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Rise to the Moment of Truth Wednesday, July 17, 2024


rescue dog Alabama News
Kristin Landers: Daisy, the rescue dog

During this interesting election year, I’ve decided to take a step away from politics for a bit and highlight someone who has truly never let me down: our dog.

Jordan Vaughn Alabama News
'Science does not lead anywhere': Birmingham’s Dr. Jordan Vaughn testifies about long COVID to House Judiciary Committee

Jordan Vaughn, M.D., internist, founder and CEO of MedHelp and co-founder of the Concerned Doctors organization, testified before the House Judiciary Committee Wednesday.

COVID vaccine Alabama News
Dr. Stewart Tankersley: More truths emerge to erode COVID lies

The hubris of those in charge the past four-plus years has been epic, and we continue to exist in the deadly game they created. Thankfully, recent weeks have seen their seemingly impenetrable barricade of lies erode.

Masks Alabama News
Dr. Stewart Tankersley: Excess American deaths and the time for COVID reckoning

It is past time for a reckoning of those in charge, and it is up to the Alabama Supreme Court to begin to hold those in leadership accountable.

Alabama political news spock logic Alabama News
Allen Keller: The war on logic

It seems logical consistency is in short supply these days.

Covid Mask Alabama News
Lawmakers join letter opposing proposed ADPH rule change on mandatory COVID reporting

A group of lawmakers recently sent a letter to the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) relating to continued state reporting of COVID-19.  

Food Disinterest Alabama News
Allen Keller: Finding meaning in our hearts

We seem a people steeped in traditions that we no longer really understand. We go through mere motions (just as I was when eating without tasting) without sensing our activity’s true essence.

COVID Lockdown Alabama News
COVID fallout response likely to continue at the Alabama State House in 2024

The process and authority of Alabama’s State Health Officer continues to concern those who identified a potential glitch in the system after the COVID pandemic—a glitch that ended in devastation for some Alabama business owners.

Alabama Unites against COVID Alabama News
Alabama Dept. of Public Health advertising spending up over 700% since 2018

The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) spent around $16.8 million on advertising in fiscal year 2023 compared to $2.3 million in fiscal year 2018.

Church 2 Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: Religious Liberty: From shambles to clarity?

State agencies may not discriminate against religious people or religious expression. The principle of equal access for religion must be honored. 

Kay Ivey and Scott Harris Alabama News
'The things we did last time didn’t work so don’t be stupid and do them again': State Sen. Stutts on possible future COVID restrictions

A slight increase in COVID cases in the U.S. has caused rumblings among those concerned about the reaction the government may take if another resurgence in cases occurs.

Dr. Anthony Fauci retirement Alabama News
Amie Beth Shaver: Have we learned our lesson?

Oliver Anthony’s lyrics about the “Rich Men North of Richmond” made me think about COVID and the lies we were told. Because right now, the rich men north of Richmond are banking on us believing them all over again.

Rick and Bubba Facebook collage Alabama News
Rick & Bubba push back against return of lockdowns, mandates amid spike in COVID cases — 'Let's not destroy the economy again'

On Tuesday, Bill "Bubba" Bussey and Rick Burgess of "The Rick & Bubba Show" reacted to the recent uptick in COVID-19 cases and the immediate response to require masking.

Mini Golf Alabama News
Jonathan O’Dell: Kay Ivey and Scott Harris made my business go under

Ivey and Harris ruined the work of people’s lives and neither of them has suffered any recourse for their actions. This is a travesty.

Scott Harris Alabama News
Dr. Daniel Sutter: COVID lockdowns and the State Health Officer

Having the governor appoint a state health officer will not correct the deficiencies of our emergency powers laws, but the debate might encourage reforms before the next pandemic. 

Pastor Tony Spell Alabama News
Foundation for Moral Law hopes SCOTUS will hear case of pastor charged for holding services during COVID

It’s been called the most important case for religious freedom in our nation’s history. Spell v. Edwards involves a pastor who refused to halt services amid COVID regulations.

Scott Harris (left) and Governor Kay Ivey Alabama News
Joey Clark: Scott Harris is right that the experts should advise, not decide

If Alabamians are again going to be sapped of their liberty for some exceptional emergency, then those doing the sapping should at least be accountable to the people’s will.

Steve Marshall Alabama News
Marshall, 15 state AGs ask Congress to roll back Biden administration's COVID vaccine powers

Congress should “modify, clarify, and rescind” the emergency-use authorization authority the federal government used to approve novel COVID vaccines, according to a letter sent to Congressional leaders from Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall and 15 other attorneys general on Thursday.

Doctor Alabama News
10 things lawmakers can do post-COVID to improve the lives and safety of Alabamians

Dr. Stewart Tankersley believes Concerned Doctors has identified 10 things that need to change in Alabama and lawmakers are the only ones with the power over policy to make the changes happen.

Twitter Alabama News
Matt Clark: The Twitter Files and COVID

Elon Musk revealed that Twitter actively worked with the government to suppress information about COVID-19 that the government did not like.

COVID vaccine Alabama News
KCarl Smith: We are not your slaves

There are plenty of reasons to suspect that the many thousands of unexpected deaths of young athletes and others in our country over the last two years have resulted from jabs of the government-mandated/promoted fake vaccines.  

'Sick season': Birmingham-area hospitals experiencing high volume — Doctors call on legislature to act

An early spike in flu this year is straining health care providers across the state. Birmingham-area hospitals are seeing higher volumes of patients in emergency departments and beds are filling up quickly.

Alabama Unites against COVID Alabama News
Alabama Department of Public Health ramps up advertising spending 500% since 2018

Advertising expenses at the Alabama Department of Public Health increased by over 500% from fiscal years 2018 to 2022.

Flu Alabama News
Two children dead from flu so far this season — Urgent care facilities seeing increases in flu, strep, COVID

Alabama is among the top five states in the United States with the highest rate of flu, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Landen williams Alabama News
Landen's Story: Alabama teen heads to Cyprus for treatment of COVID-related macro and micro clots

By the time 19-year-old Landen Williams stood next to Dr. Jordan Vaughn to look at an X-ray of his lungs, he and his family had been in a year-long health nightmare.

Dothan upholds employee’s termination in food program scandal

Members of the Dothan Personnel Board upheld the recent termination of a former city of Dothan employee who oversaw an after school food program now allegedly under FBI investigation. 

Stocks fall by Maxim Hopman Alabama News
Stocks fall – Alabama Republicans criticize Biden’s handling of the economy

Monday was a bad day for stock investors, the first of several bad days over the past several months. Alabama Republicans react.