A husband and father is the head of his household, a family leader, provider and protector. This is what patriarchy really looks like. The world would tell us differently, but scripture soundly begs to differ. It's baffling to look it up and see there is now a definition as it would relate to a world of feminism. 

As a young married woman, I had never even heard the word patriarchy and had no idea that what I had been shown growing up was just that. I grew up thinking that I would meet the man of my dreams on some big white horse, and he would whisk me away to a beautiful forever, and life would be wonderful and easy. 

We were both young when we married and in love and thought we knew exactly what we were doing. We definitely gave it our all for a good long time. I then began to realize that if things didn't go just the way I wanted them to, I would smile and bat my eyes, and my loving husband would give in to avoid the confrontation that would follow. I am terribly ashamed that I behaved that way. 

Of course, we both made many mistakes, and we have learned a lot over the years of being together. To be honest, it wasn't until we were under strong shepherding by our pastor that things really began to change. My heart began to really understand the scripture and what God meant by submission. 

I thought back to the times of watching my mom and grandmothers cook and prepare the dinner table for the family and the many stories shared. It was always the ladies that sat down last, but not because they had to. It was because they wanted to. I strongly believe that it brings complete joy as a wife and mother to serve your family. 

I think, like most women today, when you hear that word, you automatically think control, or as the feminist would say, "domination." That is a common misunderstanding. I say it's a misunderstanding, but it seems to only be that way in the marriage setting. It seems to be totally acceptable when it comes to our government but heavily resisted when it is commanded in our homes. 

The beauty of completely relying on the man that God strategically places in your life is actually such a peaceful feeling. It's almost like it was designed that way. The simplicity it creates in life allows for such joy and relief from any undue pressure — the weight of leading, providing and protecting falls on his shoulders. 

We, as wives, have a wonderful opportunity to joyfully submit to our husbands who have submitted to Christ and walk daily beside them. This makes for a love story straight from scripture, not some silly romance novel. That, my friend, is the beauty of patriarchy in the home. 

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