Rise to the Moment of Truth Saturday, April 1, 2023

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Mr Smith
Joey Clark: Mr. Smith goes to Goat Hill

Politics, at bottom, is the art and science of administering force and fraud in a publicly legitimate way. That’s the secret recipe to all political sausage-making in Alabama and beyond.

Dr. Seuss
Joey Clark: Banishing cynicism with the innocence of a child

We need to leave our cynicism and political agendas outside the door of the classroom, if only so us jaded adults can learn what the children have to teach when they are free to just be children.

Ron Paul
Joey Clark: Ron Paul and the individual’s fight for liberty

It's not too late. Have faith! Another revolution has already begun to take shape in the minds and hearts of more Americans than you know.

Chris Hunter
Joey Clark: Meet Alabama's Hunter Biden — How Chris McCutcheon used Daddy and his connections for self-enrichment while avoiding prosecution

Being the son of a politically-connected father means Chris McCutcheon does have at least one thing in common with Hunter Biden.

Democrat Debate
Joey Clark: A modest proposal for diversity, equity and inclusion to save America

As long as bad faith in the state reigns supreme, bad ideas will continue to make waste of our liberty.

Pelosi Zelensky
Joey Clark: Ukraine and a 'bodyguard of lies'

I have never seen my country not at war in my entire adult life. I know America’s “bodyguard of lies” all too well.

Joey Clark: The white privilege of wrong political opinions

My favorite white privilege — one I hope will soon be available to all races — is that I am rarely accused of being a race traitor for having the wrong political opinions.

Joey Clark: Taking the white pill and fighting for the dignity of man

“The White Pill” reads as a deeply personal, unbowed undertaking to remedy a world drowning in carefully crafted messages meant to sow despair, inaction, and submission.

Joey Clark: Loss of faith in God leads to loss of faith in our institutions

Restore men’s individual trust in something higher than themselves — in something they themselves could never begin to create or truly understand — and they may again begin to instill confidence in institutions.

School Choice
Joey Clark: The legislative ‘herd of turtles’ needs to move quickly on school choice

School choice” and “parental rights” have become conservative buzzwords in recent months on Goat Hill. Yet it remains to be seen what choices Alabama’s political class will make to empower parents in the next legislative session.

hands money under the table
Joey Clark: Playing the special interests game

If you wish to survive, thrive and lead in Washington D.C., it seems you must prove you are willing and able to play the long game, squeezing special interests and the general populace out of their money.

Mike Hubbard
Joey Clark: Mike Hubbard and the question of political revenge

Former Alabama Speaker of the House, Mike Hubbard, was released from prison on Jan. 8, 2023. As a free man, Hubbard must now choose his fate.

Lincoln Memorial
Joey Clark: Politics as the art of the possible

If politics is truly the “art of the possible,” how exactly would you know what was possible under the powerful aegis of political control? 

government building
Joey Clark: What if Americans had suspicious minds?

What if the American people had suspicious minds?

1819 Joey Clark Brian Moats
Joey Clark: Grown men don’t cry on Christmas

Usually when people say “goodbye,” they don’t actually mean it. Most of the world’s farewells are like that — a matter of courtesy born of habit — goodbyes that at best carry the hope of “until we meet again, my friend.” 

Father and son laughing
Joey Clark: Laugh like father, chuckle like son

Fresh off another birthday, I can’t help but admit I’m becoming more like my father as he becomes more like his father — and that we are powerless to stop it. 

Richard Shelby
Joey Clark: Richard Shelby’s big spending legacy is a dying breed

To bring home the bacon, someone has to slaughter a few pigs. And Richard Shelby isn’t yet done being a good butcher for the people of Alabama.

Joey Clark: How did we get so rich?

Everyday people being set free to build the future for themselves made us rich. And can make us richer still.

US Capitol by Harold Mendoza
Joey Clark: The devil went down to Washington, D.C.

Imagine the devil went down to Washington, D.C., looking for a soul to steal. Instead of looking for who can best carry a tune on the fiddle, the devil is looking for an honest man to compete with him over who can best win political power under American democracy. 

Joey Clark: Humpty Dumpty’s government of no consent

While most men accept the surface of things, the masters of men use the surface to mean many different things for their many different ends.

Facebook crop of syracusia which Archimedes moved by himself with pulleys thehistorianshut com
Joey Clark: Finding our footing

We moderns have many levers, many ingenious devices and systems able to master space and time, body and mind.

Love your enemies, bible
Joey Clark: Love your enemies

It’s easy to love one’s friends, sure, but to love one’s enemies? Such is a radical break from history’s violent cycle of eye for an eye. 

Grocery tax
Joey Clark: End the predatory grocery tax already

Do Alabama’s legislators and lobbyists have it too good?

Joey Clark: A gentleman’s guide to the democratic mob

Is it possible to be a true gentleman in American public life any longer? 

Money, capitol, capital, donations
Joey Clark: Extreme moderation is America’s greatest vice

While most of the corporate press continues to squash our collective brains in a partisan vise of sound and fury signifying nothing this election season, the 117th Congress continues to exhibit the greatest vice afflicting modern American politics — moderation. 

1819 Joey Clark Brian Moats
Joey Clark: Power is impatient — A short reflection on 1 Corinthians 13

Power delights in its own effectual evils but does so while claiming to rejoice with the good of its aims. Power’s desired ends always justify any possible means. 

AL Capitol Brian Moats
Joey Clark: 8 bold predictions on the future of Alabama politics

Though I possess no special gift of foresight, allow me to venture a few small predictions about the future of Alabama politics. 

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