We are in a battle for our culture, our values, our country, and our freedom. Anti-God, anti-liberty Marxist-Liberal Democrats are promoting transgenderism, destroying the innocence of children and tearing down our country’s military with forced fake vaccines. 

They have stolen our 2020 election from the American people, along with many state elections. They have installed illegitimate government officials throughout much of the United States, who are working as quickly as they can to destroy our country and its ability to secure our God-given freedom from within. Our Judeo-Christian traditions are under attack.

Marxist-Liberal Democrats have declared war on our energy industry, to double or even triple the price of gasoline and raise inflation on everything else through the roof. Our border is open, we are being invaded, and many crimes are being committed against Americans.

Marxist-Liberal Democrats use corrupt “voting” machines, “cheat by mail,” and “ballot harvesting” methods to steal elections. We will not be able to regain our freedom until we get rid of all of these election cheating methods, and use paper ballots to vote on one day, required to be kept for at least five years.  

Through all the previously darkest times in U.S. history, before and after the Civil War, Frederick Douglass kept writing and speaking for freedom, and encouraged all Americans to adopt his life-empowering values, which are also the values of our founders. 

They include Respect for the U.S. Constitution, Respect for Human Life, Limited Power of Government, Personal Responsibility, Free Speech, Freedom of the Press, Religious Liberty, our Right to Bear Arms, Women’s Rights, Legal Immigration, and School Choice. 

In order to save our Republic, we need to revive America’s commitment to these tenets of liberty that make America exceptional and embrace what it really means to be an American—our God-given freedom and rights. 

We cannot win this fight against Marxist-Liberal Democrats without leveraging the liberty message of America’s liberty messenger, Frederick Douglass. No other American, dead or alive today, has the answers to our problem. Without Frederick Douglass and his life-empowering values, we will not prevail.

The condition of Black Americans and all Americans has certainly improved since the dark days of slavery and its aftermath before and after the Civil War, but Democrats have been using new methods and lies to manipulate Black Americans and all who want equal freedom and rights for many decades. 

With help from God and the values of Frederick Douglass, we can overcome the Communist Democrat destruction of our country’s ability to secure our God-given equal freedom and rights.    

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