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old man, elderly Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Kindness still exists

In a world full of confusion and uncertainty, taking the time to show a little extra kindness and compassion is never a bad idea. 

kids playing, children, mud, outside Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Finding joy in the imperfections

Take time to enjoy the opportunities to see the joy in the little imperfections that we call life.

Ashley Carter, family Alabama News
Ashley Carter: The beauty of patriarchy in the home

As a young married woman, I had never even heard the word patriarchy and had no idea that what I had been shown growing up was just that.

Parker Crowe Alabama News
Ashley Carter: The joy of being a grandparent

I honestly don’t think anyone can prepare you for the overwhelming joy that comes with being a grandparent.

Allyson Andrews beekeeper Alabama News
Meet Alabama's 'Crazy Bee Lady'

Allyson Andrews, who some call “Ally” or “Crazy Bee Lady," has a deep passion for teaching others about the amazing little critter that God surely outdid himself in creating: the honey bee. 

Ashley Carter Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Being a woman is a beautiful thing

As I got older, I began to realize that all of the things that I loved doing came naturally to me. I loved holding the little babies, and I didn’t mind taking care of the home and cooking. I enjoyed all of it and knew in my heart that I wanted to be a mom.

Oak Tree Alabama News
Ashley Carter: The oak tree

There once sat a tall oak tree on the very top of the property owned by my family. I distinctly remember it as a child. It was tall and majestic — one of those things you could never forget. My grandparents had farmed the land and kept it up, so while there for the summers, I spent many days around that tree. 

Dumplings Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Chicken and dumplings — The secret ingredient (love!)

Memaw’s kitchen, with the smell of love and hard work, greeted you as soon as you came in the door. Every holiday or special occasion, we knew we could look forward to a big pot full of goodness known as chicken and dumplings.

Watch Alabama News
Ashley Carter: The watch

I am often questioned about the vintage watch that is always worn on my right wrist. Some are intrigued by the way it looks. It does seem to have a sense of sweet, dainty Southern charm to it. I love it for all of those reasons as well, but that is not my reason for wearing it every day. 

Florence Alabama News
Florence — A step back in time with rich history, good food and great hospitality

When one is planning a quick getaway trip, visiting Florence, Alabama, doesn't tend to come to mind.

Ashley Carter grandparents Alabama News
Ashley Carter: I remember, but I think some of us forgot

As a little girl, I can remember looking forward to the summertime. The smell of breakfast being cooked in the kitchen by my grandmother, or “Nanny” as I called her. She was up around 5 in the morning to fix a full spread for PawPaw to eat before he left for work. I remember it was ready right before he sat down to eat.

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