Rise to the Moment of Truth Tuesday, February 27, 2024


Foley Public Library Alabama News
Laura Clark: The turning tide in our libraries and government as a whole

The progress in the library books and with the APLS appointments by our governor shows that all is not lost. The people still have power and pushback on this Marxist agenda.

Books Alabama News
Jennifer Oliver O’Connell: Good riddance to bad rubbish

After much pressure from the community and state lawmakers, The Alabama Public Library Service (APLS) Board did the wise thing last Tuesday, unanimously voting to withdraw its membership in the American Library Association (ALA).

APLS Board meeting Alabama News
State library system votes to withdraw from American Library Association

After months of calls from residents and lawmakers, the Alabama Public Library Service voted unanimously on Tuesday to withdraw its membership with the American Library Association.

Parent Protection Alabama News
Laura Clark: The parental uprising

Every once in a while the culture is defined by the strength of a group of people. This is such a time.

North Shelby Library Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: The real censors in the Alabama library battle

In the war of ideas, the battle for the minds of men, the library is a central field of conflict, because the library is a repository of ideas. 

Library Reading Alabama News
Laura Clark: Is book removal a First Amendment violation?

Groups like Read Freely Alabama and other leftist groups claim the removal of books from libraries violates the First Amendment. This is simply an error based on a faulty interpretation of the First Amendment and a general ignorance of Constitutional Law.

Library Alabama News
Jennifer Oliver O'Connell: Alabama libraries and the battle for the minds and hearts of our youth

Parents across Alabama are demanding that libraries change their policies to ensure books with sexualized content are unavailable to young children. This should not be difficult, but everyone from town mayors to library directors to city councils are pointing the finger and passing the buck.

Library Board Alabama News
State library board delays vote to end membership with American Library Association

The Alabama Public Library Service recently voted to delay the anticipated vote to disassociate the agency from the American Library Association.

Photo by Will Blakely Alabama News
Activists applaud North Shelby County Library board for keeping LGBTQ books in children’s section

Activists gathered at the North Shelby County Library on Thursday night to praise the library board members for keeping an LGBTQ display in the children’s section in June after backlash from residents who felt it was inappropriate for kids.

Library Alabama News
Charlotte Meadows: It's up to parents to navigate their children through this confusing world

Whether it’s books that obviously have a social agenda in a library, the curriculum in their school, or even which school they attend, all parents have the right and responsibility to choose what is best for their children.

kids reading Alabama News
State Superintendent Mackey urges schools to adopt library book challenge policies

Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) Superintendent Erick Mackey said at a Thursday meeting that he is encouraging school superintendents to adopt policies for challenging school library books.

Foley Public Library Alabama News
ALGOP chair Wahl: Legislature could move to strip public libraries of obscenity law exemptions

Alabama Republican Party chairman John Wahl said there were actions the Alabama Legislature could take to respond to public libraries opting to include what some deem objectionable sexual content in their children and young adult collections.

Books Alabama News
Autauga GOP passes resolution fighting against 'obscene, sexually explicit' books for minors at local library

The Autauga County GOP approved a resolution on Thursday, backing those opposing sexually explicit books made available to minors in the Autauga-Prattville Public Library.

Nancy Pack Alabama News
State library director contradicts previous statements on ALA relationship, defends DEI in libraries in response to Ivey letter

In her response letter to Gov. Kay Ivey, Alabama Public Library Service (APLS) director Nancy Pack expressly contradicted previous statements made to 1819 News regarding the state library’s connection with the American Library Association (ALA).

John Wahl Alabama News
ALGOP chair Wahl says adults must protect children from 'disturbing material' in libraries — 'Let's get one thing straight, we are not talking about banning anything'

The day after the Alabama Public Library Service voted on a measure concerning inappropriate books in children and teen sections of libraries, board member John Wahl spoke in Fairhope about what he heard.

Foley library books Alabama News
State Rep. Susan DuBose: It's time our libraries 'disaffiliate from the toxic American Library Association'

The time has come for Alabama libraries to disaffiliate from the toxic American Library Association.

North Shelby Library Alabama News
Lauren DeMoss Benson: Protecting children from sexually explicit material is not 'book banning'

Library board members are charging ahead, making the giant leap to equate protecting the innocence of children with “censorship” and “book banning.”

Dothan Library Alabama News
'The queer, fat girl rom-com of my dreams': Dothan libraries offer LGBTQ books for children, teens

Dozens of books containing LGBTQ content in one form or another are available, with many catering to teenagers, young adults, and children.

North Shelby Library Alabama News
North Shelby Library dismisses public concerns — Votes to keep 'Pride' display in children’s area featuring books about transgender kids, other LGBTQ topics

The North Shelby Library Board voted to keep a “pride” display in its children’s area on Monday as a large crowd gathered to speak for and against the display at its meeting.

Library Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Go woke, go broke

Alabama, let's show them that the fight isn’t over. We will stand in the gap. It’s our responsibility to keep our children safe and teach them truth.

File a71b4fe1 e14c 4423 aec3 96a8b9308865 Alabama News
Sewell announces additional dollars available for schools and libraries to boost broadband

By Brandon Moseley Congresswoman Terri Sewell (D-AL07) announced that schools and libraries in Alabama can apply now through October...