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Depression Alabama News
Ashley Carter: God will carry you through the storm

After weeks of anxiety and many unknowns, I turned to my physician for help rather than my pastor. I know that in some instances we need both, but my situation proved otherwise.

Woman by Lake Alabama News
Ashley Carter: God makes no mistakes

God, in His infinite wisdom, created us in His image and for His glory. There are but two genders – male and female – and that will never change.  

Ashley and Mom Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Thank you, Mom!

A significant influence in my life, my mom has shaped me into the woman I have become. Through the countless hours she spent showing and teaching me things, to the emotional support she has offered throughout my life, she has become my closest and most cherished friend.

Cheap Talk Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Talk is cheap!

If politicians want to be effective and truly serve their constituents, they need to do what they say they are going to do, rather than just use the office to expand their careers or gain power and influence.

Silenced Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Will you stay silent any longer?

We don’t have time for cowering, this is a time for warriors to take back our country!

Library Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Go woke, go broke

Alabama, let's show them that the fight isn’t over. We will stand in the gap. It’s our responsibility to keep our children safe and teach them truth.

Young Couple Alabama News
Ashley Carter: The beauty of femininity

Femininity brings balance to life, creating a counterpoint to the strength, assertiveness, and competition characteristics of masculinity.

Crosses Alabama News
Ashley Carter: The greatest story of love ever told

Easter is celebrated all around the world as a time of renewal and a reminder that even in the darkest moments, there is always a chance for new life to emerge.

Courage Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Men of courage, where are you?

Our state and nation need strong men to lead us out of the darkness. It is going to take men of courage, toughness, and strong resilience to come forward and lead.

Grandparents Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Leaving a legacy that won’t be forgotten

As a grandparent, I am learning that the greatest legacy I can leave my grandchildren is the memories we create together.

Busy Woman Alabama News
Ashley Carter: It’s OK to say ‘no’

I have always struggled with being a people-pleaser. This mentality grew increasingly stressful for me and my family. I was constantly drained, anxious, and unable to cope with everything I had added to my plate.

Smile Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Misery loves company, don’t request an invite

Continue to smile, and you might just get one back. Maybe then, the table of misery wouldn’t have so many guests seated at it, for the table of joy would be the new place to be.

Cabin Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Taking time to rejuvenate your marriage

Spending quality time together without distractions, as my husband and I did at a cabin recently, is crucial for strengthening the bond between partners.

Mother Alabama News
Ashley Carter: The joy of motherhood

The joy of being a mother and getting to experience all the love that comes from it beats a day in the life of a single Chelsea Handler any day.

Elderly Alabama News
Ashley Carter: The rewards of caregiving for elderly parents

Caregiving for our parents can be somewhat overwhelming, but in the end more rewarding than anything.

Dinnertable Alabama News
Ashley Carter: The dinner table

Time is precious and short. Break bread together and enjoy all the blessings and little moments that can’t be replaced.

Farm Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Living the dream and homesteading

In the beginning, homesteading seemed like such a crazy leap of faith, but now it’s turning into the greatest blessing.

Corruption Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Fighting corruption from the bottom-up

If we want to see changes, we must start from the bottom-up. Corruption, unless uncovered, will go to the grave with the corruptor.

Parent Child Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Fixing school discipline problems starts at home

Blame for lack of discipline isn’t solely the fault of the public schools. In fact, true respect and discipline starts within the home, not the classroom or the daycare we drop our children off at every day.

Homeschool Alabama News
Ashley Carter: I regret that my family didn’t homeschool earlier

One of the best things about homeschooling was the overwhelming peace that leaving the public school system brought. The constant battle we experienced there became too much.

Prayer, faith Alabama News
Ashley Carter: A new year centered around Christ and not ourselves

Even in the midst of all the uncertainty and inconveniences we face, we know God is with us. We know that His plan is perfect and there is a reason for everything. If we go into this next year knowing and trusting in that, how much of a difference would that make for you and everyone around you?

Christmas tree Alabama News
Ashley Carter: A Christmas tree wish

This past week, my family and I took a short trip to the mountains. While we were there, we visited a few stores and did some shopping. I was taken aback by the small tree filled with hand-written wishes as I entered one of the stores.

Family Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Protect them

As new parents, you spend so much time researching and trying to learn all the things that are helpful or beneficial to your children. There are long days and sleepless nights.

Christmas, wreath Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Christmas traditions

With the Christmas season upon us, many are trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on their lists. I myself have been in the very same situation. I stopped recently and thought about all the things I got as a child and honestly can’t remember many of the gifts.

Dad, father Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Thank you, Dad

You never know who is watching and where it will lead you.

Hush naidoo jade photography 2cdz DZ90 M90 unsplash Alabama News
Ashley Carter: The greatest of these is love

I am sure that most of you have read the scriptures that eloquently explain to us what love should actually be. However, I myself have struggled with loving exactly the way we are commanded. 

Coach Carnell Williams after practice Auburn football practice on Wednesday, Nov 2 2022 in Auburn, AL. Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Go crazy, Cadillac!

It is almost impossible not to be excited about what is happening at Auburn University and with its football team. Carnell "Cadillac" Williams is only three games in as head coach and already seems to have changed the momentum. 

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