Governor Kay Ivey has signed into law legislation that provides a pay increase for poll workers in Alabama.

Under current law, election inspectors and clerks are entitled to a base compensation of $50. Under House Bill 435 (HB435), sponsored by State Rep. James Lomax (R-Huntsville), each clerk will be entitled to at least $125 per day in supplemental compensation paid by the state. Inspectors will retain the current rate of $150 in additional payment per day, but both clerks and inspectors will be entitled to an additional $25 per day.  

"The men and women who work in almost 2,000 polling places across 67 counties provide an invaluable service to their fellow Alabamians, but despite working as long as 16 hours in a day, their pay has not been increased since 2006," Lomax said. "Recruiting, retaining, and rewarding our poll workers is essential to conducting efficient and honest elections, and in these times of skyrocketing inflation and a tightening economy, any increase we can offer is helpful."

Madison County Probate Judge Frank Barger, who also served as election administrator, applauded Lomax for his efforts and said he witnessed firsthand the dedication that poll workers demonstrate each election season.

"Poll workers are the front line defense for ensuring our secure and well-run elections," Barger said. "I am so pleased to see compensation increased statewide for our dedicated election workers."

Following the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, probate judges across the state reported a lack of willingness for people to work as poll workers.

"In order to make sure voting is quick, simple, and easy for every Alabamians who wants to participate, we must have a sufficient number of workers available," Lomax continued. "That requires local officials to continually recruit and train new workers each election, and I am confident this pay increase will assist them in those efforts."

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