The United States abolished slavery in 1865 with the 13th Amendment. By 1870, the 14th and 15th Amendments had established that black former slaves and their descendants were equal U.S. citizens and voters. But the class of elites who founded the Democratic Party to defeat equal protection of our God-given freedom and rights for black Americans kept black men out of Major League Baseball until more than 80 years after the end of the Civil War. 

Some of the best baseball players to ever grace the diamond were denied entry to the Major Leagues solely because they were African-American. Instead, they performed in the “Negro Leagues,” in the shadows of the Majors, until 1947.

There is a website,, which tracks the playing careers of every known Major League player and team in history. The website has recently begun to include all the Negro League teams and players for which they have information. For many players, you can view a player biography from the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) Bio Project. 

It can be fascinating for baseball fans to read about the careers of Satchel Paige, Cool Papa Bell, Josh Gibson, Willie Wells, Judy Johnson, Buck Leonard and many others of the best players who ever played. 

Cool Papa Bell may have even been the greatest man to ever play professional baseball. It is heartbreaking to realize for all or most of their careers, these men were never able to play in, be paid as, or be recognized at what has always been regarded as the highest level, the Major Leagues. Some of them have been honored in the Baseball Hall of Fame since 1972, but that can make up for only a small part of the wrong which has been done to them. 

In the wake of the stolen national election in 2020, do you recall when politicians led by Republicans enacted laws in Georgia and other states to reduce election fraud? Most significantly, the laws required identification from voters and reduced the ability of political activists to interfere with voters while they stood in line to vote. 

Marxist-liberal Democrats led by Joe Biden falsely claimed that requiring voters to show ID was racist. Biden claimed that any voting restriction amounted to a return to the Democrat Jim Crow laws that had enforced Democrat segregation and kept black Americans from voting for many decades. 

Biden insinuated black Americans are not capable of obtaining driver's licenses or state IDs. “Woke” corporations including Delta, Coca-Cola, BlackRock and others pressured Major League Baseball (MLB) into punishing Georgia for their voting law by moving the All-Star Game away from Atlanta. 

The result was that MLB moved their All-Star Game and Baseball Draft away from Atlanta, a city with a large Black population and whose economy would have greatly benefited from these events, to Denver, a city with a comparatively small black population. 

The Democratic Party which had segregated and discriminated against black professional baseball players for many decades prior struck again, this time against the large black population of Atlanta. 

Building up racial tension, creating hate and animosity are very essential to the left’s ruthless struggle for power. Claiming that requiring voters to show ID is racist is utter hypocrisy and a lie. Even though the cruelty of slavery is in our past, blacks are not victims. We are more than conquerors. It is vital that we adopt this healthy mindset.

The problem with Marxist-liberals is they are convinced blacks cannot provide for themselves, needing masters to rule and feed them. They think their “instruction” and “social benevolence” can best improve the condition of black people instead of giving us liberty. Why can’t they leave us the hell alone?

The left is always yelling about “black rights.” Have you ever heard them talk about black responsibility? To one familiar with the left’s deceit, it is obvious that treating blacks as perpetual victims is their method of operation for seizing and maintaining political power. Frederick Douglass warned us about this very thing.

Speaking to an audience of Boston abolitionists in 1862, Frederick Douglass stated that blacks should not be treated as a special group of people because of their past enslavement: “Do nothing with us, by us, or for us as a particular class … the broadest and bitterest of the Black man’s misfortune is the fact that he is everywhere regarded and treated as an exception to the principles and maxims which applied to other men.” 

Douglass continued, “We utterly repudiate all invidious distinctions, whether in our favor or against us, and ask only for a fair field and no favor.” 

Douglass answered the question “What shall be done with the Negro?” in his 1865 speech, What the Black Man Wants. He said emphatically, “Just let him alone!─your interference is doing him positive injury.”

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