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KCarl Smith: A surefire approach to defeat Marxism

Marxist liberals have devised a well-orchestrated plan to further their degenerate thinking by any means necessary, through voter fraud and the internet.

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KCarl Smith: The last line of defense

There are many things we should be thankful for. For me, near the top of the list, I am thankful that my children and grandchildren can live in freedom, if we can keep it, and not go under Communism/Marxism.

U.S. Constitution
KCarl Smith: The U.S. Constitution: A noble document

Although they were flawed men, our founders established a government under the U.S. Constitution intended to secure the freedom and equal rights of all Americans. God uses imperfect people to write noble documents, including the founders.

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KCarl Smith: A reason for hope, but we must do our part

If we can overcome election fraud and the silencing of our communications, Americans of every race and origin can begin making our country serve its intended purpose again, of securing our God-given freedom and equal rights.

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KCarl Smith: The truth is coming out

Among the greatest gifts Frederick Douglass gave Americans during his life and today was to make us understand the truth about how elite Democrat slave plantation owners were exploiting black Americans.

KCarl Smith: How to awaken your Marxist-indoctrinated family and friends

We should be exceedingly grateful to have Frederick Douglass’ point of view, philosophy and literary legacy about liberty to help us understand and expose the tyrannical methods Marxists use to enslave us.

KCarl Smith: Why we need to vote

No war, no Constitutional amendment, nor any number of laws will be sufficient to ensure that the God-given freedom and rights of all common Americans, including black Americans, other minorities and women are respected and equally protected in the United States for as long as the Democratic Party leaders and corrupt Republicans who help them hold any power in our country.

KCarl Smith: Legal immigration protects all Americans

Construction of our border wall has been stopped, and many millions of dollars have been wasted. Violent criminals and outright enemies of our country are flowing into the U.S. and harming Americans in many ways.

Baseball MLB
KCarl Smith: Democrat elites vs. black baseball players and fans

Some of the best baseball players to ever grace the diamond were denied entry to the Major Leagues solely because they were African-American. Instead, they performed in the “Negro Leagues,” in the shadows of the Majors, until 1947.

voting box
KCarl Smith: Our rights rest in three boxes

Before and during the U.S. Civil War, Frederick Douglass was known as the leading voice in our country for abolishing slavery and for recognizing the God-given rights of black Americans. Lost to many of us today is his deep respect for the U.S. Constitution, which our founders wrote and enacted to establish our country to secure the God-given freedom and rights of all Americans.

AP Joe Biden
KCarl Smith: President Biden’s hate speech

Hearing Joe Biden speak is frightening and concerning since we know he is only speaking the words of a speechwriter hired by George Soros or other Marxist-liberal Democrat elites who are working to destroy our freedom.

Marx Douglass
KCarl Smith: We need Douglass-ism to defeat Marxism

We are living in unprecedented times. The tyrannical Biden administration and Marxist-liberal Democrats are doing everything possible to tear down America. Never in our lifetime have we witnessed the unrestrained use of power and authority by our government — carried out at the expense of individual liberty.

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KCarl Smith: Marxist-liberal Democrats have declared war on the American people

We are in a battle for our culture, our values, our country, and our freedom. Anti-God, anti-liberty Marxist-Liberal Democrats are promoting transgenderism, destroying the innocence children and tearing down our country’s military with forced fake vaccines. 

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KCarl Smith: How leftist elites are controlling the black vote

The same class of the richest, most powerful elites who owned slave plantations still controls the Democratic Party and many Republican RINOs.

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A Post-Event Messaging Strategy

I attended Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit this past weekend in Tampa. It was delightful to see so many young conservative patriots (over 5,000) in attendance - willing to stand up for our God-given freedoms and rights - the values our founders established for our country, which are secured by the U.S. Constitution.

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KCarl Smith: FDR values and strategy works

Every now and then, I am asked this question regarding the Frederick Douglass Republican (FDR) Engagement Strategy. Based on real-world experiences, the FDR Engagement Strategy has been test-marketed thoroughly with mind-blowing positive results. There are hundreds, if not thousands of success stories and testimonials I could share with you. However, for the sake of brevity, here are a couple of success stories and a testimonial:

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KCarl Smith: The suppression of free speech

Last week, retired three-star general Gary Volesky, working as a civilian contractor with the U.S. Army as a mentor to officers, was suspended after he responded to First Lady Jill Biden’s remark about the recent Supreme Court decision. She tweeted, “The right of women to have abortions had been ‘stolen’.” General Volesky responded to Jill Biden’s tweet by writing that he was glad she finally knows what a woman is. As a result, the government suspended General Volesky’s $92 an hour contract to mentor active-duty officers for speaking his mind.

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KCarl Smith: Defending your Conservative point of view

Because of the Left’s negative propaganda and Conservative missteps, the word “conservative” slams the door on successful political discourse. The Left’s racist name-calling keeps Conservatives on the defense. As a result, Marxist-Liberals are winning the narrative battle today and Conservatives are losing ground. The only dog in the fight, Conservatives must be on the offensive ALL time in order to defeat the Left’s anti-Liberty agenda.

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KCarl Smith: Pandemic panic and political persecution

Just because Trump’s own Justice Department, as well as his former attorney general, William Barr, did not find any evidence of widespread fraud, does not necessarily mean they looked very hard, or that the many allegations of voter fraud and cheating never occurred. Personally speaking, I would not put it past Marxist-Liberal Democrats to cheat in order to limit President Trump to one term in office.

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KCarl Smith: The COVID PLANdemic scare

Last week, I wrote that well-known intellectual and author, Dr. Naomi Wolf, made headlines recently by exposing much of what has been done and is still being done to divide and manipulate Americans through the COVID-19 Pandemic Panic. The formerly reliable supporter of Leftist-Liberal Democrat causes and candidates has changed her perspective after witnessing the truth about the Pandemic Panic. There’s more truth to be told about it than I could fit into one column.

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KCarl Smith: Leftist turning halfway Right

In this last speech, Frederick Douglass exposed how the same class of elites who had been slave plantation owners falsely accused Black men of being predators and rapists of White women, and then manipulated mobs who lynched them without trial, to build racial hatred against Black men. Douglass explained that these evil actions, like slavery, hurt all Americans. The same class of elites still divides us by race today but has now found new ways to separate us.

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KCarl Smith: If you can keep it

How do we keep our Constitutional Republic? And, most importantly, are you willing to make a difference?

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KCarl Smith: Let the children alone!

State Farm quickly withdrew its support for a program, The Gender Pool Project, which pushed books about sexual identity to preschoolers. The Left are trying to shape our children’s moral behavior. Do not be mistaken, State Farm did not pull its support because they recognized the error of its ways. They only did so because Consumers’ Research called them out in a successful ‘Like a Creepy Neighbor’ ad campaign.

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KCarl Smith: Elon Musk recognizes current state of Democratic Party

Democrats across the country suffered a nervous breakdown when Elon Musk disclosed that he would be voting for Republicans in the next election ─ having voted for only Democrats in the past. Democrats are angry with Musk because he is applying the Scientific Method to how he will cast his vote ─ using critical thinking skills. 

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KCarl Smith: Respect for life

Justice Samuel Alito’s leaked draft opinion indicates the Supreme Court may soon reverse Roe v. Wade, which guarantees a woman’s right to an abortion. Of course, the draft has received both praise and condemnation.

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KCarl Smith: 'Politico-schizophrenic,' and how to avoid being one

I grew up in a very staunch Christian and Democratic home. If you had asked me 20 years ago why I was a Democrat, my answer would have...

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KCarl Smith: Proud to announce the Frederick Douglass STEM Academy in Irondale

On Nov. 17, 1864, Frederick Douglass spoke to a majority Black, standing room only audience at Bethel A.M.E. Church in Baltimore, Maryland....

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