“I find my life is a lot easier the lower I keep my expectations.”

― Bill Watterson

I have learned over the years through many different experiences, that we set expectations for life, for others and for ourselves so high that they become unattainable. We forget that we are all human. We have families, work, responsibilities and so much more. 

Even when we know that we are so busy, we continue to expect others around us to have the time that we can't seem to find ourselves. 

A very wise friend shared with me that when we lower those expectations and begin to show grace to those around us that we would want to be shown to us, time begins to be so much more enjoyable. 

This does not mean that we just accept bad treatment from others, it just means that when people make mistakes like we all will do that you offer an olive branch, a bit of grace and forgiveness. 

Maybe it’s a missed call or a long-forgotten text message. I am certainly guilty when it comes to this, but not intentionally. Life happens. The dishes need washing, the eggs need to be gathered, and my laundry needs to be folded. In my head, like most, I saw it and responded. Then the day kept moving and the chores got done. 

When we set expectations for people that we ourselves will never meet, it only causes disappointment. 

As I have gotten older, the truest friendships have been the ones that understand that biblically we are called to care for our homes first. Our relationship with Christ, our spouse and our children should be at the top of our list. When your circle of friends lives these things out, they understand. 

I think the advice my dear friend shared with me took not only the pressure off of myself and allowed me to not overcommit, but it also made me take pressure off of others. I learned that only God can meet all of my needs and he is the only one I should turn to for that. The friendships that we are blessed with along the way are just the cherry on top. 

Life is short and most days it is hard. We are all either in a storm or coming out of a storm. Grant a bit more grace today. Grant it to yourself and to others. Find joy in the little things and when the big things happen, celebrate. Never let the little disappointments ruin your day!

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