Today we’re often told that human beings can determine the sex of a person. This lie is brought to us by the same class of people who once convinced many Americans to believe that blacks are naturally inferior to whites. That class is the Democrat elites, who today often identify as Marxists. 

Given their track record, we might now identify them more accurately as experienced serial liars. They appear to be destroying the same thing they’ve been trying to destroy since they founded the Democratic Party: our God-given rights, particularly those of blacks. 

In 1808, an act of Congress made it illegal for Americans to import slaves into the United States. Twenty years earlier, our nation’s founders ratified and adopted the U.S. Constitution as the unique and supreme federal law of the nation. Several of our country’s founders never owned slaves, and many others despised slavery. Those founders who were slave plantation owners realized that slavery could not continue forever in the country. 

Against this backdrop, however, and against the intent of the U.S. Constitution, several small, rich and powerful slave plantation owners were busy trying to keep slavery alive. In 1828, those rich elites founded the Democratic Party, seeking to oppose freedom for their black slaves. Every time one policy lost its strength, they would roll out another oppressive statute. 

The Democratic Party, in turn, served as a catalyst within the abolitionist movement, giving birth to the Republican Party in 1854. After defending the United States against Democrats in the Civil War, Republicans led the nation to ratify the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution to abolish slavery, establish that former slaves and their descendants were U.S. citizens, and establish their equal right to vote. 

It is assumed, especially by blacks, that the Democratic Party always championed the cause of civil rights for black Americans. Nothing could be further from the truth. Indeed, the Democratic Party is often on the side of injustice rather than justice, particularly for black Americans. In fact, Frederick Douglass referred to the Democrat Party as the slavery party in an 1853 speech.

“Sir, it is evident that there is in this country a purely slavery party―a party which exists for no other earthly purpose but to promote the interests of slavery,” Douglass said. “For the present, the best representative of the slavery party in politics is the democratic party.”

Abolishing slavery and freeing the slaves disproved the left's lie that black slaves would kill all white people if the former were ever freed. But the creation of racial segregation shortly thereafter appeared to be a new set of lies promoting the falsehood of black racial inferiority. Many left elites falsely accused black men of being natural predators and rapists of white women, lynching many without trial and thus building racial hatred, as documented in my book written with Nick Noel, "The War Against Black Americans and Freedom." 

The lie that human beings can choose their sex appears to be one of the latest Marxist-liberal lies to destroy freedom. Only this time they are not attacking blacks, they are attacking our children. 

Frederick Douglass exposed the left's lies during his lifetime, and now it’s our turn. Just as God created us all to be free men and women with equal rights, He also determined whether we would be men or women before we were born. Our sex is not up to us or our doctors to determine.

We must forcefully resist this new set of the left's lies to alter and redefine what we know to be true and virtuous, remembering that leaders of the Democratic Party, Marxist-liberal Democrats, do not stand for moral conduct or Christian values. 

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