This is part two of a three-part series on Critical Race Theory (CRT) to help you effectively dismantle its racist and anti-God assertions. Each editorial will lean on quotes from America’s greatest thinker, writer and speaker on liberty and human rights, Frederick Douglass.

Have you found it interesting that, in their effort to attack and label White Americans as ‘perpetual racists,’ White liberals exclude themselves. They claim they are somehow different. They highlight that they aren’t racist. They contend White liberals are friends and champions of Black people, fighting to free their Black brothers and sisters from White oppression. This is a diabolical illusion – a camouflage of Marxist-liberals to use Blacks as political pawns to advance their cause to divide Americans.

ASSERTION #2: White People Are Naturally Racists, with Absolutely No Redeeming Qualities

In 1848, 10 years after his escape from slavery, Frederick Douglass wrote to his former slave master, Thomas Auld. He urged him to repent from his racist ways, saying, “I shall make use of you as a means of exposing the character of the American church and clergy ─ and a means of bringing this guilty nation with yourself to repentance.”

As a result of Douglass’ firm insistence and the power of Divine repentance, Auld freed all 400 of his slaves in less than a year, 15 years before the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation.

In 1849, Douglass wrote to Auld a second time: “I have been told by a person intimately acquainted with your affairs, and upon whose word I can rely, that you have ceased to be a slaveholder, and have emancipated all of your slaves, except for my old grandmother, who is now too old to sustain herself in freedom; and that you have taken her from the desolate hut in which she formerly lived, into your own kitchen, and are providing for her in a manner becoming a man and a Christian. This, Sir, is good news … It proves that the agitation of the subject of slavery does not hinder, if it does not help, the emancipation of slaves at the South.”

Douglass underlines an effective strategy to redeem a racist: “agitation and Divine repentance.” Racism in the United States today pales in comparison to the racism that existed in Douglass’ time and in the 1950s and 1960s. Race relations in America have greatly improved, partly because of more open and honest dialogue and the discovery of shared values. The United States is not perfect, but it has always moved forward.

Today, Whites are passionately involved in criminal justice reform and improving failing Black schools. They actively participated and funded the Abolitionist and Civil Rights Movements. How is this altruistic behavior inherently racist? How is it that a White racist can’t be redeemed from racism according to CRT? The transformation is never easy. It will be impossible for some and achievable for others. There is nothing too hard for God. He can redeem anyone.