Happy Thanksgiving. 

There are many things we should be thankful for. For me, near the top of the list, I am thankful that my children and grandchildren can live in freedom, if we can keep it, and not go under Communism/Marxism. We’ve got our problems, I know, but our nation was founded by men who wrote a constitution that reads “we the people” and not we the white people.

As with many conservatives, I was hopeful for a “red wave” in the 2022 midterm election, to help put a stop to the left’s anti-God and anti-liberty agenda. Deep down, I did not expect it to come about because conservative-Republicans have an image and messaging problem that Republican operatives have no clue on how to solve. 

The truth is our nation is on the brink of becoming a third-world country, and we are running out of time to save it. 

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Most people indoctrinated into Marxism have never been introduced to the liberty message of Frederick Douglass.

A 2020 survey conducted by polling firm YouGov found that 49% of Americans consider socialism to be a good thing, with the Gen Z group (ages 16-23) as the strongest supporters. With this being the case, we should not be surprised that in the 2022 Midterm, Edison Research exit polls showed 63% of 18-to-29-year-olds supported Democratic candidates, giving Democrats a significant boost.

The social institutions (family, economy, religion, education, and government) that are supposed to preserve and promote our American culture of liberty have been undermined and taken over by the Left. For example, in education, our country’s high schools and college campuses have become Marxist indoctrination centers, exposing children, teens and young adults to only the left-wing way of thinking. 

With America’s institutions under Marxist influence, it is evident that we cannot depend on them to promote our nation’s founding principles and convey the value of our Constitution. 

Sharing the liberty message of Frederick Douglass, an ex-slave, is the best way to awaken and educate Marxist-indoctrinated individuals about the value of liberty.

So, how do we turn things around? How do we save our constitutional republic? How do we awaken Marxist-indoctrinated individuals and teach them about the importance of liberty? The responsibility of saving our nation now fully rests squarely on the shoulders of individual citizens, especially Conservative parents, and grandparents. They are the last line of defense to defeat Marxism.

Conservative parents and grandparents can’t back down when the work of Marxists appears overwhelming ─ we’re the last line of defense. 

Conservatives must become better messengers of liberty. And the very best way to educate your family and friends, including young people, about the value of liberty is by leveraging the liberty message of Frederick Douglass, our nation’s greatest writer, speaker and thinker about liberty and human rights. His freedom message is the answer to defeat Marxism. 

The value of liberty resonates with people better when you share the thoughts and beliefs of a former slave. That’s why the left has no answer for Douglass, and they never will.

Many Marxist-indoctrinated individuals have never been introduced to America’s greatest freedom fighter, Frederick Douglass, and his liberty message. Once they hear it, they are enlightened and want to know more about Douglass’ life and his thoughts on liberty. I experienced and observed, on many occasions, how the liberty message of Douglass transformed the thinking of people who have been taught to believe that socialism is something good. These individuals often decide to change how they vote.

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As a former U.S. Army officer, I know something about preparing for the enemy. To defeat Marxism, we must train and prepare ourselves for political engagement. And that’s what the LibertyMESSENGER Boot Camp is all about ─ empowering conservatives with the confidence, knowledge and skills to be better messengers of liberty.

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Frederick Douglass said it best in his 1863 speech: “Men of Color, To Arm!”

“There is no time to delay. The tide is at its flood that leads on to fortune. From East to West, from North to South, the sky is written all over, "Now or never."

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