Christmas serves as a timely reminder that the American founders acknowledged from the outset that our rights are not granted by the government, but are endowed upon us by God, our Creator. Even those founders who owned slaves recognized that slavery should not persist in the land they were creating, a land built on the principles of liberty. 

The U.S. Constitution, meticulously crafted by our founders, laid the groundwork for our nation, ensuring the God-given rights of all Americans regardless of their race, ethnicity, age, or religious beliefs. This commitment has positioned the United States as a beacon of freedom, championing God-given rights, opportunity, and prosperity for its citizens, making it the greatest country ever to exist. Consequently, every day brings a surge at our borders as individuals from various countries, willing to risk their lives, seek to enter our nation in pursuit of the freedom it offers, even if it means doing so through illegal means. 

Frederick Douglass stood as the most profound advocate for “legal” immigration. Born into slavery after a traumatic event, Douglass taught himself to read and write against his master's wishes. Throughout much of his life – both before and after the abolition of slavery – Douglass championed the God-given rights and equal freedom available in America, not only for black individuals but for all of humanity. 

For instance, in an 1867 Boston speech titled "Composite Nation," Douglass welcomed Chinese immigrants as contributors to the nation's wealth and resources. He envisioned a diverse and united America, stating: 

“Let the Chinaman come; he will help to augment the national wealth. He will help to develop our boundless resources; he will help to pay off our national debt. He will help to lighten the burden of national taxation. He will give us the benefit of his skill as a manufacturer and tiller of the soil, in which he is unsurpassed.”

Douglass continued: “We shall spread the network of our science and civilization over all who seek their shelter whether from Asia, Africa, or the Isles of the sea.” 

I consider the following aspect of Douglass' quote particularly significant: 

“We shall mold them all, each after his kind, into Americans; Indian and Celt; negro and Saxon; Latin and Teuton; Mongolian and Caucasian; Jew and Gentile; all shall here bow to the same law, speak the same language, support the same Government, enjoy the same liberty, vibrate with the same national enthusiasm, and seek the same national ends.” 

Distinguishing Immigration from Invasion

Many individuals entering our country illegally by crossing our borders today – primarily through the southern border – do not adhere to the criteria set by Douglass, nor our federal immigration laws. In my view, President Biden, influenced by Marxist/globalist elites, is allowing this invasion to occur, confident that progressives will emerge unscathed to govern over us. God forbid we allow this to happen. 

While the immigrant aspiration for an improved life is praiseworthy, individuals who enter our country illegally demonstrate a disregard for the laws that safeguard our Republic. When individuals willfully disregard and break our laws, it disrupts the harmony necessary for a functioning society, eroding the trust and stability that underpin our nation. Upholding the rule of law is not merely a legal requirement but a cornerstone of responsible citizenship. 

As conscientious citizens and individuals residing here with the aspiration to become U.S. citizens, it is imperative to adhere to God's laws and champion the principles outlined in our U.S. Constitution. This commitment is vital in preventing the irreversible loss of our Republic.

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