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Dr. Daniel Sutter: Alabama’s earmarks

Many would argue that earmarks undermine fiscal conservatism, waste tax dollars, and bankrupt our nation. But I believe that such arguments must rely on hypocrisy.  

Tax credits
Dr. Daniel Sutter: Business incentives and Alabama jobs

The state legislature will take up reauthorization of the Alabama Jobs Act next session. The reauthorization affords an opportunity to consider economic and ethical questions raised by targeted incentives for businesses.

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Dr. Daniel Sutter: Legislators for freedom?

Alabama has elected a new legislature. Few of our state representatives campaigned on a socialist platform. Yet a recent report from the Club for Growth suggests that our legislators do not support limited government and free markets either.

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Dr. Daniel Sutter: Alabama’s workforce participation issue

America’s labor force participation rate has fallen for two decades, with large drops during the Great Recession and COVID-19 pandemic. Alabama’s rate trails the national average, potentially hamstringing our economy.