabama News
Phil Williams: Beware the new agenda-driven ‘Schoolhouse Rock’

In the middle of the animated reverie, there was a three-minute bonus that aired periodically: a cartoon ditty called “Schoolhouse Rock.” I thought it was cool, and I can still sing some of the catchy tunes today.

Childcatcher Alabama News
Phil Williams: Morals are needed for moral outrage

My wife was right: you must have actual morals before you can have moral outrage, and what I see from this current administration tells me that they don’t qualify. 

Speak Out Alabama News
Phil Williams: When the people speak up

For years, Biden said that anything Trump did was bad. He eschewed the very idea of building a wall. Lo and behold, he had an epiphany.

Reagan Alabama News
Phil Williams: Peace through strength

We have been dealing with Palestinian terrorism for decades. In fact, this past week marked another world event involving Palestinian terrorists. 

Silenced Alabama News
Phil Williams: Speak now, or forever have no peace

Is it possible to have peace when good people stay silent?

Border Migrants Alabama News
Phil Williams: You break it, you buy it

The United States is the injured party. Our southern border is our eggshell skull. The Biden administration’s actions are the proximate cause of countless injuries to our whole society.

Fetterman Alabama News
Phil Williams: The making of laws is a sacred trust

The making of laws is a sacred trust and should not be treated like a morning at the gym.

Chilling Effect Alabama News
Phil Williams: 'The Big Chill'

We cannot become the dog that fears the mere possibility of the shock even when the power is off. Know your rights.

Alabama Governor Mansion bobvila com Alabama News
Phil Williams: We need a God-fearing gunslinger for governor

Having just endured the past few years of COVID, Biden, Afghanistan, BLM riots and more, I find myself modeling in my mind what I know we need and deserve in the governor’s office.

Prayer Alabama News
Phil Williams: The war on Christian patriots

Christian Nationalism? Sure. If you need a label to put on someone who loves the Lord and loves America and believes that the two go well together, go ahead, label me that. Guilty as charged.

Reagan Alabama News
Phil Williams: Ronald Reagan, where are you?!

Today, when I look at the state of politics, I want to yell, “Ronald Reagan, where are you?!”

Ross Perot Alabama News
Phil Williams: Because everyone matters

There was a time in America when working for someone meant as much about loyalty and teamwork as it did the work itself.

Frankenstein's monster Alabama News
Phil Williams: Big government, pot and Frankenstein

Truly, the Alabama Cannabis Commission is exactly what you get when big government, Pot and Dr. Frankenstein walk into a bar together.

Donald Trump 2 Alabama News
Phil Williams: This council ain't so grand

Donald Trump was just indicted for a third time in the current election season. I’ve seen third world power struggles first hand and nothing beats this mess.

RFK Alabama News
Phil Williams: Censoring the censored about censorship

RFK Jr. was right. We cannot be a free nation if the very first of our civil liberties, the freedom of speech, can be so easily abridged. What good is freedom without expression?

Jason Aldean Alabama News
Phil Williams: Try that in a small town

Liberals seem to have lost their sense of humor, or perhaps more aptly, they’ve just lost their sense of reality.

Revolutionary War Alabama News
Phil Williams: Aim small, miss small

“The Patriot” is a great movie. But it is perhaps more so an analogy for our times. Let’s not be that man or woman who feels shame later for having done nothing.

Cereal Alabama News
Phil Williams: A bowl full of ’Merica!

The breakfast aisle of your corner grocery is proof that we are not a society that believes in being confined or limited in any way.

Child abuse, child trafficking Alabama News
Phil Williams: For the least of them

Child trafficking is here. Let that sink in. Child trafficking is right here, in your state, your community or perhaps even your home. 

Greta Alabama News
Phil Williams: Apocalypse averted

It seems there is always another apocalypse on the horizon. Do the climate doomsayers ever get it right?

Big Government Alabama News
Phil Williams: The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen

I believe in limited government. Government that is responsive to be sure, but one that is not in the way.

Masculinity Alabama News
Phil Williams: The war on masculinity

There is a war on masculinity in America right now. Evidence abounds.

Racist Alabama News
Phil Williams: Racist if you do, racist if you don't

The Supreme Court of the United States will soon announce whether Alabama’s congressional district lines are racist.

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