Shortly after the Civil War ended, huge numbers of black men who were former slaves began to vote. Of course, they voted for Republicans who had just defeated the confederate Democrat slave plantation owners in their war to preserve slavery. Since about half the populations in the former slave states were black former slaves, Democrats used many ways to keep blacks from electing Republicans, including establishing the Ku Klux Klan.

But beyond what they do today, Democrats also murdered many black men outright to keep them from voting for Republicans. Details about these ugly episodes in American history are explained in the book "The War Against Black Americans and Freedom" by Nick Noel and me.

Today, Democrat elites use many methods to persuade black Americans to vote for them voluntarily and reduce the proportionate population of black Americans voting, including through abortion and deadly crime. Outright murder of black adults to keep them from voting doesn't seem necessary anymore, but Democrats still use election fraud profusely against Republicans and anyone else who doesn't support Democrats.

The 2020 election was demonstrably stolen from the American people by a combination of many methods. They include Mass Media Propaganda (MMP), social media propaganda, including on Twitter and Facebook, very effective censorship on all of these, mail-in voting and ballot harvesting (as shown in the documentary movie "2,000 Mules"), and election voting machine fraud (as shown in the film "Absolute Proof").

Among these methods, the one which has received the most media attention recently is the censorship of the Hunter Biden Laptop story just before the election, since Elon Musk bought Twitter and has begun to expose how former and current officers of the company reached their censorship decisions on that report.

It is widely and logically believed that if American voters had known the true extent of the criminal activity exposed by the then-Democratic Presidential candidate and his son, they would have voted differently. The veiled and open threats that Democrats have made on Musk's life because of this exposure of the truth has prompted him to take precautions to avoid assassination attempts. For instance, he now refuses requests to sign autographs and has said he will no longer ride in open cars in parades.

Amazingly, all the attempts that Republicans and a few Democrats have made to eliminate cheating since the 2020 election haven't really changed much. Voting machines are still in place almost everywhere, and long periods of mail-in voting still exist in most states.

Midterm elections appear to have been stolen again in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, California, Nevada and most blatantly in Arizona (with apparently full Republican participation by officials there).

Are Republican officeholders whose job it is to control elections on the take from the voting machine companies to the extent that they help Democrats make this happen? It appears quite possible.

It is obvious to many of us that computerized election machines are really "selection machines" whose controllers can select our office holders, often against the will of the voters. Some election fraud took place when most states used paper ballots, but it is possible to make rules that would make fraud almost impossible when the votes can be much more easily audited.

Frederick Douglass, the greatest thinker, speaker and writer on freedom and human rights in American history, often said that men and women of all races and colors should be allowed to vote and that their votes should count.

In 2022, we should not accept anything less than free and fair elections. We used to vote on paper ballots on one day and kept records that could be audited. Other countries with fair elections do that today. Do men and women of all races, parties, and colors in the United States have the will to make that happen here? We can do it if we want to. If we do not, we will all soon find ourselves living under complete control of tyrants and oppressors, like the people of China, Venezuela, North Korea, and most other communist countries, and the rest of the world will follow us into that hell.

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