I will start with this: I am a huge Alabama fan.

With that being said, it is almost impossible not to be excited about what is happening at Auburn University and with its football team. Carnell "Cadillac" Williams is only three games in as head coach and already seems to have changed the momentum. 

I love watching Alabama football, but for the past three weeks, I have been sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens with Auburn. No, I am not changing teams Dad!

There is something about coach Cadillac that is honestly summed up in heart. There is no denying that he bleeds orange and blue. He loves Auburn football, he loves his team, and he loves what he is able to do. He continues to say that he has gained confidence through the players and the Auburn family's support. 

Watching him run the sidelines and sling his towel in excitement after a play is doing something deep for these players. He is teaching them more than plays and routes in a game - he is teaching them to have hearts, stay strong, and hold their heads high. He is showing them that you can accomplish anything you work hard for. He continues to show them that perseverance is key and persistence pays off. 

In one of his recent interviews, he said, “My seat doesn’t dictate my service.” Wow! He has no idea what his future holds, but he isn’t putting his faith in an unknown future. Instead, he is putting it in God’s hands. He has clearly made a decision to fight for his players and get deep in the trenches with them until the end of the battle. He isn’t concerned with politics, and neither should we be. It’s football, and he came to coach. 

I don’t know about you, but as a mom of a former college athlete, I would have given anything to have my son be coached by him. The long list of accomplishments on a resume means absolutely nothing if you don’t have the heart and drive to want to pour into these young men's lives.

I watched him walk the Tiger Walk holding his wife’s hand, followed by his children and then his team. If you were paying attention, he was teaching those young men at that moment, too. He knows what comes first and what is most important. 

I know that my opinion may not matter much, but he has my vote. I pray that Auburn University recognizes what they have and the way he is changing things. I pray they continue to see his commitment and the heart and dedication he has for his team. It is awesome to watch!

I will still yell “Roll Tide” on Saturday but don’t be surprised, you may also hear me saying, ”Go crazy, Cadillac. Go Crazy!” 

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