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Donald Trump
Matt Clark: The clown-show prosecution of Donald Trump

The bottom line is that this isn’t a serious prosecution. It’s a clown show. This is about politics and not fighting crime, and it shows how incredibly petty the left is willing to get.

Matt Clark: The importance of the Prattville street-preacher case

In a time where passivity reigns and people are going to hell on our watch, Angelo Wilson wasn’t content to let that happen.

Matt Clark: Understanding originalism and its effects on the average American

In a nation governed by the rule of law, there must be a hierarchy of laws. The law that trumps all other laws is the Constitution itself. Therefore, the most important question is how the Constitution should be interpreted.

Matt Clark: Three big constitutional cases from this week

Three cases were on the docket this week that would have a major impact on the country. Being involved in two of those cases, I wanted to devote today’s op-ed to discussing their significance.

Mac McCutcheon
Matt Clark: Why the McCutcheon story is so important

1819 News has made a good case that Mac McCutcheon was trading political favors for money. It also appears that his son was guilty of draining the company’s resources and then setting his business partner up for prison time. If true, this is bribery, financial corruption and perversion of justice.

Matt Clark: Why the Asbury revival could be what America needs

Last week, students at Asbury University, a private Christian school in Kentucky, assembled for their biweekly chapel service in the school’s auditorium. But when the chapel service was scheduled to end, the worship kept going.

Abortion Pills
Matt Clark: How a civil suit could stop abortion pills

The overturned Roe v. Wade decision doesn’t mean the fight for life is over. It's now headed to our mailboxes. But if there’s one state in the Union that would be great for a civil suit against USPS, it’s Alabama.

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall.
Matt Clark: Two good moves by Steve Marshall

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall has been busy the last two weeks.

Lady justice COVID mask
Matt Clark: Progress for liberty in COVID-related court decisions

As fear of COVID wanes, the judiciary will hopefully take an honest look at the legality of emergency actions. Otherwise, we will have taught our government that it can do whatever it wants in the name of “emergency” and get away with it.

Trans Kids
Matt Clark: Forcing counselors to be gender-affirming creates constitutional problems

It’s best to stick with what biology has taught throughout human history. There are two sexes, and the government should not force counselors to deny such a fundamental truth.

Matt Clark: Alabama pensions may be funding woke causes

Most of us haven’t cared where investors put our money as long as those investments produce good results. But in 2023, we’re starting to ask questions, both from a moral and financial standpoint.

Matt Clark: A win for opposite-sex school bathrooms at the 11th Circuit

Liberal lawyers across the country have successfully persuaded federal judges to read LGBT rights into the law that are simply not there. The Adams case appears to be the first major decision from a federal circuit court that went the other way.

Matt Clark: The Twitter Files and COVID

Elon Musk revealed that Twitter actively worked with the government to suppress information about COVID-19 that the government did not like.

Sad Christmas
Matt Clark: The incarnation and the problem of pain

If you’re dealing with the problem of pain this Christmas, remember that Christ’s birth is the proof that God does indeed care. 

Twitter headquarters
Matt Clark: Free speech and the Twitter Files

Over the last two weeks, journalists have been releasing various segments of “The Twitter Files” with Elon Musk’s approval. The content is shocking but not surprising. It confirms what conservatives have known for years: Big tech actively censors us because of its leftist leanings. 

Matt Clark: The process as the punishment

Over the last couple of weeks, I have written about the effect the Respect for Marriage Act might have. If the courts were to apply the bill as written, as I explained two weeks ago, then I think people who have religious objections to same-sex marriages should be OK. I stand by that assertion.

Supreme Court photo 3
Matt Clark: Keep your eye on 303 Creative v. Elenis

A victory in 303 Creative would be the final nail in the coffin for the commissions in those cities who wish to stamp out dissent.

I Stock 1335305230
Matt Clark: The original understanding of our first freedom

On Thanksgiving, we remember that this nation was founded by people seeking to freely exercise their religion—a liberty that has come under much fire in recent times. This would be a good time to remember what the Free Exercise Clause originally meant.

Gay marriage on a park
Matt Clark: My analysis of the Respect for Marriage Act

Since our Nation is hurting badly, spitting in the face of God is an exceptionally stupid move. If we have any hope of being fixed, we need to start with repentance. Shooting down this bill would be a good start.

I voted nexttribe com
Matt Clark: Why we have hope

Regardless of what happens next, God is still on His throne.

Constitution American Flag theusconstitution org
Matt Clark: Is the proposed new Alabama Constitution dangerous?

If you didn’t know, one of the amendments on Tuesday’s ballot is to adopt a new constitution for the state

Matt Clark: The importance of Eagle Forum’s case

Let me explain why and what would be at stake if the Justice Department had been allowed to get away with beating up Eagle Forum.

doctor thumbs down
Matt Clark: Bad advice from the CDC and Freedom from Religion Foundation

Something must be in the air. It’s not just the cold weather and the flu. It’s the virus of bad advice, and it’s coming from the CDC and Freedom from Religion Foundation.

Firing squad
Matt Clark: Time to make executions simpler

Alabama should consider another solution that’s cheaper and takes away a lot of these complications: execution by firing squad. 

US Supreme Court by Claire Anderson
Matt Clark: Analyzing oral argument on the redistricting case

Let’s take each of the conservative-leaning justices and see how they think.

Supreme court
Matt Clark: Alabama should win its congressional redistricting case

On Tuesday, October 4, the United States Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on whether the people of Alabama, get to create its congressional district maps or whether the ACLU’s experts get to create them instead. 

Constitution American Flag theusconstitution org
Matt Clark: The evangelical case for originalism

If you don’t know what originalism is, it’s the view that the Constitution should be interpreted according to its words as they were understood at the time of its ratification.

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