The newly elected Republican majority in the U.S. House deserved congratulations a few weeks ago for uniting themselves in the best way they could to stand up for the people against the current administration. After 15 votes, they came together behind newly elected House Speaker Kevin McCarthy with a new set of rules and commitments to help them represent the people in a way much closer to what our founders intended when they wrote the U.S. Constitution. 

It’s a daunting, uphill battle and will take their united effort, along with some help, to make the best use of their slim majority. 

Legislative incumbents are beginning to wake up and smell the unsustainable debt in the air, and people like Katie Britt, the newly elected senator from Alabama, and Tommy Tuberville, the other Republican senator from Alabama, who began his term in 2021, may help them see a way forward. 

Just before the end of the last congressional term, a herd of liberal, Marxist Democrats and RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) stampeded several ugly bills to President Biden’s desk. Some of those horrible laws won’t be corrected until we have a new president and senate, but most require spending, over which the new House of Representatives can exercise some control, especially with enough help from the Senate. 

It is hard for me to imagine how many times and in how many ways this can be said, but our federal government cannot just keep borrowing and spending forever. Even if it could, would it be right to make our grandchildren pay for the progressive destruction of our liberties? 

Our national debt is now over five times what it was in 2000, over 30 times what it was in 1980, and rising ever more rapidly. If Congress and the president don’t stop borrowing and spending our grandchildren’s money, will our nation’s debt be the end of our Republic? 

Those on the progressive left can’t improve our climate any more than they can improve the bodies God gave us, but they can destroy the country our founders established to secure our God-given freedom. One of the worst and most insulting parts of this is that their spending is not just wasteful, it’s also destructive to our federal government’s ability to secure our God-given rights. 

The House and Senate together can stop this and reverse our course with or without Biden’s approval. To make a positive difference before they are stopped against their will, the House will have to use all its power and will need help from Alabama Senators Katie Britt and Tommy Tuberville. 

And this is just the first step. Hopefully, the House will also begin to address election fraud, the pandemic-panic mandates for the allegedly poisonous, fake vaccines, global warming fraud, inflation, and the issue of how to deal with the Biden Crime Family, which is finally being exposed. 

We must be politically active and choose leaders with the moral courage to be truth-tellers. We must hold our leaders accountable for how they exercise power, regardless of whether the word Republican or Democrat follows their name.

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