We are living in unprecedented times. The tyrannical Biden administration and Marxist-liberal Democrats are doing everything possible to tear down America. Never in our lifetime have we witnessed the unrestrained use of power and authority by our government — carried out at the expense of individual liberty.

In Romans 1:28, the Bible references those whom God has rejected as godless and corrupt as having a "reprobate mind" and subject to His wrath. The "reprobate mind" of the left is on full display. In control of our federal government and some state governments, the left hates America, and it embraces everything that is opposite the Spirit of God. It demeans our founding principles, mocks the Judeo-Christian faith, creates and maintains racial strife between blacks and whites, supports policies that teach children to despise the sex given to them by God, and uses the power of government to intrude into citizen's lives. Because of the left's "reprobate mind," Marxist-liberal Democrats are unable to distinguish right from wrong. 

While our nation's current situation appears bleak and seems unlikely to improve, I am actually optimistic about what can be done to turn things around. The beginning of a new dawn is upon us.  

How do we save America? Any plan for saving America must involve: (1) Individual Americans; (2) A commitment to our founding principles; and (3) the liberty message of Frederick Douglass. It boils down to effective local-level or one-on-one engagement. Most importantly, it involves leveraging Douglass' liberty message — helping ALL Americans to better understand liberty and how our God-given rights are being taken away by the slave government.

The techniques of oppression used by the plantation slave master are interchangeable with those used by the slave government because there is nothing new under the sun.

With the prevalence of Marxist indoctrination in today's society, the most effective way to help Americans understand that the Biden administration and Marxist-liberal Democrats are the enemies of liberty is by leveraging Douglass' liberty message. His liberty message is the best way to help ALL Americans to recognize the soft-tyranny that is unfolding before them. 

Through Douglass' liberty message, we can bring back to life America's unshakable commitment to the core values and principles that make America exceptional — believing our rights are God-given. 

Values Unite: What are those core values? They are the principles that make America good. Most Americans agree with the fundamental belief that our rights come from God. We believe in freedom of speech, religious liberty, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, the limited power of government, the rule of law, the right to vote, and education-parental choice. Douglass spoke and wrote extensively about these values, which we refer to as the "Life-Empowering Values" of Frederick Douglass. 

A former slave turned stateman, Douglass' liberty message is very compelling — making Americans sit up and take notice. It is impossible to win an argument with a runaway slave about his respect and love for the values our nation was founded on. Douglass' Liberty message has a universal appeal — resonating with most Americans.

If we are serious about defeating Marxism and defending liberty, we must make Douglass' liberty message an integral part of our Liberty lexicon. Consisting of time-tested values, "Frederick Douglass-ism" is the most effective liberty message to defeat Marxism. 

The stakes are far too high for conservatives not to become better messengers of liberty and learn how to inoculate themselves against the left's vile and malicious propaganda machine. Join more than tens of thousands of Americans who have registered for the Frederick Douglass Republican Online Course: www.diversityengagement.org

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