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Alabama political news napoleon Alabama News
Joey Clark: The Tyrant, the Dog and the piles of history

Though man cannot be reduced to the literal facts, certain facts do have a way of bringing all men down to earth no matter their station. 

Alabama political news baby Alabama News
Joey Clark: Selfish giant feeds baby

Until recently, the gates to my walls were selfishly shut to newcomers, wary of a world full of contrived needs and false compulsory compassions. Yet, the smallest of newcomers recently opened the gates to my heart with the most honest and basic of needs.  

Alabama political news libertarian party Alabama News
Joey Clark: Trump, Vivek, RFK Jr. and Afroman walk into a party...

Both major political parties engage in such atavistic messaging. Their greatest deceit is usually telling the truth about one another, while never admitting it about themselves.  

Alabama political news social media Alabama News
Joey Clark: Sen. Katie Britt wants your kids off social media

I do not question the motives of lawmakers hoping to tackle this generational challenge. A new generation of young parents on Capitol Hill like Britt will have their say. The debate will no doubt continue, and I am willing to hear them out, as will the courts.  

Alabama political news national lampoon Alabama News
Joey Clark: Vote for me or my opponent will kill this dog

Republican South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem may or may not have made a mistake when she killed her failed hunting dog, Cricket, but Noem definitely made a mistake telling the political world about it.  

Alabama political news mother Alabama News
Joey Clark: 'Momma, I’ve been shot'; 'I love you like no other, Mama'

Two different mothers, two different communities, two different tragedies that nonetheless remind us of how unspeakably fragile life can be.  

Alabama Capitol Alabama News
Joey Clark: The most ethical government is no government at all

Am I the only one who finds the never-ending, feckless fussing over corruption in politics to be an utter waste of the public’s time, money, and energy?

U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Saks) Alabama News
Joey Clark: Alabama's Mike Rogers and the question of strange times

Sir, when you spout the conventional Beltway foreign policy wisdom on Ukraine, I, like millions of my fellow Americans, do not believe you anymore.  

Entitlement Alabama News
Joey Clark: You are not entitled to a job

As long as we Americans continue to court government robbers and their crony robber barons for our daily bread, believing their supposedly moral or scientific justifications, we will continue to eat away at our freedom and prosperity.

voting, election Alabama News
Joey Clark: The political elite will always cheat

According to a recent Rasmussen poll, the vast majority of the political elite are choosing to cheat, ready to “set the murderous Machiavel to school” while seeing themselves as far too clever to play by the rules.

Alabama political news franklin Alabama News
Joey Clark: Old Ben Franklin's unexpectedly humble proposal

Try as we may, we never quite figure Franklin out. Nothing is obvious in him, especially his faith and morals. The famed deist always seems to be winking at us.

Britt sotu response Alabama News
Joey Clark: Tethered tea and Sen. Katie Britt's debut on the great American stage

The reaction to both Biden and Britt seemed even more scripted and contrived than either of their speeches – like dogs bred to bay at the smell of chicken skin and peanut butter.

Alabama political news election day Alabama News
Joey Clark: An Election Day to remember

Though almost every election is branded “The Most Important Election in History," some elections, indeed, prove to be more enduring than others. 

Trump mugshot Alabama News
Joey Clark: Is Trump really a unique threat to democracy?

Playing on people's insecurities and fears of "the other" is not exclusive to America First. These are not flaws of a know-nothing populist reactionary movement but features of democracy itself.  

Alabama political news bitcoin Alabama News
Joey Clark: Alabama should buy Bitcoin

Alabama should prepare for Bitcoin’s potential upside rather than simply cracking down as though Bitcoin’s only prospect is a dangerous and risky downside to be corralled and constrained.  

gambling legislature Alabama News
Joey Clark: Alabama's dogged addiction to gambling hopes

Despite the pesky, pervasive and profitable persistence of illegal gaming in Alabama, nothing compares to the high-stakes games of chance found on Montgomery’s Goat Hill.  

Edward Snowden Alabama News
Joey Clark: An American hero in Moscow

It is a tragically unsurprising reflection of the United States today that an American hero who gave one of the most courageous displays of resistance to tyranny in recent memory is no longer welcome in America but must live the rest of his days as a Russian citizen in Moscow.

Alabama political news American flag Alabama News
Joey Clark: The flogging will continue until Americans remember they are citizens

Unfortunately, U.S. citizenship in modern America means neither freedom nor independence, but dependency and domination.

Political Protest Alabama News
Joey Clark: Guard your heart from politicians and never expect too much from them

Every four years, I make a quiet promise to myself to remain as detached as possible in my support for anyone for president. In essence, don’t fall in love with politicians!

ARMY2 Alabama News
Joey Clark: The Army's excuse for recruitment failures? Too many fat, stupid, drug-addicted bigots

The U.S. Army would rather frame their victory for diversity as a failure in recruitment – one due to a wicked mix of pathologies in the white male population of the United States.  

Propaganda Alabama News
Joey Clark: 7 lessons for detaching from political propaganda in 2024

Cherish your sanity and life outside of your political opinions. Try to enjoy Freak Show 2024 without taking it all too seriously!

Swat Alabama News
Joey Clark: 'Swatting' deserves more than a slap on the wrist

“Swatting” should be a felony in Alabama. 

Angry Crowd Alabama News
Joey Clark: 2024, the year of mutually assured destruction in American politics

American democracy keeps killing the thing it theoretically loves – individual liberty – yet American democracy does not die. 

DEI Alabama News
Joey Clark: DEI denies the gifts of personal honor and dignity

DEI demands the unearned, rewarding its acolytes a resentful license to carry out collective punishment and unequal treatment in the name of equal justice.  

Schwab Alabama News
Joey Clark: Long before Klaus Schwab named his enemy, his enemy named him

Klaus Schwab isn’t the first, nor will he be the last, to play God.

Decorations Alabama News
Joey Clark: Christmas decorations are useless things

When shrewd prudence comes to rule the mind like a tyrant, it will destroy everything that it deems useless, admiring only itself in its attempts to conscript the entire world as a function of its cold discernment and machine mind.

Peasants Alabama News
Joey Clark: Charming 'we the people' into serfdom

No matter its promises, charms, or supposed generosity – no matter its calls for selfless service – the government is a Selfish Giant with an insatiable appetite for more and more. 

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