Rise to the Moment of Truth Saturday, May 25, 2024

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Alabama political news Vietnam Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: Welcome home, Vietnam veteran!

This Memorial Day, please set aside some time to thank God for America, still the greatest and freest nation on earth. And thank those who gave their lives to preserve this freedom.

Alabama political news pilgrims Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: The historical precedence of guns in the church

The practice of carrying firearms to church goes back to the days of the Pilgrims, who thought it necessary to keep and bear arms to ensure their safety before, during, and after church services.

valkyrie Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: A message for our time in Wagner’s 'Valkyrie'

“Die Walküre” is rooted in pagan mythology. But mythology sometimes conveys timeless truths, “echoes of Eden” reverberating through time since the Fall, or general revelation, the law of nature.

Alabama political news prisoners Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: Is criminal justice reform an issue for conservative Christians?

Christian conservative constitutionalists support law and order, believing government has a duty to punish crime. But law and order also means the government must follow the law, and the rights of innocent and guilty defendants must be zealously defended.

Alabama political news ultrasound image Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: Have Arizona justices lost their minds by resurrecting an 1864 abortion statute?

The battle for preborn life did not culminate with the Dobbs v. Jackson decision. It now enters an intensified stage – the battle for the hearts and minds and souls of men.

Alabama Supreme Court Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: Is the Alabama IVF decision activism or judicial restraint?

Can we justify a practice that allows the killing of multiple unborn children so that parents can fulfill their dreams of raising families? 

Slot Machine Rolling Drums stock photo Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: The Scriptures don't say anything about gambling ... but do they?

The gambling worldview is that of a universe governed by the gods of blind chance in which one gets rich at the expense of others. Biblical morality is therefore the antithesis of gambling. 

Alabama political news gambling Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: When it comes to gambling and crime, do we really think Alabama will be different?

When gambling is legalized, both legal and illegal gambling increase.

Alabama political news slot machine Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: Maybe we don't have to gamble, but we do have to live with the results

To Alabama voters: Rise up, speak up, and say to your legislators and anyone who will listen, “Don’t gamble with Alabama’s future!”

Alabama political news historic gamblers Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: Gambling’s connection to the dark side of American history

Gambling, we’re told, is part of the American tradition. From the lotteries of the American colonies to the riverboats and saloons of the Old West, America grew up on gambling. But is this true?

casino gambling Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: Should Alabama gamble with the good life?

Studies repeatedly show that a disproportionate number of poor people gamble, and they spend a disproportionate amount of their income on gambling.

texas border guard Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: What’s really happening with ‘Homeland Security v. Texas?'

Thank God Texans are standing up to the federal leviathan; Alabamians should join them.

North Shelby Library Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: The real censors in the Alabama library battle

In the war of ideas, the battle for the minds of men, the library is a central field of conflict, because the library is a repository of ideas. 

Living Nativity Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: Christmas wars 2023 – who won?

The Christmas Wars – at root a worldview conflict between those who want to celebrate Christmas as a Christian holiday and those who want to secularize or ignore it – continued this year.

Luther Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: From Wittenberg to Plymouth, from Luther to the Pilgrims

Four things to learn from Luther, Tyndale and Bradford as we celebrate Thanksgiving.

Mayflower Compact Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: The Mayflower Compact — America's charter of government

The simple words of the Mayflower Compact convey the basic principles of law and government that influenced future generations to draft colonial charters and, later, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. 

Pilgrims Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: 1619 or 1620 — is racism the defining feature of America?

“The 1619 Project” gives the impression that slavery began with the American colonies. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Mayflower Compact Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: Were the Pilgrims communists or capitalists?

The Pilgrims did not choose a communal living experiment; it was forced upon them just before their voyage.

Auburn University Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: Auburn is not a religion-free zone

Religion has always permeated public life. Now that government also permeates the public arena, interaction between religion and government is inevitable.

Constitution1 Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: Do treaties trump the Constitution?

Some globalists still insist that treaties supersede the Constitution, but legal precedent clearly says otherwise.

AL Flag Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: The Supremacy Clause – but supreme over what?

Alabama’s State Motto is “Audemus jura nostra defendere” – “We dare defend our rights.” Or have we amended our motto to read, “We dare defend our rights, unless a federal judge tells us we shouldn’t?" 

Ultrasound Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: A federal abortion ban? Maybe...

Alabama already has the best abortion law in the nation, but let’s ramp it up.

Church 2 Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: Religious Liberty: From shambles to clarity?

State agencies may not discriminate against religious people or religious expression. The principle of equal access for religion must be honored. 

Constitution 2 Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: Hold to the Constitution! But what does it mean?

A new school of constitutional interpretation has arisen in the last 150 years called the “Living Constitution” approach. Followers of this school argue that each generation must be free to read new meanings into the Constitution, recognizing new “rights” the Framers never imagined.