Every once in a while the culture is defined by the strength of a group of people. This is such a time.

For the last two years, the government — driven by the left — has been forcing its views on children. Each time they get closer, parents push back.

Each time the same scenario plays out. Parents complain. The powers that be gaslight parents by saying that the issue they’re complaining about isn’t happening. Parents push back. The powers then say the issue is out of their hands, they can’t do anything. Parents push back. Around and around it goes until the powers get worn down and finally change.

It’s like the left thinks that if they keep pacifying parents, then those pesky parents will just go away. But they haven’t. The Parental Uprising is only getting stronger.

In Alabama, the left is using the schools and the libraries to indoctrinate children. All across the state, parents are fighting back.

It’s an amazing thing to see!

As I write this, I have my two-year-old sitting on my lap and my newborn swinging and napping. I would fight until the end of the Earth for my boys. I know other parents feel the same way.

I get calls all the time from these parents. They want to fight – and are fighting – but they get discouraged because they don’t see progress. In a lot of these areas, the laws are silent and there is no legal cause of action. Parents feel hopeless. I can’t always provide legal backing to these parents, but I am able to give them strength in the knowledge they are within the law and their right to push back. I am proud to be a support for them.

I am writing this to give you hope and encouragement. It may seem like you are treading water and getting nowhere. Maybe you are speaking at meetings and you feel your voice is falling on hard hearts and deaf ears. Keep going!!

In Luke 18:1-8, Jesus gives the parable of the persistent widow. He explains that the persistence of this widow is what forced the judge to do what he should do. Now, that parable was given to teach us to pray persistently. But Jesus used this story because it resonates with us.

If my toddler bugs me to give him a sucker 20 times, this tired mama just might give in. The same is true of the powers that be. They will see they cannot just get away with things and they will stop.

In Prattville, parents have been fighting back against inappropriate books in the library. This pushback was started by one mom. Now it’s a large group of parents who succeeded in getting the attention of the local government and having the entire library board resign. That took time and a lot of talking to deaf ears and hard hearts. But they succeeded.

So, too, can you. Keep up the good fight. Our children are worth fighting for.

Laura Clark is a wife, mother, and community activist. She currently serves as the interim president of Alabama Center for Law and Liberty, a conservative nonprofit law firm that fights for limited government, free markets, and strong families in the courts.

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