Rise to the Moment of Truth Monday, June 5, 2023


American founders Alabama News
KCarl Smith: The American experiment

Our country of freedom is NOT a mere experiment. Our founders fought for freedom, establishing the United States to secure that freedom because they wanted to live free and share that freedom with their children and grandchildren.

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KCarl Smith: Progressive elites seem to think they are God

The left seems to put great effort into spitting in the face of God.

Frederick douglass Alabama News
KCarl Smith: A surefire approach to defeat Marxism

Marxist liberals have devised a well-orchestrated plan to further their degenerate thinking by any means necessary, through voter fraud and the internet.

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KCarl Smith: The last line of defense

There are many things we should be thankful for. For me, near the top of the list, I am thankful that my children and grandchildren can live in freedom, if we can keep it, and not go under Communism/Marxism.

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KCarl Smith: The truth is coming out

Among the greatest gifts Frederick Douglass gave Americans during his life and today was to make us understand the truth about how elite Democrat slave plantation owners were exploiting black Americans.

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KCarl Smith: Iran in revolt, again

Control over Iran's government has shifted back and forth by revolutions and coups for much longer than the last 100 years, and it's all heavily influenced by control over the country’s oil. 

Frederick douglass heidelblog net Alabama News
KCarl Smith: Frederick Douglass — the quintessential political adviser

The actions and policies of Donald Trump as president demonstrated to me that he is a Frederick Douglass Republican, but he never stated that publicly, to my knowledge. He should study the life and life-empowering values of Frederick Douglass and state the truth honestly -- that he is a Frederick Douglass Republican.

Marx Douglass Alabama News
KCarl Smith: We need Douglass-ism to defeat Marxism

We are living in unprecedented times. The tyrannical Biden administration and Marxist-liberal Democrats are doing everything possible to tear down America. Never in our lifetime have we witnessed the unrestrained use of power and authority by our government — carried out at the expense of individual liberty.

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KCarl Smith: Proud to announce the Frederick Douglass STEM Academy in Irondale

On Nov. 17, 1864, Frederick Douglass spoke to a majority Black, standing room only audience at Bethel A.M.E. Church in Baltimore, Maryland....

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KCarl Smith: God and communism cannot co-exist

This is part 3 of a 3-part series on Critical Race Theory (CRT) to help you effectively dismantle its racist and anti-God assertions....

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KCarl Smith: CRT teaches 'once a racist, always a racist'

This is part two of a three-part series on Critical Race Theory (CRT) to help you effectively dismantle its racist and anti-God assertions....