The most depressing recent news to many Americans who still care about securing our God-given freedom and equal rights, which is the purpose for which our country was founded through the U.S. Constitution, is that a herd of RINOs in the U.S. Senate helped pass a Democrat $1.7 trillion government funding bill. Remember their names because these RINOs must be primaried the next time around.

This piece of legislation represents not just another endangerment to our liberties, but an impediment to all efforts of the newly elected slim Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives to begin repairing the damage done by Democrat Marxist liberals over the last two years.

The good news is that Republicans somehow forced a provision into the Armed Services Funding bill a few days earlier to end the federal mandate forcing members of the U.S. Armed Forces to submit to an injection of a dangerous fake vaccine or leave the service.  

This jab is a fake vaccine because it does not trigger our bodies to provide immunity to any disease or sickness. In fact, this “vaccine” has been shown to probably cause myocarditis (heart failure), which often ends in death. Meanwhile, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) continues to encourage all Americans to give in to this dangerous pretend vaccine.  

A CDC report tells us that the decline in life expectancy of Americans is due to drug abuse. Is the CDC lying to us? 

There are plenty of reasons to suspect that the many thousands of unexpected deaths of young athletes and others in our country over the last two years have resulted from jabs of the government-mandated/promoted fake vaccines.  

I wonder if world champion baseball pitcher Tom Browning, age 62, of the Cincinnati Reds, world champion football fullback Franco Harris, age 72, of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the champion fighter Bonar, age 45, and the ABC news producer, age 37, submitted to the jab.

Our government should quit hiding autopsy statistics about those who died unexpectedly from myocarditis and other heart failures and tell us whether they had submitted to the “jab.”  

The COVID health scare has distracted Americans from focusing on such real and truthful news about our Democrat-Marxist federal government’s attempts to make all of us subjects under their complete control. They are the same class of elites who owned slave plantations at our country’s founding and for many years after, in spite of the U.S. Constitution. Today, they are attempting to “own” and subjugate all Americans to become slaves of the state.

Instead of slave plantations, today they own and control Mass Media Propaganda (MMP) in print and broadcast, social media, information technology and effectively own our federal government. They distract us from truthful news about what they’re doing to us through propaganda, their emphasis on reports about other news subjects, censorship, and lies. Their methods are the same as they were when they owned slave plantations, with modern technology added. 

You can learn more by reading The War Against Black Americans and Freedom, by myself and Nick Noel.

When we refer to Americans who still care about securing our God-given freedom and equal rights through the U.S. Constitution, many believe we are referring to Republicans, Libertarians, and Conservatives. Some of those names can be used, but a better name for us is “Frederick Douglass Republicans,” or “Frederick Douglass Liberty Messengers,” because Frederick Douglass was the greatest thinker, speaker and writer about Liberty and human rights in our country’s history. I insist that Frederick Douglass-ISM is the most effective liberty message to defeat Marxism.

Douglass studied our founders who produced our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and his beliefs were the same as theirs. As a matter of fact, he had this to say:

The Constitution, as well as the Declaration of Independence, and the sentiments of the founders of the Republic, give us a platform broad enough, and strong enough, to support the most comprehensive plans for the freedom and elevation of all people of this country, without regard to color, class, or clime.

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