Before and during the U.S. Civil War, Frederick Douglass was known as the leading voice in our country for abolishing slavery and for recognizing the God-given rights of black Americans. Lost to many of us today is his deep respect for the U.S. Constitution, which our founders wrote and enacted to establish our country to secure the God-given freedom and rights of all Americans.

After President Abraham Lincoln was elected with a Republican Congress in 1860, before he took office, Democrats began fighting the U.S. Civil War against their own country because they were concerned Republicans would eventually abolish slavery.  

After they defeated the Democrats' treasonous acts, the Civil War, Republicans led the nation to permanently abolish slavery by adopting the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1865. A few years later, Republicans led the country to enact the 14th and 15th Amendments, which clearly established equal citizenship and equal voting rights for black former slaves.  

Although black men began voting and helped elect a few black Republicans to Congress and to state and local offices, Democrats turned their war against freedom directly toward black Americans. As described in chapter 11 of The War Against Black Americans and Freedom, written by myself and Nick Noel, Democrats murdered thousands of black men in what they called "Negro Hunts" to keep them from voting for Republicans.

Democrats established an even worse substitute for slavery by arresting black men, often for nothing more than exercising their equal rights by "acting free." They convicted black men without proper trial and hired them out to work on their former slave plantations as members of prison chain gangs. What is more, Democrats later took their direct war against black men a few steps further when they began falsely accusing black men of being rapists and predators of white women. Black men were lynched without having a trial. This was all done to build racial hatred and animosity toward black men.

While the Democrat Ku Klux Klan (KKK) terrorized black families and white Republicans who helped them in any way, Democrat gun control laws kept black men from owning guns to defend themselves and their families.

In an 1867 speech, Frederick Douglass correctly stated, "A man's rights rest in three boxes: the ballot box, the jury box and the cartridge box." We all have a right to vote. We have a right to have men who commit crimes against us prosecuted. If we are accused of a crime, we have a right to a trial by jury, and we have a right to participate in the legal process by serving as jurors. And as guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment, we have a right to defend ourselves against all threats, including those by the slave government.  

Marxist-liberal Democrats continue their war against freedom and directly against black Americans more vehemently than ever today. They employ different methods and cover it up to fool us with censorship and Mass Media Propaganda (MMP), also called "Fake News."

They use "voting machines," aka scanners, to change our votes and select our supposedly elected officials against the consent of the people and use mail-in ballots (cheat by mail), ballot "harvesting," and other types of election fraud for the same purpose. They further dilute and debase the value of our votes by keeping our borders open and allowing illegal aliens to vote.  

Democrats are attacking our rights to the jury box and the cartridge box in many ways today, but the most urgent crisis we face is our right to the ballot box. To be free men and women, we must rid ourselves of all voting machines, vote on one day, in person (except for military service members on duty), with ID, and on paper ballots, kept for recounts.

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