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KCarl Smith: Defending your Conservative point of view

Because of the Left’s negative propaganda and Conservative missteps, the word “conservative” slams the door on successful political discourse. The Left’s racist name-calling keeps Conservatives on the defense. As a result, Marxist-Liberals are winning the narrative battle today and Conservatives are losing ground. The only dog in the fight, Conservatives must be on the offensive ALL time in order to defeat the Left’s anti-Liberty agenda.

Kcarl smith new Alabama News
KCarl Smith: Pandemic panic and political persecution

Just because Trump’s own Justice Department, as well as his former attorney general, William Barr, did not find any evidence of widespread fraud, does not necessarily mean they looked very hard, or that the many allegations of voter fraud and cheating never occurred. Personally speaking, I would not put it past Marxist-Liberal Democrats to cheat in order to limit President Trump to one term in office.

Kcarl smith new Alabama News
KCarl Smith: The COVID PLANdemic scare

Last week, I wrote that well-known intellectual and author, Dr. Naomi Wolf, made headlines recently by exposing much of what has been done and is still being done to divide and manipulate Americans through the COVID-19 Pandemic Panic. The formerly reliable supporter of Leftist-Liberal Democrat causes and candidates has changed her perspective after witnessing the truth about the Pandemic Panic. There’s more truth to be told about it than I could fit into one column.

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KCarl Smith: Leftist turning halfway Right

In this last speech, Frederick Douglass exposed how the same class of elites who had been slave plantation owners falsely accused Black men of being predators and rapists of White women, and then manipulated mobs who lynched them without trial, to build racial hatred against Black men. Douglass explained that these evil actions, like slavery, hurt all Americans. The same class of elites still divides us by race today but has now found new ways to separate us.

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KCarl Smith: If you can keep it

How do we keep our Constitutional Republic? And, most importantly, are you willing to make a difference?

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KCarl Smith: Let the children alone!

State Farm quickly withdrew its support for a program, The Gender Pool Project, which pushed books about sexual identity to preschoolers. The Left are trying to shape our children’s moral behavior. Do not be mistaken, State Farm did not pull its support because they recognized the error of its ways. They only did so because Consumers’ Research called them out in a successful ‘Like a Creepy Neighbor’ ad campaign.

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KCarl Smith: Elon Musk recognizes current state of Democratic Party

Democrats across the country suffered a nervous breakdown when Elon Musk disclosed that he would be voting for Republicans in the next election ─ having voted for only Democrats in the past. Democrats are angry with Musk because he is applying the Scientific Method to how he will cast his vote ─ using critical thinking skills. 

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KCarl Smith: Respect for life

Justice Samuel Alito’s leaked draft opinion indicates the Supreme Court may soon reverse Roe v. Wade, which guarantees a woman’s right to an abortion. Of course, the draft has received both praise and condemnation.

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KCarl Smith: 'Politico-schizophrenic,' and how to avoid being one

I grew up in a very staunch Christian and Democratic home. If you had asked me 20 years ago why I was a Democrat, my answer would have...

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KCarl Smith: Proud to announce the Frederick Douglass STEM Academy in Irondale

On Nov. 17, 1864, Frederick Douglass spoke to a majority Black, standing room only audience at Bethel A.M.E. Church in Baltimore, Maryland....

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KCarl Smith: Explaining 'Frederick Douglass Republicans'

Some people assume incorrectly the name Frederick Douglass Republicans refers to a minority sub-group of the GOP or that it is a name...

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KCarl Smith: Turkey-Republicans

The 2022 Primary Election season is in full swing. With the Alabama Primaries scheduled for May 24, Republican candidates are committing...

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KCarl Smith: The Left can't bear to allow true free speech

Often in politics, there is the right side of an issue and a wrong side. But without our God-given freedom of speech, how would we,...

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KCarl Smith: School choice makes education the best escape route from poverty

As we look to the next generation of citizens, leaders and innovators, it is important that we as a nation prepare them for future...

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KCarl Smith: The truth about the three-fifths compromise

In his 1925 book, Mein Kampf, Hitler talks about the use of a lie so “colossal” that no one would think that someone “could have the...

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KCarl Smith: The Apostle Paul, diversity outreach specialist

The Apostle Paul is certainly one of the best-known figures in the Bible. The letters he wrote thousands of years ago remain insightful...

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KCarl Smith: A former slave and the founding documents

The future of America rests on the shoulders of those who cherish our Founding Principles ─ free speech, religious liberty, the idea...

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KCarl Smith: It's time for a name change

A word can take on a new meaning that might surprise you. For instance, because of GOP missteps and the Left's use of negative propaganda,...

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KCarl Smith: Only in America - Immigration

I have written about this before, and it bears repeating: Frederick Douglass is undoubtedly America’s greatest liberty messenger. I...

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KCarl Smith: I'm an African-American

For years, I have heard prominent Conservatives, whether they are Black or White, suggest that Blacks should refrain from calling themselves...

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KCarl Smith: Issues divide. Values unite

There are many things I’m thankful for in life ─ good health, clean water and parents who loved me, to name a few. Although liberty...

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KCarl Smith: Political homelessness

In my previous editorial entitled, How to Defeat the Left’s Anti-God and Anti-Liberty Agenda, I shared my experience of watching a...

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KCarl Smith: God and communism cannot co-exist

This is part 3 of a 3-part series on Critical Race Theory (CRT) to help you effectively dismantle its racist and anti-God assertions....

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KCarl Smith: CRT teaches 'once a racist, always a racist'

This is part two of a three-part series on Critical Race Theory (CRT) to help you effectively dismantle its racist and anti-God assertions....

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