Repeatedly, we hear the U.S. Constitution and the government it established called an “experiment.” Many talking heads on TV and other media describe our self-government as an American experiment, because the rich elites who own and control those perpetually moving mouths want us to accept their narrative that the natural order of life is for them to manipulate and control us.

The founders of our constitutional republic wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence, fought the American Revolution, and wrote and ratified our Constitution to secure our God-given rights, and to pass on the blessings of liberty to future generations. We are NOT a “constitutional democracy” as some would like us to think.

Our founders took steps they thought would end slavery because they did not want to imply in any way that one person owning another would be acceptable in the land of freedom they were establishing. In fact, the word slavery is not mentioned anywhere in the U.S. Constitution.

In my view, our country of freedom is NOT a mere experiment. Our founders fought for freedom, establishing the United States to secure that freedom because they wanted to live free and share that freedom with their children and grandchildren.

Frederick Douglass, the greatest thinker, speaker, and writer on freedom and human rights in U.S. history, held the same beliefs as our leading founders. Douglass, the former slave who taught himself to read and write against the will of his master, studied our founding documents, even reading all the notes from the Constitutional Convention, to make sure he understood our founders.

In his speech just before the Civil War, “The Constitution of the United States: Is It Pro-Slavery or Anti-Slavery?” Douglass said the only reason slavery still existed in our country in 1860 was that the slave plantation owners had forced the national government to follow a different course than our founders laid out for it in the Constitution.

The rich, powerful elites (who now often identify as socialists) have demonstrated since our country’s founding — when they were slave plantation owners — that they want to control all Americans. In those days, about half the population in the states were black slaves, whom they “owned,” and the other half were common white people who worked for them or served them in other ways and were effectively their subjects.

But there are “American experiments” going on. These “experiments” are the many ways the richest elites try to fool and control everyday Americans, to see how far they can push us, despite the Constitution. Those experiments include slavery, racial segregation, manufactured racial hatred, socialism, a pandemic panic, and suspension of our rights over an allegedly manufactured virus, mandates for allegedly fake, poisonous vaccines, and election fraud, among others. They promote and defend abortions and same sex marriages. They even try to persuade our children they can choose to change their sex and use nontraditional pronouns. They try to make all of us believe that they, not God, control the earth’s climate. 

We need to stop allowing our country of freedom to be called an “experiment,” abide by the will of God and the Constitution, and stop allowing our country’s richest elites to experiment on us and our freedoms.

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