My latest book, "Telling Conservatives the Truth: Leveraging the Life-Empowering Values of Frederick Douglass to Save America," was released last Monday, and in it I delve deep into the experiences and the liberty message of Frederick Douglass. In doing so, I uncover practical lessons relevant not only to the pursuit of conservative values, but also ones crucial in our battle against the rising tide of Marxism.

Defeating Marxism requires more than just political opposition; it requires a deep comprehension of the fundamental principles underlying our conservative convictions and the skill to express these values in an engaging manner.

Frederick Douglass, arguably the most prominent advocate for liberty in America's history, provides us with a distinctive perspective which serves as a guiding beacon in our struggle against the allure of Marxist ideologies. Douglass' life journey, from his escape from slavery to his relentless advocacy for our God-given rights and personal responsibility, stands as a testament to the values that conservatives hold dear. By examining Douglass’ experiences and writings, we can extract practical lessons that provide us with a roadmap for preserving the principles that make our nation exceptional.

One of the key takeaways from Douglass' life is the importance of personal responsibility. He understood that true freedom begins with the individual, and he passionately advocated for self-reliance. In our battle against Marxism, we must emphasize the importance of personal responsibility and self-sufficiency as foundational principles that empower individuals to pursue their own American Dream, rather than relying on slave-government dependency.

Furthermore, Douglass' writings underscore the significance of our God-given rights. He recognized that individual freedom is the cornerstone of a just and prosperous society. In our fight against Marxism, which often seeks to expand the role of the state and limit individual freedoms, Douglass' writings and speeches on liberty serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of preserving our fundamental rights and freedoms.

The book not only explores these principles but also provides a practical guide for conservatives to apply them in our modern political landscape. It’s only when we combine persuasive messaging with the knowledge and understanding to dismantle the lies of Marxist ideologies that we will build bridges with people from diverse backgrounds, reshape perspectives, and set our country back on the right path.  

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