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Smoking Weed Alabama News
Joey Clark: It's a joke Alabamians can't buy pot

The war on pot is lost. It was lost long ago. And it’s high time prohibitionists admitted the truth: pot fought the law, and pot won.

stressed Alabama News
Joey Clark: Finding meaning in suffering

Frankl’s personal account of life in the concentration camp leads him to probing meditations on the nature of totalitarianism, suffering, love, time, dreams, personal responsibility, and fate – meditations worth a few hours for anyone to read and reread.  

Mushroom Cloud Alabama News
Joey Clark: Hope smells like a better bomb

A better bomb is terrifying. It's simple to understand, completely credible, and convincing. If a better bomb can’t save us, nothing can. Yet, despite hope in a better bomb, that indescribable stench remains. 

National Seersucker Day 2015, U.S. Senate Alabama News
Joey Clark: Politicians need to get more cynical about politics

A perennial problem with politics is that people in politics actually take themselves seriously. Politicians may act cynically, yet they are not quite cynical enough when it comes to their own political ambitions. 

U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Saks) Alabama News
Joey Clark: Dude looks like Alabama's Liz Cheney

Ever since Liz Cheney became a symbol of betrayal for the new American right, many Alabamians have warily searched for the “Liz Cheney of Alabama” — but to no avail.  

American Empire Alabama News
Joey Clark: Always east of Eden

Life is often about picking one’s own poison. Sometimes there are no purely good choices, only better or worse.

Capitol Dome Alabama News
Joey Clark: Our national addiction

A life gripped by addiction is a series of short farcical victories that spell long tragic defeat, where even the so-called daily winners end up losers in the long run. This is true for individuals as well as entire nations.

Jack Campbell Alabama News
Joey Clark: In memory of my friend, Jack Campbell

Rest in peace, Jack. I will never forget you. Years from now, when I’m that older man sitting alone at the local watering hole, perhaps someone will say hello and stop to listen to some of those same lines we once shared.

Upside Down World Alabama News
Joey Clark: An upside down world is nothing new to men of the West

Look outside your window at the topsy-turvy wide world, and I swear you’ll see waterfalls flowing upwards. The question in such an upside-down world is: Will you go with the backwards flow or set out to restore the world to its proper place? 

Pledge of Allegiance Alabama News
Joey Clark: 'Equity and justice for all' will leave us unequal and unfree

Those who would trade essential liberty for hollow promises of equity will receive neither liberty nor equity in the end.

Anarchy Alabama News
Joey Clark: Anarchy is the rule, not the exception

Men are quite bad at ruling and being ruled, yet they continue giving it a go.

Steven Reed Alabama News
Joey Clark: Old Montgomery is dead, let it rest in peace

If new Montgomery is to rise – and as a native son, I hope it rises to become the envy of the world – continuing to blame the sordid past for the lackluster present is a death knell for the future.  

Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed Alabama News
Joey Clark: When crime is your city's top issue, the issue is deeper than politics

Today is Election Day in Montgomery, and the capital city is in dire need of getting back to basics. But no matter how basic, the people will only get what they know, want and deserve.

Photo from Live and Trendings Facebook page Alabama News
Joey Clark: 10 good men and the Montgomery Riverfront Brawl

Ten good men can save a city, but you probably won’t see them in the national headlines – instead they are usually found where no one else but God himself is looking.

Steven Reed Alabama News
Joey Clark: The Montgomery mayoral race shows all politics are now national

All politics, at least in a free society, should be local. But they’re not. Not in America today.

Christie Alabama News
Joey Clark: 'His Rotundity,' Chris Christie (let's make fat the new black)

Let’s make fat the new black! For far too long, we have ushered into political power a parade of slightly fit fools. Skinny has had its day. 

Tuberville Alabama News
Joey Clark: Name-calling won’t cut through Tommy Tuberville’s unprecedented thick skin

In the midst of all the sound and fury of post-persuasion America, he with the thickest skin usually wins — and on this issue Sen. Tuberville seems to have the thickest of them all.  

2024 Candidates Alabama News
Joey Clark: Party unity is overrated, liberty breathes with division

Liberty blossoms when power is set against power, ambition seeks to check ambition, and ideas are measured and weighed in the tumult and hullabaloo of our public political dramas.  

Sound of Freedom Alabama News
Joey Clark: 'Sound of Freedom' is a must-see movie

“Sound of Freedom” isn’t a masterpiece, but it is a well-crafted clarion call to awareness and action in the face of the horrors of human trafficking in the 21st century.  

Fireworks Alabama News
Joey Clark: Sacred and undeniable self evidence

As we prepare for our annual July 4th festivities, basking in the warm glow of fireworks that light the night sky, let us take a moment to reflect on the light of America’s most explosive and emblematic document, the Declaration of Independence. 

Whitewater rafting Alabama News
Joey Clark: Sad! Montgomery Whitewater accused of $4 million worth of racism

When the public treasury becomes a public trough, it’s not only voters who desire a bigger and bigger piece of the pie. Big special interests want to have their cake while they eat it too.  

RFK Alabama News
Joey Clark: Why RFK Jr. has caught my eye

The establishment has already started their preemptive strikes against a certain Democratic candidate for the presidency – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (RFK Jr.) – labeling him a kooky conspiracy theorist.

Donald Trump 3 Alabama News
Joey Clark: The law of the land beyond the Constitution

In the eyes of the ruling elite, Donald Trump's original sin is that he dared to think that he was actually in charge of the executive branch.

Mo Brooks Alabama News
Joey Clark: Mo Brooks should stop ripping old wounds open

I am sick of seeing ugly shows of self-inflicted pain done in vain. I am nauseated from witnessing conservative politicians fall on the sword of their principles to no considerable effect whatsoever.

Power Hungry Alabama News
Joey Clark: Betraying liberty’s creed by political deed

The lust to dominate, the libido dominandi, does not discriminate between left or right, Christian conservative or secular progressive. It infiltrates all. 

Scott Harris (left) and Governor Kay Ivey Alabama News
Joey Clark: Scott Harris is right that the experts should advise, not decide

If Alabamians are again going to be sapped of their liberty for some exceptional emergency, then those doing the sapping should at least be accountable to the people’s will.

Mule Alabama News
Joey Clark: Some mules are bigger than others

Though Alabama’s “big mules” have changed over the last century, they still hold outsized influence over who's doing the pulling and who’s doing the eating in the Heart of Dixie.

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