Rise to the Moment of Truth Friday, April 12, 2024

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Alabama political news christianity Alabama News
Laura Clark: Be ye not pontificators of the Word, but doers

We are Christians. Our lives, our values, our speech, our politics, and our world belong to God. It’s high time we act like it.

IVF Alabama News
Laura Clark: The overreaction about Alabama IVF

Republicans have a cognitive dissonance regarding IVF. While IVF is a good thing and pro-life in the sense that it does expand human life, unregulated IVF is a danger to life.

Alabama political news embryo Alabama News
Laura Clark: A person's a person no matter where they are

Overall, this opinion is a landmark decision. It will reshape the largely unregulated IVF industry and give dignity and sanctity to the lives of many unborn children.

Foley Public Library Alabama News
Laura Clark: The turning tide in our libraries and government as a whole

The progress in the library books and with the APLS appointments by our governor shows that all is not lost. The people still have power and pushback on this Marxist agenda.

School Choice. Alabama News
Laura Clark: A few things to consider in the quest for school choice

It’s high time we foster the idea that parents, not teachers, know best how to educate their children. School choice, done well, gives parents the freedom to do just that.

Parent Protection Alabama News
Laura Clark: The parental uprising

Every once in a while the culture is defined by the strength of a group of people. This is such a time.

Library Reading Alabama News
Laura Clark: Is book removal a First Amendment violation?

Groups like Read Freely Alabama and other leftist groups claim the removal of books from libraries violates the First Amendment. This is simply an error based on a faulty interpretation of the First Amendment and a general ignorance of Constitutional Law.

Fatherson Alabama News
Laura Clark: The broken system of DHR

It’s time to take a hard look at DHR and its policies. Alabama has a wonderful history of protecting families. This is just one necessary step to keep our families strong.

Transgender child gay by Mercedes Mehling Alabama News
Laura Clark: Chief Judge Sutton’s epic smackdown of irreversible treatment of transgender youth

Chief Judge Jeffrey Sutton just issued a complete smackdown of the American Civil Liberty Union’s (ACLU) case against laws preventing minors from receiving “gender affirming care,” simultaneously affirming recent laws in Tennessee and Kentucky seeking to protect children from puberty blocking drugs and hormones.

Legal Training Alabama News
Laura Clark: Lawyers need better training on originalism

With such strong support for originalism, you would think schools and the bar would be training attorneys to argue their cases from this interpretation, right? Wrong!

Country Church Alabama News
Laura Clark: A shield for the church against a hostile world

The church has always been controversial in the world. If it isn’t, it ceases to be the Bride of Christ. And in this increasingly litigious and tolerance- or acceptance-happy society, the church is in a battle.

Library Alabama News
Laura Clark: Do our children belong to the libraries or to us?

Public libraries are at the center of any town and state. They’re also at the center of the minds of concerned parents. And if you aren’t concerned about public libraries, you are not paying attention.