In my previous editorial entitled, Elon Musk, A Friend of Freedom, I referred to Musk as a Frederick Douglass Republican because of his bold stance for free speech and his willingness to put his money where his mouth is.

Recently, Musk has been loudly criticized in the mainstream and social media for his effort to buy Twitter and make this global social media giant open to all Americans, especially those who don't agree with the anti-liberty narrative being pushed by Marxist-Liberals. I agree with Musk’s idea for a digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated.”

Musk sparked a firestorm of new and more virulent criticism for symbolizing the Democratic Party as the party of division and hate.” For sure, Democrats across the country suffered a nervous breakdown when Elon Musk disclosed that he would be voting for Republicans in the next election ─ having voted for only Democrats in the past.

Democrats are angry with Musk because he is applying the Scientific Method to how he will cast his vote ─ using critical thinking skills. 

When Americans hear a comment associating hatred with the Democratic Party, many who have knowledge of our country's true history think of slavery and the American Civil War, in which Democrat-controlled states waged war against their own country in their attempt to maintain race-based slavery and to make it acceptable and legal in all U.S. states.  

Some Americans may also think of the war of hatred that Democrats conducted directly against Black Americans through segregation, sharecropping, violent voter suppression, Jim Crow laws, Democrat Ku Klux Klan (KKK) domestic terrorism, and their mob lynchings.  

Frederick Douglass, who was born a slave and taught himself to read and write against the will of his master, lived through all of these times and spoke out against hatred until his death in 1895.

In fact, in his 1853 speech entitled, The Slavery Party”, Douglass said:

“. . . there is in this country a purely slavery party―a party which exists for no other earthly purpose but to promote the interests of slavery.”

Frederick Douglass continued: “For the present, the best representative of the slavery party in politics is the Democratic party.”

Far too many Americans fail to realize that Douglass was the greatest writer, thinker, speaker about liberty and human rights in U.S. history. Most information about him and his writings has been hidden, buried, and covered up by the same class of elites who limit free speech in our media today.

When people think about these facts of our country's history, many dismiss them by just saying that Democrats have changed. I beg to differ. Personally speaking, the persecution of Black Americans by Democrats is still full of energy and activity. Democrat elites have changed their methods of deceiving us, covering their tracks, and continuing to promote victimization, class hatred and division by race and other ways.

Being a Frederick Douglass Republican is not based on one’s COLOR; it is about VALUES.

Frederick Douglass Republicans believe in his 11 Life-Empowering Values: (1) Respect for the U.S. Constitution, (2) Respect for Life, (3) Belief in the Limited Power of Government, (4) Belief in Personal Responsibility, (5) Economic Prosperity, (6) Education-School Choice, (7) Women's Rights, (8) The People’s Right to Keep and Bear Arms, (9) Free Speech, (10) Religious Liberty and (11) Immigration.

A self-proclaimed Moderate, Elon Musk may not be consciously thinking every day about all of these values shared by Douglass and the founders of our Constitutional Republic. Musk’s actions make me believe that he is one of us ─ a Frederick Douglass Liberty Ambassador, or better yet a Frederick Douglass Republican.

A former member of President Trump’s Coalition Advisory Board, KCarl Smith is the President and CEO of KCarl Consulting Group, empowering freedom advocates with the confidence, knowledge and skills to trump the race card. His column appears every Thursday in 1819 News. To contact KCarl or request him for a speaking engagement, go to . The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the policy or position of 1819 News. To comment, please send an email with your name and contact information to