Does it really work? Absolutely!

Every now and then, I am asked this question regarding the Frederick Douglass Republican (FDR) Engagement Strategy. Based on real-world experiences, the FDR Engagement Strategy has been test-marketed thoroughly with mind-blowing positive results. There are hundreds, if not thousands of success stories and testimonials I could share with you. However, for the sake of brevity, here are a couple of success stories and a testimonial:

Success Story #1:

The church I attend was previously located in an economically depressed, predominately Black and heavily Democratic section of Birmingham, Alabama. One morning, I decided to wear one of our trademarked “Frederick Douglass Republican” dress shirts to Sunday morning service for the first time. A uniquely powerful design, the phrase “Frederick Douglass Republican” was neatly embroidered over the left pocket. The word “Republican” would be the first thing to catch your attention because it was three times larger than Douglass’ name.

Always the agitator, as I entered the church building, I was met at the door by an usher, Mr. Patterson, an older gentleman and a sta unch Democrat. Of course, the word “Republican” immediately caught his attention and in a shockingly disgusted voice Mr. Patterson shouted, “Smith, are you a Republican?” I replied saying I am a Frederick Douglass Republican and I believe in the Life-Empowering Values of Frederick Douglass. To which, Mr. Patterson immediately stepped back, threw up his hands and said, “Oh! Oh! You're a Frederick Douglass Republican! I can't touch that.”

This was my golden opportunity to seize the moment and control the narrative. I went on the offense. I asked Mr. Patterson if he believed in the U.S. Constitution. He replied, “Yes!”

I asked Mr. Patterson if he would like to keep more of the money he makes. Once again, he replied, “Yes!”

I asked Mr. Patterson if he believed life is precious. He answered, “Yes!”

Finally, I asked if he believed in the biblical teachings that if you don't work you should not eat. Mr. Patterson once again replied, “Yes!”

I informed Mr. Patterson that based on his answers that he was a Frederick Douglass Republican, too. Mr. Patterson stood in silence for a few seconds. Then he replied,” Smith, you got a point there. I never thought about it like that. A Frederick Douglass Republican! Wow! I’m a Frederick Douglass Republican.” As a result of this political exchange, Mr. Patterson has become one of the major supporters of our organization.

Success Story #2:

As you may already know, I am a former member of President Trump’s Coalition Advisory Board. While traveling through the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, en route to a board meeting in Washington DC and sporting my Trump-45 baseball cap, which includes the Presidential Seal, while sitting at my gate, I made eye contact with three members of Black Lives Matter (BLM). They inquired heatedly about my support of President Trump. I replied by leveraging a Douglass quote, “I would unite with anybody to do right and with nobody to do wrong.” They stood in silence for a moment.

The conversation then shifted to a discussion about the U.S. Constitution, in particular the three-fifths clause. Like myself, these young people have been trained to accept the “three-fifths colossal lie” - the narrative that the three-fifths compromise is about Blacks being three-fifths of a human being. By leveraging Douglass’ quote about the three-fifths compromise, these BLM members left, going away with a totally different outlook.

How do I know? Well, they each bought a copy of my book.

Let us never forget this!  Frederick Douglass-ISM is the answer for defeating Marxism and changing the hearts and minds of those who have been indoctrinated.

Testimonial - from a White Conservative gentlemen:

“KCarl, I work out quite often. At the time of my first experience wearing my FDR t-shirt, I was working out daily at a rehabilitation center. That day, I caught the attention of a number of people, Black and White; people approached me to read my shirt. One lady assumed my shirt was about Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR). I told her the t-shirt is about being a Frederick Douglass Republican (FDR). I asked this Black woman if she knew about Frederick Douglass. She did. We chatted a bit after the ice had been broken.

“I realize by using your FDR Engagement Strategy I am able to have conversations with people I ordinarily would not. The t-shirt AND the engagement strategy are an amazing way to reach people. I own four t-shirts now. I wear one every time I work out.”     - Donald S. Florida

The key to effectively employing the FDR Engagement Strategy is ALL about focusing on the 12 Life-Empowering VALUES of Frederick Douglass. Why? Because VALUES UNITE.

A former member of President Trump’s Coalition Advisory Board, KCarl Smith is the President and CEO of KCarl Consulting Group, empowering freedom advocates with the confidence, knowledge and skills to trump the race card. His column normally appears every Thursday in 1819 News. To contact KCarl or request him for a speaking engagement go to views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the policy or position of 1819 News. To comment, please send an email with your name and contact information to