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Alabama political news pride month Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Standing strong during Pride Month

The celebration of Pride Month brings many deeply troubling implications for our children and families, undermining the values that sustain our communities.

Harrison butker Alabama News
Ashley Carter: A kicker I’m proud to have on our team

Let’s follow Harrison Butker’s example and honor wives and homemakers once again!

Alabama political news mother child Alabama News
Ashley Carter: A mother's love

A mother's love is the cornerstone of our existence.

Alabama political news unc flag Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Our flag was still there

It’s an understatement to say there has been some unnecessary rioting going on around several college campuses lately.

Alabama political news taylor swift 2 Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Taylor Swift – second verse, same as the first

Listening to Taylor Swift's new album only strengthened my opinion that Swift is not a role model for our young girls.

school choice Alabama News
Ashley Carter: The power to choose

Thanks to the passage of the CHOOSE Act, families have the option to place their children in a school other than their local district school.

Alabama political news tractor Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Teaching lessons that will last a lifetime

This year, I’m especially enjoying seeing my grandson, Parker, run across the field to meet his papa and I, seeking to lend a hand. It’s one of the best feelings ever. 

Alabama political news cross Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Love's redeeming grace

Take this Easter as a time to reflect and show gratitude for the incredible, undeserved gift of salvation.

Alabama political news mom child Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Complacency takes a back seat to courage

Parents are taking a stand, showing up unafraid to school board meetings, council meetings, and library gatherings. Complacency has taken a back seat to courage and parents are on a mission!

Alabama political news hospitality Alabama News
Ashley Carter: A table set for true hospitality

The weather is changing, the daffodils are blooming, and there is a feeling of spring in the air. And as the soft breeze begins to blow and colorful flowers start to bloom, hospitality comes to mind.

Alabama political news homemaking Alabama News
Ashley Carter: The art of homemaking

The art of homemaking is a beautiful timeless act that defies societal expectations.

Alabama political news angry Alabama News
Ashley Carter: The most powerful weapon

In a world where our words can be used as weapons or tools for healing, it is so important to realize the true impact our words have on those around us.

Alabama political news aging Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Aging gracefully

Aging can come with some negative aspects, but there are many things we can do to get through those negative things.

Alabama political news caregiving2 Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Live intentionally

Being intentional is an important part of living a purposeful life.

Alabama political news caregiving Alabama News
Ashley Carter: The long goodbye

Caring for a loved one with dementia is a journey of contradictions. You find joy amid sorrow, laughter amid tears and connection amid solitude.

Women Coffee Alabama News
Ashley Carter: A little advice to 20-year-old me

If you could give one piece of advice to someone in their 20s, what would it be?

Saban2 Alabama News
Ashley Carter: The final fourth quarter for Coach Nick Saban

In true Nick Saban fashion, he will still be watching over the Alabama players. The game won’t stop just because Saban moved his office down the hall instead of being on the field.

Taylor Swift2 Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Taylor Swift is not the role model you want your daughter to emulate

Is such a lifestyle as Swift is leading truly what you aspire for yourself or your daughters, or is this the type of girl you would want your son to look at as a potential wife?

Time Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Time is a thief

As you prepare for the new year, writing down your resolutions, I pray that you will join me in making a promise to the people who matter most.

Manger Alabama News
Ashley Carter: A precious gift

When we have Jesus, the giver of life, truth, peace, comfort, and joy, we have all we need.

Christmas Cookies Alabama News
Ashley Carter: In the kitchen at Christmas

From the first chop to the final dish and every playful moment in between, our shared kitchen recipes become more than a seasonal tradition; they celebrate the strong bonds that define us and the legacy we continue to build.

Bible Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Practicing the most wonderful Christmas tradition

When the world would see fit to commercialize and up the value on materialistic things more and more each year, the Bible remains a strong voice of reason. The Word of God doesn’t change. It brings peace and gives meaning.

Laughing Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Comfort food for the soul

Turkey, ham, and homemade dressing are great, but seeing your family laughing together is such a comfort food for the soul.

Home Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Changing culture through simple acts at home

We need strong leaders in our communities that will advance the values and traditions for which we are fighting. What better way than to start cultivating those strong leaders both in and around our homes?

Thanksgiving Alabama News
Ashley Carter: A day of Thanksgiving

Start each day with a heart of gratitude! Make every day a day of thanksgiving!

Cemetary Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Thank you for your service, Pawpaw

I know many men served their country just as my grandfathers did, and I pray that the generations under them will rise up and stay true to their convictions. I pray they remember the principles upon which this country was founded. I pray they spark a fire in all of us.

Busy Family Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Free up the family calendar

Our family calendars seem to be full these days. Baseball games, dance recitals, soccer practice, cheer practice – the list goes on and on. But in doing this, are we sacrificing something special?

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