In the early days of our nation, when our Founding Fathers crafted and ratified the U.S. Constitution, they were primarily young and dedicated individuals who considered their efforts a noble sacrifice to secure the God-given rights of all Americans. George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, among others, were older statesmen who weren't driven by the pursuit of personal wealth through government positions. Their collective goal, as stated in the preamble of the Constitution, was to bestow the blessings of liberty upon future generations, including their own offspring.

They envisioned a system where accomplished individuals, elected for limited terms by their peers, would dedicate their time and labor to serve in Congress and other government offices for modest compensation. These public servants were meant to return to their regular lives once their terms ended.

But as our nation evolved, it began to deviate significantly from the founders' original vision.

For now, the United States stands as a stronghold of liberty and influence, yet it confronts challenges from within and beyond its borders. Elected and appointed officials now enjoy opulent rewards and high salaries, with some seemingly susceptible to influence from wealthy elites and their lobbyists. For many, financial incentives and bribes take precedence. Our country gets entangled in international conflicts while overlooking our domestic border security, leading to a substantial population of undocumented individuals living within our country.

The gradual erosion of core freedoms such as speech, religion, and self-defense continue, perpetuated by the very government entrusted with upholding these rights. Laws initially intended to safeguard American liberties are now being turned against citizens, resulting in unjust penalties.

The government's capacity to deliver vital services essential for the wellbeing of the American people, is at risk as the national debt surpasses $30 trillion. The founders' initial vision never accounted for a situation in which the government consistently exceeded its expenditures over revenues, except in critical circumstances such as national defense during times of war.

Despite allegations of election fraud, a slim Republican majority was elected in 2022 with the promise of restoring government control to the people. Kevin McCarthy, the chosen Speaker of the House, failed to deliver on this commitment, leading to his removal from office. The new leadership sought to replace him with Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, who was expected to make a more determined effort to achieve their objectives.

Nevertheless, older, entrenched Republicans, along with all Democrats, resist this change, advocating for compromise and a return to previous corrupt practices. The House of Representatives struggles to preserve our God-given freedoms, and we can only hope for its success.

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