I am convinced global warming/cooling/climate change is nothing but a hoax by communist and globalist elites to scare the U.S. and world populations into blindly following their illogical, anti-freedom policies. They use gullible famous actors and other women and children with pretty faces to give us their repeated false warnings of our impending doom. They’ve been fooling many of us for more than 50 years.

Many intelligent people know that climate change and the energy crisis are outright hoaxes, but every time a dramatic or unusual natural phenomenon occurs, it is used to fool many, presumably to use as excuses for new government policies. This is why we hear constant news stories claiming it’s the hottest/coldest/worst weather ever, but it’s all exaggeration and drama. It’s time to stop them.

Mass media propaganda tells us repeatedly that “the science is settled,” and that scientists have proven beyond a doubt that manmade pollution from the U.S. is the cause of global warming. But some noteworthy scientists disagree. Real science is almost never settled.

The truth is that God has provided plenty of natural fuel for energy to fulfill our needs for many decades to come. He’s allowed real scientists to discover new ways to produce even more energy, including nuclear energy, which is still developing in new ways.

Dramatic natural changes have also been taking place on earth for millions of years. Temperatures and sea levels have been rising and falling since long before humans existed. Plates have shifted. Land masses have risen from the sea and disappeared below it. A tsunami hit Japan, and a new island rose from the Red Sea a few years ago. Natural change is still occurring, but socialists and their “scientists” blame it all on us.

Much of our country was covered by a thick glacier 10,000 years ago, and some of our largest rivers were created by its melting. What caused the ice that blanketed North America to melt and disappear? Our factories, cars, and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) didn't exist then.

The Absurdity of the Hoax 

It would be absurd to argue that there has been no global warming or cooling, and equally absurd to argue that manmade pollution is harmless. There has been plenty of warming and cooling, and we should avoid polluting our air and water. 

But to claim that scientists have proven beyond reasonable doubt that U.S. pollution is the cause of harmful manmade global warming or climate change is beyond absurd and is certainly not scientific. Using that claim to justify destroying our freedom and prosperity is to perpetrate a harmful and destructive hoax.

Upon taking control, the current administration declared a war on energy production, reducing it and stopping our country from being energy-independent and selling to others. Instead, we started buying energy again from countries who are our enemies. 

These actions likely caused a windfall of billions of dollars in energy profits for Russia, besides causing our own energy prices to spike, contributing to the damaging effects of inflation which continue to harm U.S. citizens every day.

If our country had not given them such a huge windfall, perhaps Russia would not have started the war in Ukraine, or kept it up. Thus, not as many would have died in the last few years.

The late comedian George Carlin made jokes about global warming, but had he known the full truth about the seriousness of the issue, he might not have found it humorous at all.

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