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Landen williams
Landen's Story: Alabama teen heads to Cyprus for treatment of COVID-related macro and micro clots

By the time 19-year-old Landen Williams stood next to Dr. Jordan Vaughn to look at an X-ray of his lungs, he and his family had been in a year-long health nightmare.

Birmingham pastor: Episcopal Church transgenderism resolution dismisses sacred text, moves into idolatry – 'Nothing short of child abuse'

Pastor Rich Lusk responded to this recent decision by the Episcopal bishops, calling it one more compromise in a long string of compromises made by the Episcopal church and other denominations.

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'Concerned for humanity': Alabama embalmer discovers strange clots in people since release of COVID vaccine

One Alabama embalmer will perform his job in silence no longer. Richard Hirschmann has been the impetus for recent disturbing pathology reports on abnormal blood clots found and removed by embalmers from their cases.

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Blanket Fort Hope gets stamp of approval from AG Steve Marshall

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall recently made a visit to a property in Columbiana to view the plans and vision for a first-of-its-kind children’s home in the state. Blanket Fort Hope invited the AG to attend this event as the next step in their mission to help underage victims of sex trafficking.

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Andrea Tice: That’s some bold-face Balderdash, ‘Govna’

What a shame there is no such thing as political perjury charges for candidates in an election year. The potential threat of handcuffs...

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The Daily Detail for 4.22.22

Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks signs onto bill to dissolve the US Dept. of Education Part 3 of Daily Detail interview with Concerned...

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The Daily Detail for 4.11.22

Alabama Governor Ivey signs 3 bills into law dealing with K-12 students and transgender issues Further statements by superintendent...

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The Daily Detail for 4.8.21

Alabama AL House passes bill that bans transgender procedures performed on minors AL Senate passes bill for K-12 students to use bathrooms...

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The Daily Detail for 4.7.22

Alabama Senator Tuberville on SCOTUS nominee and farmers fighting inflation  Alabama House fails to vote on bill limiting state health...

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The Daily Detail for 4.6.22

Alabama AG Steve Marshall joins lawsuit against DHS re: immigration law AL House could vote on Vulnerable Child Act this week before...

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The Daily Detail for 4.5.22

Alabama Severe weather and storms predicted in state for Tuesday and Wednesday Autopsy underway after body of missing FL woman found...

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The Daily Detail for 4.4.22

Alabama Senator Richard Shelby will not vote to confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson Prison Warden in Limestone County placed on mandatory...

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The Daily Detail for 4.1.22

Alabama Push for AL House to pass the Vulnerable Child Protection & Compassion Act  Mo Brooks signs letter to NCAA against transgenders...

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The Daily Detail for 3.31.22

Alabama Employees at Southern Poverty Law Center hold protest alleging SPLC discrimination 2 casino gambling bills are pulled from...

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The Daily Detail for 3.30.22

Alabama AL joins Florida lawsuit against CDC mask mandate on public transportation Secretary of State candidate Ed Packard supports...

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The day an Alabama boy defused a nuclear bomb accidentally dropped on North Carolina

In 1961, the Cold War was at its peak, President John Kennedy was only days into his office in the White House, and two nuclear bombs...

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The Daily Detail for 3.3.22

Alabama AL Senator Tuberville co-sponsors the American Energy Independence Act SBC President Ed Litton says he will not seek a 2nd...

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The Daily Detail for 3.1.22

Alabama Series of military bills passed by AL legislature now head to governor's desk World Games directors place ban on Russian athletes...

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The Daily Detail for 2.28.22

Alabama AL congressional members all weigh in on Ukrainian/Russian conflict Freelance Photojournalist from Opelika is in Ukraine covering...

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The Daily Detail for 2.25.22

Alabama AL Senate passes bill prohibiting gender surgery/therapy for minors under 18 AL truckers to meet in Cullman this Saturday and...

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The Daily Detail for 2.24.22

Alabama Governor Ivey signs bill into law exempting certain child credits from taxation The riot act passes House despite controversy...

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Florida could set example for Alabama school choice

While the Alabama legislature continues to struggle with the idea of school choice, the state of Florida has one of the longest records...

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The Daily Detail for 2.23.22

Alabama AL Congressman Jerry Carl returns from trip to Israel  AL Senator Tommy Tuberville speaks to Madison County Chamber of Commerce...

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The Daily Detail for 2.22.22

Alabama Governor Ivey to consider 2 bills that exempt ARPA money from state taxation Lake Home Realty moving headquarters in Hoover...

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The Daily Detail for 2.21.22

Alabama The AL House is likely to vote this week on Constitutional Carry bill Judge dismisses lawsuit against congressman Mo Brooks...

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The Daily Detail for 2.18.22

Alabama AL Senator Richard Shelby votes with Dems to keep vaccine mandates ERIC organization becoming a campaign issue for Secretary...

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The Daily Detail for 2.17.22

Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks wants to compel COVID compensation from China Constitutional carry bill advanced from AL House Public...

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